Zim a one-party State: Mohadi

Vice-President Kembo Mohadi has declared that Zimbabwe is a one-party State, describing opposition parties as “barking jackals”, which will not stand in Zanu PF’s way on election day.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Addressing a poorly-attended campaign rally in Chiredzi, Mohadi said: “Zim in essence, is a one-party State. Yes, we have other parties, but even when the moon is rising, the jackals bark, but will they stop the moon from shining?”

He blasted opposition MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa for making “unrealistic electoral promises of spagheti roads and airports”.

“Some are promising airports everywhere and spaghetti roads. As Zanu PF, we are not promising you heaven on earth, but something that we can deliver. People need food and bread and butter issues. We have never failed on our promises and working together with you, we will deliver,” Mohadi said.

He, however, confirmed Zanu PF’s fears of a protest vote by disgruntled party members.

“We know you had primaries on your own. I know some of them did not work well, but others went well. But now we are choosing Zanu PF not individuals.

“We are now going to campaign as Zanu PF and win as Zanu PF. All the differences and quarrels, let’s put them aside and vote for the real thing, which is Zanu PF.

“I know among us we had differences based on Lacoste and G40, but we are all Zanu PF. If G40 wins, it’s still Zanu PF, come back home. And let’s not reject a winner because he or she was G40. We should forgive no matter the differences. It’s over. What decides us is smaller than that which decides us, we came far,” he said.

Mohadi was responding to Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson, Ezra Chadzamira, who had raised concern over divisions created by the party primaries where most of the winners were from the G40 faction.

But Mohadi seemed to have failed to douse the factionalism, as the winning Zanu PF candidates for Chiredzi were not formally introduced at the rally.

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  1. Spaghetti roads are unrealistic iwo aripa SA nepa Botswana and recently Zambia yakutoisawo maspaghetti roads?Mohadi so

  2. If you say you have never failed then we should be far. You have promised 2.2 million jobs, revive industries, even unlock $1.2 trillion but instead you have lost 3 million jobs, killed industries. Your inability to deliver spaghetti roads is not everyone’s inability.

  3. Honestly mugabe was a great leader, he single offhandedly ran zuna and country alone and the rest were ‘yes chef’ clowns. Now in the front and its not even a year down the line, they cracking badly so badly and watch the space they will be at each each throats soon. cry beloved country

    1. Uncle Real……KKKKKKKK they aint seen nothin yet

  4. “We have never failed on our promises and working together with you, we will deliver….” then i stopped reading

  5. ZANU PF has ruined the country bcoz they dont have focus and are visionless.

  6. Comment…give ed a chance pliz and you will c zimbabwe will be like land of canan bcz he is very clever and know hw to run the country and win elections ,true zimbabwe is one party state .ukarota mdc ichitonga ihope dzechando wake up from day dreaming

    1. In Love with all

      The future is in the hands of God. So if GOD said ED is going to win no one can stop that, and also if He says Chamisa is going to win and rule the nation also no one can stop that

      So we give all the glory to GOD.

    2. Was ED born yesterday? He was part and parcel of the killing machine

  7. Simba Nkorima

    Zanu Pf and Mohadi, I am now working for Spar Zanzibar. Come to Tanzania now and witness spaghetti roads. They are being built already here in Dar Es Salaam. Just come and learn here in Tanzania. Dont lie to people that these are unreal things, please come any day. You will see it for yourselves. Africa is transforming really.

  8. We have never failed on our promises and working together with you, we will deliver,” Mohadi said.

    2 million jobs kkkkkkkkkk

  9. PROPHET271262

    The Word deliver is very correct yes you can deliver (1)Unfulfilled promises (2)Yes you can deliver Hunger (3)Another 5 years of Unrepentant looters (VERY BIG POTHOLES LIKE CHINHOYI CAVES ,yes you can deliver I dont doubt you my BRADA.

  10. Chauya Chauya

    ‘US$ harisi rekutengesa matohwe nemavise’.Akadaro tiri kusangana mupolling booth.chauya chauya.

  11. Zimbabwe will never get transformation under these uselessnesses bastards Mugabe, Kembo Mohadi,Chiwenga and ED Mnangagwa, the most brainless idiots i have never seen on earth.Africa elsewhere is developing so as little Tanzania,but the wishes of useless,brainless and visionless Zanu pf idiots are very eager everyday not to see better zimbabwe under MDC-T. wake up Zimbabweans, 38 years of non services deliveries,ZANU PF is wishing us a gloom and unproductive future for everyone except their kith and ken only to live a largely better life.Why are we suffering we zimbabweans under zanu pf? What sins have we done in zimbabwe for us to remain captive under a useless governing party and government?

  12. Ana Mohadi… ldzi ndo team dzayiti ‘lt can’t’ ku maths. Zimbabwe ayina ma spaghetti roads because we have a clueless leadership isina foresight who instead of channeling funds to infrastructural development you are busy looting -shamelessly- day and night.Looking at traffic nightmares in Harare today l would have thought your focus would have been where to put spaghetti roads to ease traffic movement. How does one conduct business when they are gridlocked in traffic for 4/5 hours??? Don’t you think ZBC Mbare on S. Mazorodze needs a flyover? Ko Coca Cola corner? I cant state all of them. It is impossible because you are just too old Mohadi to comprehend such developments. Kenya has them. South Africa has them. Botswana has them. In Tanzania they will be opened in 6 months. Nigeria, Ghana they all have modern infrastructure. Zimbabwe with all the mineral wealth we got nothing to show for it because of incompetent pathetic leaders lime you. Shame mhani! Nyara nehupenyu hwako mdara!

  13. VaMugabe makatisiira mapenzi shuwa. Ma zombie chaiwo. Chii chinoshamisa pa spagheti road? Sak Mohadi anofunga toda chingwa sitereki?

  14. Comment…Ngatizvisiire mumawo avo Samatenga vemasimba ose, ndivo vanoziva zvirimberi mberi. Kukunda kuziva zvatinoita zvatinenge tarota. ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.

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