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Zengeza West aspiring candidate pledges to bring back foreign investors


Zengeza West aspiring independent parliamentary candidate, Maraika Bomani, has pledged to use his international connections to woo back foreign investors to tap into Chitungwiza town’s underutilised multi-million-dollar industrial estate and transform its economic fortunes.


Bomani, who was raised in Chitungwiza but is now based in the United Kingdom were he is a lawyer said he was ready to bring back investors in the country.

“I am saying bring back the white people, they have got the investment vehicles and the right tools to get Zimbabwe back on the world stage,” he said.

“Since I have lived in the United Kingdom, I know where we can get investors to revive our industry. Zengeza West is the richest constituency in Chitungwiza. We control an industrial estate which is worth a billion dollars.

“If it’s well-managed, it has the capacity to create new employment of more than 25 000 in Zengeza and that can be achieved in the next 10 years.”

Bomani castigated politicians who prey on the impoverished members of his constituency through vote-buying.

“Expecting to get the vote by bribing people with sugar is preying on the poor. I don’t believe in giving somebody sugar, I believe in giving somebody life, making sure your son has got education, your daughter has a job after finishing that education.

“The job of an MP is policy-making, we have a lost generation, children are not going to school due to the (former President Robert) Mugabe era, so I will be lobbying for free education. I will be focussing on jobs, development and education, the rest of the things I will hear from the community,” he said.

Bomani said he had done his homework and was confident of victory.

“I think Zimbabweans have learned a lot, in 2000 they had a protest vote, tired of [former President] Robert Mugabe, the same in 2005, 2008, in 2013 people started looking at individuals, not a party. It’s meritocracy.

“We are knocking on every door that we can knock in Zengeza West explaining our vision and what we have done and what we are promising.”

He said the people were very grateful and thanking him for answering their call.

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