‘400 share single address on voters’ roll’

THE Nelson Chamisa led MDC-T claims to have unearthed gross anomalies on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) voters’ roll released last week, with over 400 voters registered under one non-existent residential stand in Unit G, Chitungwiza, while another 300 reportedly appeared under one address at Dombotombo in Marondera.


MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the Chitungwiza and Marondera cases yesterday, saying these were just “a tip of the iceberg”.

“Yes, indeed, that communication has been received by my office and we are not only dealing with that case from Chitungwiza, but from other parts of the country as well,” he said.

“We have another case in Dombotombo, Marondera, where 300 people are registered under one address of a two-roomed house.”

Mwonzora said the Chitungwiza case was raised by the party’s ward 25 aspiring councillor, Johannes Petros Mwandana, where it has emerged that the 400 voters were registered under stand number 100086 Unit G, a non-existent address.
He said his MDC-T party would today make a “strategic intervention” after compiling the list of complaints from across the country.

“This shows that Zec was not thorough and there is a lot of cheating going on. My office is compiling the list from the whole country before making a strategic intervention by tomorrow (today) or Tuesday,” Mwonzora said.

Zec chief elections officer Utoile Silaigwana, however, denied that there were any concrete cases of such gross anomalies within the voters’ roll.

He said the case in Chitungwiza was being hyped by elements who would want to cause alarm and despondency ahead of the July 30 polls.

“I am aware of that case (in Chitungwiza), it came to my attention last week and I personally checked on the same voters’ roll that they have, and under that address, only five people have registered. I do not know what these people are trying to do. That is not true at all and I think that is somebody who is just trying to be mischievous and cause alarm and despondency on the part of the electorate,” Silaigwana said.

The voters’ roll released by Zec last month continues to raise eyebrows, with recurrent cases of missing persons on the list of names and fictitious addresses among other reported suspicious errors.

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  1. shamefull learned person of MWONZORA STATUS ZVINONYADZISA…WITH False claims

    1. Chii chinonyadzisa.Just at 7.47am watoona voters roll yese ukatoziva kuti Mwonzora anonyepa or iwe ndiwe uri kutaura zvausingazive?

      1. he is a naked lier and it runs in the genes of mdc other day we were told of bullet trains and spaghetti highways something which even nelson himself admitted it was all hogwash

        1. I really think u are stupid sir, it would be best if you keep your bulldung to yourself than spew it out in public..what is hogwash about bullet trains and spaghetti roads???

      2. When ZEC used proof of residence as a requirement for voter registration there was loud outcry form political parties including opposition. These felt the requirements defranchised voters in their urban strongholds. A compromise decision to use affidavits as proof of residence was adopted backed by all. These same people cry foul and the anomalies are in so called opposition strongholds.

  2. With due respect S.R.K did you verify the claim yourself to conclude that it is actually false.


  3. My question is how does ZEC come into this. Do they go door to do and register people. What MDC should prove is that these so called 400 people are fake and not the address because its the people who went and registered themselves with proof of residence in the form of affidavits etc

    1. How do you have proof of residence for a non existent residential stand? Pipi think before you write. Who is not telling the truth Zec or Mwonzora?

      1. Mikonomitatu Munhangaimwe

        Proof of residence was not really a requirement when people were registering to vote, they were just signing affidavit forms. You Watanga J is the one who is not thinking. Are you even a registered voter yourself?

    2. hahaha y do they vote in dfrent constituency under one adres

  4. Eliasha , S.R.K and Zvani, you are idiots. You want to cover up rigging plots. Shame on you. Shut up if you have nothing to comment.

  5. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    @ Pipi, you sound blunt and brainless. ZEC compiles the voter’s roll. They are compiling fake voter’s roll to ensure Zanu PF victory. that is the reason they were trying to refuse releasing the voter’s roll. The elections are rigged through a shambolic voters roll. Its the work of ZEC to cook up the voter s roll so that it will lead to rigging.

    1. THought the voters roll is now in the public domain

  6. Janana Bikaldo

    Nhai SRK you have already believed Utoile Silaigwana when you have no evidence that he is telling the truth?Do you expect him to say “Please forgive us Zmbabweans,what Mwonzora is saying is true,we are being used by to rig the elections by the govt that appointed us in favour of the ruling party?No wonder why Bob aingoku believisai for the past 38 years.

    1. Thought BOB is now in the alliance

  7. ZEC matotanga so mabasa erima. Please tiregherereiwo gwendo gwuno. Tahwa ne nhamo. Siya tivhote Chamisa apinde panyanga. Kana nemiwo munee maa kudya rifa zvinhu zvanaka. Tahwa ne kuvata pama bank tichirindira ma coins. Tahwa ne ma promise e kunyepa e zanu. 38 years here nhai ve ZEC tinyareiwo

  8. ZEC don’t play with our intelligence

  9. Your Name (required): Special Black

    Chokwadi vanhu vakaregister vega uye computer hairambi kucampture nokuti address imwechete. asi kana muchinyepa, ava vana vava kutya maelection nokuona huwandu hwe ZANU PF. KKKKKKK Cde ED torai vana mushande navo.

  10. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…When ZEC requested water bills etc as proof of residence, MDC Alliance protested that many were lodgers and didnt have proof of residence hence ZEC accepted any addressed supplied. Mdc should should only question if the voter is genuine or fake BUT seems mdc alliance are scared of the elections

  11. Pipi data in electronic form (especially in excel in this case) can easily manipulated to check voters by I. D numbers or by addresses if you did not know.

    For interest sake, why are you defending ZEC.

  12. ITS dump people like Chaminuka and Zanu PF who are scared of elections. That is reason you are not ashamed of rigging with ZEC

    You have been killing and robbing Zimbabweans for past 38 years

  14. Zanu PF is full of idiots. SRK you an idiot of the highest order. You need mental examination.

  15. kid marongorongo

    you are at it again MDC always crying why calm down and campaign you dont have anything to offer to the people so you want to boycott elections in a smarter way hahahaaaaa so how do you know if those voters are zanu pf. you are going to be hammered come 30 July you can feel the heat, be gentlemen enough and come out true like Lovemore madhuku

  16. Farai Johnson Nhire

    The fake addresses were suplied by your own suporters whom you falsely threatened saying Ed and his people are murderers who would physically track down and abduct oposition supporters and kill them.

  17. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Ukaona vanhu vanotuka vatsamwa nehuwandu hwedu.kkkkkkk.

  18. whats the problem of registering 300 people on the same address? Most people are lodgers and have difficulties in accessing proof of residence. Whats important in the voters roll is whether these people are existent or non-existent. MDC is Movement of Daily Complaints

  19. Kokerai Chisvo

    Machinja tinyararirei apa maCouncillor enyu ndoaipa vanhu maProof of residence apa …… hanty ndimi maiva nezvidhindo

  20. Hondo zvenyika

    Onli an election will stop e election kkkkkkkk

  21. World Cup yakungoita kunge yemaPena

  22. Unless its a school or church address, its impossible to have that number of people residing on one property. ZEC should not rush to rubbish these anommalies. It is always in denial mode and the question is WHY? Had Zanu Pf raised that, they would have acted appropriately.

  23. Dont try to steal our vote ZEC

  24. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    I am surprised that issue is between ZEC and voters but only Zanu PF idiots are coming in defence of ZEC. Why not other parties defending ZEC, only Zanu Pf idiots?

  25. the beautiful one are not yet born

    When someone has a different point of view from you, it does not mean their are an idiot!

    1. Vanenge vapererwa and can no longer come up with a good argument. Its so unfortunately prevalent on these online comments. Maybe these online scribes should just delete these idiotic comments.

  26. edsonkanyenge

    ZEC Scrapped proof of residence yema bills after out cry from Opposition parties,we registered using ma affidavits. Any adress can be supplied pa voters roll. The political parties all of them can abuse this hole

    1. Dai iri nyika yangu vamwe ndaikudzingai. It does not matter if the people registered with affidavits. What matters is WHY ZEC did not discover the anomalies and yet Chigumba was always talking of cleaning up the roll. Pathetic fools, some of us are.

      1. Are you implying that ZEC has a database of all the physical addresses in the country if not how could they have discovered that. Are we also insinuating that ZEC should have visited all the more than 6 million addresses provided on the voters role for verifications. Uchatidzinga tose @ Chirinda

  27. Comment…is Zec related to Zanu ,if not why are they defending Zec, don’t play with pple’s votes please ,we need change

  28. Comment…is Zec related to Zanu ,if not why Zanu members are supporting them, is clear that they are all tsotsis

  29. Boss musazvinetse ndozvinoita vanhu vakaruza kare they are concerned ne700 errors out 6million they have an agenda to incite and cause despondency

  30. i am confused even they are 400 pple using one adress zviri kuratidza here kuti they are going to vote for Zanu PF plus pple were asked to bring proof of res saka vanhu vaingoenda ne proof of res yaawana

  31. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    Aaah saka, ED ne ZEC vanopinda papi apa. Why dont you go to the address and ask those who registsred

  32. trusting silaigwala is like believing the devil when it says that there is no fire in hell

  33. its repugnant to common sense that 400 pple are residing at one residence. There is also 3 Kew drive in Chisipite which is non existent and has 30 voters voting from different polling stations.Iyi haisi nyaya yeZanu neMdc inyaya yetransparency from Zec…..How do u expect transparency pane mamajor errors akadai….Zec ya2018 iyi chiitaiwo zvinhu zvisina macomplains

  34. banda politics.com

    Tabirwa zvakakwana nematsotsi eZec neZanu matwins ekuba maelections…..tz repugnant that 400 are staying at one property a probe should be opened..30 pple at 3 Kew drive chisipite and they are voting from different constituencies ..hwz that possible… Chigumba nevamwe vako tikwanire…..MDC hatitye ZANU ..asi totya unfair ground u provide b4 every election

  35. Ans the winner is….Emmerson Dambudzo Ngwena Anti-ice cream Antigrenade Mnangagwa!!!!!!

  36. After all Chitungwiza is an MDC stronghold and I am sure it is the MDC thugs who are responsible for that anomaly.ZEC we’re registering voters who do not have proof of residence using affidavits. This issue should have been raised during registration of voters that such a possibility was more likely than not.Most likely these 400 people are MDC supporters

  37. Tichingotonga Vachingovukura

    When Zec was insisting on proof of residence the opposition cried foul. After a compromise the issue of affidavits was introduced. The opposition now sent its people to experiment with a loophole that they created. Any nonsensical address can be given pa affidavit and that can’t be ZEC’s fault. The blame lies squarely with those who advocated for scrapping of the proof of residence requirements

    Let Zec ban all those with such addresses from voting and you will hear the opposition crying again

    1. Silly argument. ZEC should have flagged the anomaly if they were not complicit. You mean, you cannot understand that that? Ahhhh Yahhhhhhh, diesel riri kuChinhoyi zveshuwa.

  38. Why cant you guys jst ask those pple. Yu ve their names addresses phone nmb etc right on yo nose.

  39. Tichingotonga Vachingovukura

    @ Chirinda do you imply that Zec has a database of all the Physical addresses in the country if not how do they know that an addresses provided on the affidavit is fake. Or are we insinuating that Zec should have visited all the 6 million addresses provided on the voters roll for verification.

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