‘2 million voters removed from voters’ roll’

More than two million voters who appeared on the 2013 preliminary voters’ roll failed to find their way onto the 2018 biometric voters’ roll (BVR), the Zimbabwe Elections Network (Zesn) has revealed.


Zesn, which fell short of giving the Zec voters’ roll a clean bill of health, said the 2018 voters’ roll was way better than that used in 2013 and could have resulted in the removal of the problematic ghost voters that hogged the limelight in that poll.

“Overall, Zesn finds that the 2018 voters’ roll received on June 18 is an improvement over the 2013 preliminary voters’ roll,” Zesn chairperson, Andrew Makoni said.

“2 676 395 (45%) registrants on the 2013 preliminary voters’ roll could not be matched by national ID number to the 2018 voters’ roll and, therefore, are likely to no longer be registered. Over 2 470 156 (43%) of registrants on the 2018 voters’ roll are likely to be first time registrants as their ID numbers are not included in the 2013 voters’ roll,” Zesn said in its findings.

“Overall, rural registration decreased by -436 457 (-10%) while urban registration increased by 230 218 (14%),” Zesn said.

The report raised red flags, saying over 5% of the registered voters using the same address were posted to different wards, which did not make sense.

“263 998 (5%) of registrants registered at addresses for which there are registrants are assigned to different wards.

All registrants with the same address should be assigned to the same ward,” the report read.

Zesn, however, said they were unable to assess the impact of the deduplication process because of Zec’s failure to provide them with an electronic copy of the 2018 preliminary voters’ roll or the exclusion list.

“In the interest of transparency, Zesn encourages Zec to release these documents to interested stakeholders,” the report read.

Zesn discovered that Zec had registered one person below the legal age of voting, with same ID numbers and three million whose details on the 2013 voters’ roll have been changed.

“There is one registrant who will not be 18 by July 30, 2018, three born in the 1800s, 944 registrants who are 100 years old or older, 81 registrants (less than 0,01%) have duplicate national ID numbers and 4 693 registrants have duplicate identifying information surname, forenames, gender, and date of birth as another registrant. Of the 3 213 780 matched registrants on both the 2013 preliminary voters’ roll and 2018 voters’ roll, 126 689 (4%) had different dates of birth,” the report read in part.

Zesn also called on Zec to avail an updated voters’ roll because the commission had changed information on the roll.

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  1. Are these genuine errors nhai ZEC

  2. This is a shambolic voters’ roll. The 2018 election is going to have a lot of disputes.

  3. Farai J Nhire

    These errors are not zec’s fault. Those who come for registration at times give false information using forged ids so zec works very hard to correct all that.

    1. Concerned Zimbo

      so why did ZEC demand proof of address?

      1. they did not demand, it was a requirement, failure to produce there was a form that you completed and you were allowed to register

  4. ZEC has shown great level of incompetence and bias.UN and must now run our election.

  5. I still do not understand how and why ZEC gave Zanu PF our phone numbers.

  6. But Chigumba is saying the ZEC system was attacked by hackers. Maybe the heckers were zanu only because no opposition party is sending phone numbers. Or zec and zanu did the deal together and now the story of heckers is cover up

  7. Elsewhere we read that ZESN has endorsed the voters roll so i wonder were the noise coming from other quarters is all about and did they do an indepth analysis as done by this organisation or its just typical of vessels which are used to making noise for the sake of making noise, lets have detailed analysis and thorough cross checks before raising unnecessary dust about accuracy of this bible compiled by ZEC and we say No to to political grandstanding.

  8. I am very suspicious of this ZESN report. Zec should just release the biometric Voters Roll & allow for it’s audit period. If it is that good, they have nothing to be worried about. Why are they not releasing the biometric Roll. Isn’t it in their best interest to do so?

  9. Way forward fellow Zimbabweans ? I suggest ZEC should attend to issues raised early and address the anomalies before the polls. Another option may be to put in place a caretaker government, whilst ZEC sorts out its mess and hold elections at a later date, this year. I feel there is no more need to have disputed elections anymore as it may end up costing valuable lives and the already depleted infrastructure.

  10. Nhai Farai J Nhire do you work for ZEC for you know that these errors are not zec’s faul and that those who came to register as voters gave false information using forged IDs.

  11. Wezhira Wezhara

    And why does Zesn compare Mudede’s voters roll of 2013 with Zec’s 2018 biometric roll. Obviously zvaMudede had errors because it was manually done.

  12. kid marongorongo

    The voters roll purported by these is fake,

  13. Im not buying this zesn thing

  14. Im not buying this zesn thing. Hanzi ne zec bring evidence of any irregularities but zesn iri kungo hukura

  15. Way forward.
    I suggest MDC supporters sleep at ZEC starting tomorrow until 30 July . I also pray that God send snow kuvapepusa kuhope dzokuitiswa naChamisa. I further suggest that they start their own voter registration process at “Vanguard House” to be presided over by Chief Vanguardist Nelson Chamitiswa. When they are done registering their illiterate young voters who will mistake ED for Chamisa if ED is first on second column on ballot paper, they can vote on 31 August . There is surely no need for MDC Alliance to participate in a process whose outcome they will not accept. Let them run their own parallel process.

  16. zesn thank u

  17. Ndini Ndadaro

    Not forgetting that Nelson Chupiti Chamama is an IT guru, he could be the one who hacked our ZEC System or his cockroach like supporters. MDC ndimi makahacker kuda kutarnisher our image. Haaa tigarirei pasi.

    1. Ana Ndinindadaro kana musina zvokutaura vatai.

  18. Ko monistry inovona nezve cybber inezvayakabata here pamishini yayo tizivevo

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