Zim heading for sham polls, MDC warns

THE MDC Alliance has warned the country was heading towards a sham election after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) allowed President Emmerson Mnangagwa to proclaim election dates before production of a final voters’ roll.

By Staff reporter

Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube said Zec was supposed to release a final voters’ roll before the nomination court sits to ensure that those who nominate candidates were on the roll.

Ncube who doubles as MDC leader said the alliance would continue piling pressure for levelling of the political playing field including taking legal action if their engagement efforts failed to bear fruit.

Zec has dismissed the MDC Alliance’s demands for access to the voters’ roll, saying all political parties will have free access to it once it was complete, urging the political parties to access the provisional voters’ roll on the commission’s website.

But Ncube said the commission was supposed to advise Mnangagwa to proclaim the election date after it had finalised the roll to allow parties to audit and propose changes on time.

He said according to the electoral laws, the voters’ roll cannot be challenged 30 days before an election.

“We have about two weeks now to the end of June to analyse the voters’ roll and challenge it if there is need.

There are over five million people who have registered to vote and how can we audit such a number in two days?” Ncube asked.

“The nomination court is sitting on Thursday and we don’t have a voters’ roll. What will people do if the people who nominate them are not in the voters roll?”

Ncube said they will fight Zec until the electoral amendments proposed by the opposition parties were implemented.

He said already, there was every indication that the country was rushing towards a disputed poll.

“We had until August 22 to run the elections, what was the rush when the voters roll is not complete?”

In its long statement released at the weekend, Zec said some of the items contained in an MDC Alliance petition on electoral reforms were misdirected as they cannot be legally dealt with by the commission and demanded for patience as it was at the tail end of finalising the voters’ roll.

The MDC Alliance had demanded an electronic copy of the provisional voters’ roll, an independent external audit of the voters’ roll, retirement of alleged security personnel within Zec, access to biometric voter registration servers, removal of alleged military presence in rural areas and queried the establishment of additional polling stations.

They also demanded that Zec enables those in the Diaspora to vote, disbanding of the accreditation committee, inclusion in procurement and movement of the ballot papers among other issues.

The MDC Alliance petitioned Zec last week and at the weekend, alliance leader Nelson Chamisa threatened to shut down the whole country if the reforms were not implimented.

Zec, in its response, claimed it had no military personnel, despite its chairperson Priscilla Chigumba in February admitting 15% of Zec staff was from the military.

The commission also ruled out Diaspora vote, contrary to Mnangagwa’s pledge while he was in Davos, Switzerland, that Diasporans will be allowed to vote.

Zec commissioner Joyce Kazembe, while addressing delegates at an elections workshop in Kariba last month, said the commission held the keys to the proclamation date as Mnangagwa will only do so after it advises him it was through with compiling the voters’ roll.

Mnangagwa has repeatedly promised the international community his administration will hold a free and fair poll as he battles to get legitimacy after using the military to take over power from his former boss Robert Mugabe last November.


  1. Comment…Vana Ncube mave kunetsawo imi

    1. Anenge abaiwa ngaabude!! There can never be free and fair under illegal sanctions-the playing field is definitely skewed in favour of anti-ZANU PF puppets..

  2. i m sure by rushing to announce the polling date he wants to avoid a lot of scrutiny on the whole process.in my view the main issue is with the voters roll.

  3. The opposition is creating a scene for a disputed election by continuously demand change after change and not updating the nation when certain things have been met. Its as if they are saying if they don’t win then the elections are not free and fair and vis versa. I also wonder if they will be able to work with the military that they seem to demonise if and if they do win. The military in my opinion is not an enemy of democracy and the opposition should stop demonising the very same people who afford us peaceful sleep by protecting the nation

    1. Stupid thinking Ali.Guvhu dende mhani.

      1. this is barbaric , we should tolerate differences , fact that he holds differently, should never make you fume, be factual, i dont agree with is comment in total but he has said some of the facts and i dont get why you insult him

    2. My friend these guys are talking of the 15% at ZEC and not those at the Baracks. Don`t mix the two and put some confusion. I am advocating for an election that is not disputed so that we can move forward.

  4. saka iwe mutekede urikutukirei Ali nekuti anyora zvausingade chete you very undemocratic

  5. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    These MDC guys are very stupid. What is so special about the voters’ roll? It is only a list of people who registered to vote. The election is too months away. Why panicking Welshman? kkkkkk, this man is a really foolish. Welshman, Who told you that you are the refree of the Zimbabwe elections, when you are just some desperate individual without political foresight or strategy? Have you ever asked yourself how come you are now being led by a kid Chamisa, who was just a nonentity dirung the time you were secretary general of the MDC? And you chose to take your tribal outfit out of the MDC, ony to return when you saw you were heading for a political dustbin. Please shutup. In any case, you have already lost he elections because despite your vast political experience, you do not advice Chamisa, who goes on to waffle in public like he is proposing love to a budding teenager. Ncube, get away from our windward direction. You are spoiling our oxygen please. Tibvire kumhepo

  6. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    Stupid Mukwirivindi , you are waffling

  7. Yes we belong from different political parties.But what we say shows who we are and the type of organisations from which we belong,unless some of us are just there to tarnish the reputation of our parties. We make our comments so bad because of the foul language.


  8. Sham poll kudiiko Nxaaa ngavasa participateh kaaa Havasiye vanotokwikwidza zvakadaro chete Wotoshaya kuti vari SRS here vanhu ve MDC chinhu chnotidzorera shure aisi ZANU bt the direction less opposition Vaimboti tine strategy ykuhwina chero zvkarigwa Ummmm kkkkk I panic iyoyii Vaona ma opinion polls kuti hvana havo door

  9. Whereas, understandably, the opposition is questioning the voters’ register, they must tread cautiously this time round. As the first electronically conducted election in Zimbabwe, they have to dig deeper. Much of the electoral deceit takes place between the counting and the relaying of the results to the transmission center. Additionally, some far-flung areas may suffer a bandwidth hitch that may necessitate manual operation. How is the opposition prepared to make sure that the will of the people will be truly reflected? Let us not place the cart before the horse. We have to monitor every stage, bit by bit, up to and including the announcement of the results. I am not advocating for a parallel tallying center for the opposition but unless they hire ICT experts who can hardly be compromised, they may just be chasing a wild goose.

  10. I thought ncube Welshman is a professor but he seems not to understand what comes first in the laws governing elections the voters rolle was already inspected by those who are serious about voting if his nominees did not inspect their names is it the fault of the zec this only shows how confused he is
    Please ncube get your confusion elsewhere not in Zimbabwe the country has its laws governing elections its not the first elections we have had in this country the procedure of elections will still be done by zec not him

  11. If there a no electoral reforms we will not remove e sanctions. U can rig elections but u can’t rig e economy. Welshman Ncube is spot on. Sham election=Sham economy. Garbage in garbage out

  12. Ali you are great. thus good observation.

  13. Why do we insult each other instead of arguing our cases respectfully. Thats a typical sign of intolerance. My advice to Welshman is if there is anything unconstitutional that has been done go to the courts not to the media. You are a law profesor you should know better. If you ask me the MDC is running scared and looking for scape goats. Chamisa said if ED gets 5% he will give him his sister and I don’t think he still has the same confidence. Let the better candidate win.

  14. MDC complained the last elections were rigged but five years later haven’t shown us how.
    This is why they lost my vote ! You are fast becoming known as the complainers but if you don’t show how you were cheated you have wasted five years because it means you aren’t ready for the this poll.
    Chamisa is young and his speeches keep disenfranchising parts of the population. Perhaps he will be mature enough to lead in five years from now. Until then #EDhasmyvote #RGMdidn’t #MAYBEnexttimeMDC

  15. greater light

    I’m disappointed to note that some Zimbabweans still believe in Zanu PF. An Old Party that has run out of ideas!

    Zanu Pf has a murderous history coupled with kidnappings,thieves, just to mention a few.

    Only evil hearted people will vote ED. Here’s why! Why would one vote for a person who has murdered thousand of people. He sent soldiers to kill Zimbabwean babies and woman. Then how can one vote for such,unless you have great JOY for ED’s deeds.

    Zimbabweans Stay away from people with blood on their hands. I urge you! And Zanu PF as it is,is not good for Zimbabwe.

    I will leave you with a bible verse which relates to supporters of Zanu Pf and their love for evil people.

    Matthew 15>> Now it was the governor’s custom at the festival to release a prisoner chosen by the crowd. 16 At that time they had a well-known prisoner whose name was Barabbas. 17 So when the crowd had gathered, Pilate asked them, “Which one do you want me to release to you: Barabbas, or Jesus who is called the Messiah?” 18 For he knew it was out of self-interest that they had handed Jesus over to him.

    19 While Pilate was sitting on the judge’s seat, his wife sent him this message: “Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.”

    20 But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas and to have Jesus executed.

    21 “Which of the two do you want me to release to you?” asked the governor.

    “Barabbas,” they answered.

    22 “What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Pilate asked.

    They all answered, “Crucify him!”

    So Zimbabwe do you want Bararbus(E.D) Or do you want a Leader whos hands are clean off innocent blood!It doesn’t have to be be Chamisa, but he is the I see bring good change to a country that was once a shame in Africa and the world.

  16. If everythinig was done in a proper manner it would have allowed the Diaspora to Vote what is the hurry??

    1. Kalere how can the Diaspora Voting be administrated with the currently setup of wards?

  17. Tear each others throat, I like it

  18. MDC Alliance putting their excuses early. How can MDC Alliance win against a military junta?

  19. 1. On Diaspora Vote-ED is a lawyer when he said diaspora can vote he was right and it is true the Diaspora can vote but they have to be registered at a polling station in Zimbabwe and present themselves in person to vote, so there is no confusion, I wonder why a party (MDC) of many lawyers is outwitted by old lawyers like ED, Chinamasa, Paul Mangwana and crew.

    2. On the MDC demands on ZEC- those are just attention seeking behaviours from a party that wishes for their lost glory. Some of the issues they raise may be relevant but the question is why now, where were you for the past 5 years. During GNU, MDC combined had more seats why did you not attempt to unseat Mugabe through impeachment like what ZANU PF finally did. I do not understand these lawyers from MDC asi vakadzidza chikoro cheusiku. You say you are winning by more than 95% at the same time you say the ground is not level, your confusion need a Sangoma

  20. Humans are just pawns in God’s great chessboard.What the opposition had failed for decades (unseat Mugabe),God did in a single night.ED a few months ago fled for dear life…only to come back and wield the reigns of power.Two arch political nemesis removed off the scene (MT and RGM) and two taking their place (who saw that coming?).Vote or not vote,lose or win,rig or not,kill or be killed God’s purpose will prevail.

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