2008 election violence fears rekindled: ZPP

THE Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) has expressed concern over alleged continued harassment and intimidation of voters ahead of the July 30 elections, with suspected Zanu PF activists allegedly threatening to unleash a bloody campaign of similar proportion to the 2008 presidential run-off election.


“Harvests of fear planted in the 2008 vote are systematically being used to intimidate the electorate with particular reference being made to the 2008 experiences of political violence. However, the leadership seems to be ignoring the violations, thus one may be inclined to argue that they are behind the perpetration of the violence,” the ZPP said in its latest report released yesterday.

“The horrors of the 2008 violence are repeatedly being rekindled and used to threaten as awaiting those who vote against the ruling party. This shows that the perpetrators are using old wounds and a lack of healing and reconciliation to perpetrate more emotional and psychological violence against the victims who have faced repeated violence in the past.”

ZPP said there had also been a marked increase in cases of intolerance among rival MDC-T camps, with most of Thokozani Khupe’s campaign posters being pulled down by supporters of MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa.
The report said most of the violence occurred in the Mazowe and Harare areas.

The victims were recorded as 1 531 males and 1 226 females during the month of June.

The perpetrators were 506 males and 40 females. Zanu PF was the worst perpetrator with 332 cases compared to 187 by the MDC-T, nine by the National People’s Party, 10 by war veterans, and eight by unknown assailants.

“There is need to increase public condemnation of intimidation and harassment by law enforcement agents and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Political parties must reign in their supporters,” the ZPP said.

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  1. At first it was the army now that there set the record straight its unnamed gangs of zanoids activists ,come on give us a break we are no longer moved by these LIES infact this will discredit your dubious organisation

  2. Once again aliesha your ZanuPf party is showing its true colours a tiger will never change its stripes ZanuPf will continue to terrorise people beating, murdering, rapping and stealing until we vote it out of existance

    1. This is all NONSENSE my man in this day of technology its about capturing events as they happen on video and you throw them on social media anything short of that is Total Crap and FALSE LETS BE GUIDED BY THIS SIMPLE RULE

  3. Your Name (required):Special Black

    You can’t conclude kuti iZANU PF. Remember there is g40 there vakanga vajaira violence. kwatiri hatisi kuzviona MDC and ZANU PF are campaining peacifully.

  4. kid marongorongo

    it is the MDC that is violent its true that they are pulling down opposition’s posters and they rush to the observers to report so that they think its zanu pf perpetrating such actions, be careful of these unruly gangs they are MDC sometimes they put on ZANU pf regalia they were given at ZANU PF rallies since its a people’s party they benefited but their main motive was to use the regalia to commit criminal and political offences. vote ED a peaceful president.

  5. This is information gathered from police reports in cases where perpatrators were caught this year you can never argue that once again ZanuPf is caught on the wrong side this time they cant hide from the police

    1. Ndiani akuudza kuti they are police reports/ Wakutonyepa nenguva dikidiki.Nyangwe anoripa kuZPP anogona kunyepawo. Iyo donor funded ZPP inogona kunyepawo

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