‘Zec in fresh plot to rig elections’

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

EXILED former Zanu PF Cabinet minister and politburo member, Jonathan Moyo, has sensationally claimed that he has unearthed an elaborate plot, where the ruling Zanu PF party had colluded with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to rig the July 30 general elections using hired Chinese cyber experts.


Moyo, who fled the country at the height of a military operation which facilitated former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster last November, claimed the rigging plot was on an industrial scale and was going to be carried out in 14 different ways.

“Government has seconded to Zec a team of Chinese BVR [biometric voter registration] & cyber experts from the People’s Liberation Army linked to a top Chinese university. Their remit is to manipulate the voters roll through shadowy & virtual polling stations and fake voters,” he said in a post on his Twitter handle.

“The plot is to rig on an industrial scale. The rigging is centred on (1) manipulation of the BVR voters roll; (2) manipulation of polling stations by Zec technical staff from security organs and (3) army intimidation of voters in villages,” Moyo, who once served as government propagandist, said.

But Zec chief elections officer Utloile Silaigwana yesterday dismissed Moyo’s claims as highly mischievous.

“That is mischievous. We are not working with the Chinese and I don’t see the reason why we should. What he was saying is totally incorrect,” he said.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said he was not a Twitter follower and had not had sight of Moyo’s sensitive tweets.

“Where was he saying this from? I cannot comment to what I have not seen, I never follow Twitter, so I have no comment,” Moyo, who also serves as acting Information minister, said.

Government sources yesterday told NewsDay that the 16-member Chinese team came through Mozambique aboard two private jets and landed at the Charles Prince Airport on the outskirts of Harare at 7:30pm on May 21.

According to sources, nine of the team members are believed to be employees of Guangdong Information Technology Security Evaluation Centre, regarded as the world’s most sophisticated cyber security institution, feared even by American cyber experts.

The team is reported to be operating from an undisclosed location in Mazowe and is due to fly out by mid-July, after which they would offer remote and online assistance should need arise.

The sources claimed that government officials privy to the deal told them that the group was helping to ensure the security and integrity of Zimbabwe’s electoral system in the wake of the BVR exercise, a new system that involves quite a bit of technology.

Moyo said the rigging plot also involved denying the opposition access to the voters’ roll until the nomination court’s sitting although, as he claimed, Zanu PF already had hard copies of the voters’ roll.

“Some 11 days after BVR exercise, closed for 2018 poll & a day before sitting of nomination court #Zec continues to deny the opposition access to the roll, yet it has given #ZanuPF hard copies. #Zec has always done this & I can confirm it under oath,” he said.

Moyo alleged that the hired Chinese team’s mandate was to manipulate the BVR system and create virtual polling stations to guarantee victory for Zanu PF leader and presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He also claimed that Zanu PF had deliberately kept mum and turned a deaf ear to threats by some of its top officials to “repeat June 2008” violence if the party loses the election.

He cited the violence threats made by Zanu PF national commissar Engelbert Rugeje, Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Josaya Hungwe and Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe as part of its machinations to intimidate the electorate ahead of the polls.

He also insisted that as long as State security agents were still part of the Zec secretariat, there was no guarantee of free and fair elections, adding that the electoral management body’s entire technical staff was from security organs, while polling officers would be seconded from the public service.

Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba admitted early this year that retired soldiers, members of the Central Intelligence Organisation and police officers constituted 15% of the electoral management body’s secretariat.

Last week, two international election observer groups challenged Zec to avail an analysable electronic voters roll to all political parties and ordered the military to openly pledge allegiance to the presidential candidate, who shall win the elections regardless of their political affiliation, saying anything short of that would dent the credibility of the polls.


  1. Though unsubstantiated, let us not wish away Moyo’s remarks, political differences notwithstanding. Where there is smoke there is fire.

  2. Jonso knows a lot about rigging elections. The man was in the system for some time and was part of rigging machinery. Yes he is a bitter man now but his allegations need to be given serious attention by the opposition. The truth of the matter is that he has inside information and is upto date with what is going on in the country. Operating from an undisclosed location in Mazowe must tell the opposition something. Which institutions are located in Mazowe?

  3. Jonathan Moyo knows very well exactly what he and Zanu pf has been doing since 1990 up t0 2013 elections contests.This is the truth everyone must take into account because this zimbabwean political thing will not take us anywhere as long as this evil party zanu pf still exist in zimbabwe.Hence every progressive minded people must work tireless to demise zanu pf party and its system forever. Forward with the second liberation of new a zimbabwe to be.

  4. Comment…if he has good insider info why couldnt he stop the alleged rigging in Tsholotsho in 2013 when he was defeated by MDC?

  5. Once bitten twice shy. We cannot afford to have a repeat of the 2013 elections this time around. ZEC should provide an electronic voters roll copy or brace for more opposition marches. The next march is going to attract hundred thousand people and the next one triple the figure

  6. Jonathan Moyo has always talked a lot of crap about Ed and we can all remember how he would turn anybody he desliked against the former president. He turned the former head of state against zimbabwe deffence forces resulting in the former’s serious humiliation. Iyi ndiyo inonzi mhunzamusha , nyasire, mharapatsetse. Dont also forget how he has been” prophesying” about a serious bloodshed in Zimbabwe since he left and that is what he is trying to fulfil.

  7. Maybe I’m a bit gullible but how exactly does virtual polling stations operate with our current set up? Though I found it quite funny that Khaya Moyo doesnt follow Twitter. Is there anyone in this world who follows Twitter?

    • You can say that again Chinos You can expect Information Minister to be proud of being a Non Twitter follower

  8. Jonso was the brains behind ZANU PF’s rigging machinery for along time. He knows everything in detail. Lets not ignore his ADVICE. He was the architecture of this whole rigging system. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    • It is also possible that he did not know a lot then, but I can promise you that the coup will have put him a lot closer to Mugabe, to the extent that what he says now will be from a point of KNOWLEDGE!!!! They have now shared the same fate and surely they will also be sharing the same vision to expose and make Mnangagwa’s electoral prospects dimmer?????

  9. Moyo gave us everything if we let them get away with it then its our baby we have ourselves to blame.

  10. Haiwawo, no sane or serious person will pay attention to this bitter loony butterhead!!! ‘Whosover diggeth a pit shall fall in it,uh, bury in it!!’ Your misery is self-inflicted Jonah. You and your foolish scheming ways- so you seriously thought you could politically bury our Generals?? Apa kuhondo kwacho wakatiza futi!!

  11. Emmmmm this is confirmation that elections in Zimbabwe have always been rigged and in all cases the opposition has been accused of being crying babies and would not accept defeat. If that has been the case why is ZEC still allowed to conduct elections in Zimbabw? Where is the SADC? Where is the AU? Where is UN? The international world where are you? Let Zimbabweans be allowed to choose a leader of their own choice even if it means UN must conduct this election so be it. We are sick and tired of this charade purporting to be national elections.

  12. Fake Moyo, he is still Zanu. mumwe wake akadzoka Kasukuwere. arikuda kuita zvaakaita last time achizviti baba jukwa

  13. In one instance Jonathan Moyo claims that his twitter account has been hacked and sometimes he keeps quiet. How do we know he is really the one whpo posted this? Surely why should Zec give opposition parties the electronic voters roll before the sitting of the nomination court? There are over 118 political parties and we know not all of them will make it after the sitting of the court. So why waste resources by giving Kisinot Mkwazhi whom we know will never contest any election? Zec indicated that only successful candidates will be given free of charge.

    As for those virtual polling stations, that is Moyo’s pipe dream because how can parties accept results from a polling station which would have no polling agents? Kurwara kunenge kupenga ED pfeee

  14. Isn’t it a shame to hear the Minister of Information & Party’s Spokes Person Simon Khaya Moyo proud of being a non twitter follower, then its clear admission that we are investing our trust in OLD SCHOOL who don’t want to give chance to new blood with modern and fresh mind.

    Tell Us more and more Jonso. the New Baba Jukwa

  15. what I know with utmost surety is that ngwena cannever win a free and fair election even if elections were for Zanu pf members only.they would rather vote for their Mps but not ngwena.He was bound to lose to Joice mujuru at congress had he not framed her and engineered her downfall.He had clearly lost the political battle to G40 and resorted to taking up arms.This time he will be beaten to pulp by young Wamba.and there is nothing he can do

  16. The opposition needs at least three things. They need some heavy powered cyber security experts to advise them on countering electronic rigging (if ZANU PF is using Russian/Chinese expertise, perhaps American to counter, since the Americans themselves have been victim to their cyber attacks. I would not trust the other option, the Israelis for help). They’d better already have at least one excellent intelligence source within the government security agencies. They need very good response plans for each of the two or three scenarios most likely to unfold over the next 2-3 months.

  17. Mnangagwa, wether we like it or not represents a potent new face of Zanu Pf and government and everyone who maters to him like it that way. Vanovukura muchavukura kusvika mazvimba mavoice box. Vanemafalse dreams just take your time and cary out a survey about the man you belitle so much in the karanga land and you will faint. You also go to the rest of traditional Zanu Pf strongholds and do your survey and i am sure you will be ready to advise Nelson to forget and smile.

  18. Farai Nhire wataura chokwadi.Mnangagwa panzvimbo come 30 July kkkkkkkkk.Muchawukura kusvika mazorora maenda kunodya.

  19. American presidencial elections fell prey to cyber activities of some sort, or so we are told. One cannot rule that out for the less tech sophisticated Zim let alone the learned judge and his team! In real terms the ZEC machinery is vulnerable and the opposition can only fight it but garnering lots of votes.
    The register could have been sold to a willing buyer to defray costs and given for free at registration, but the reason given is that ZEC was still polishing up the voter’s role. To register as candidate you need to be sure the nominator is registered, but in this case it appears that is not the case. Conveniently, ZEC allowed, mischievously, the president to announce elections date before they were ready, well calculated to me! It appears a record of the flight of these techno guys is corroborated by some government official or source? That should tell you something. The refusal by the president and ZEC to make administrative reforms is that something to worry about? Indeed Utoile cannot concede to this, that would be suicide for ZEC! May God intervene!

  20. What jona is saying is very sensible. Better to aproach US and Israel to intervene please to counter those Chinese team.

  21. My conscience does not augur well with the opposition’s overoptimism and deservedly so, for obvious reasons. They may traverse the nation campaigning and underestimate certain ‘shortchanged’ rules of the games that will render all their efforts to naught. Chamisa to be precise, should not approach this election with the mindset of the previous manual elections. A digital electoral system can be operated miles away from a foreign land. Others are manipulatively fed to follow a certain formula and end up with the desired results. Unless they hire ICT experts and demand to open the servers if the need arises, the true will of the people may be at stake if Moyo’s remarks are anything to go by. Besides street demonstrations that yield nothing, the opposition should rise to the occasion and not treat these remarks with contempt lest they live to regret for the rest of their lives.

  22. In MDC we are just good at talking and easily get carried away by swaying tides , Johnso is and has been a foe to ED and can always say anything he deems good to taint him. Now let us calculate how does that benefit us?

  23. What Chinese cyber rigging? BVR is only used for Voter Registration not for voting! Tell me something else!!!

  24. As much as we hate the nutty professor we need to take heed of this advice. He has been there and knows the system well. If this was not true, then what’s the fussy on withholding the voters roll? Infact this ZEC should pride its self that it was able to provide the voters roll to all participants..

  25. It never ceases to amaze me how academic acolades do not always translate into practical wisdom. The whole professor fails to learn from his previous serious mistakes and continues to commit more from his newly found nation, the UST, United States Of Twitterica. Why Prof don’t you imitate the wise move of your felow prodigal son Tyson and negotiate a peaceful way back home with a reasonable and forgiving father EDM? I once made an acurate prediction of you living a fugitive life and here is yet another: If you continue in you bid to distabilise Zimbabwe including other terorist plans you are trying to organise, Ed will get you back home at the time of his choice sooner rather than later.


  27. Don’t look down at Moyo’s advice. He is communicating with some officials or agent in this program of rigging since he was once part of it. How he came to know the arrival dates of the team and how do they smuggled in and the place of manipulating data and any other means, while he is out of the country. Even also noted the time they are going back. By mid July they will be monitoring their data and make sure in two weeks before election the data and their means will be still integrity to their interest.

    Anyway when we are weak, then we are strong in the Lord. Every evil things shall be exposed and come to an end but the truth shall prevail forever. So let the will of God be done. Glorify the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in every situation, rejoice in his name fo he planned good future and hope, for the everlasting life (Jeremiah 29vs11). Be blessed all in Jesus Christ name

  28. Those who read Jonso’s Politburo presentation on the Blue Ocean strategy would not easily dismiss him. What was said then all virtually transpired.

    • Remember that he had also given us information about how Edward Chindori Chininga was dogged by Saviour Kasukuwere down to his death as he operated the Baba Jukwa issue.

  29. How is that possible Jonso dont take people to be fools because is 100 people are registered voters how does vitual polling station manipulate the vote. at least you could have spoken of the ballot paper that changes positions of the X but still it does not add up. if you are sure huya utaure sezvakaita Kasukuwere iwe kwako kungowukura wukura…

  30. Remember that he had also given us information about how Edward Chindori Chininga was dogged by Saviour Kasukuwere down to his death as he operated the Baba Jukwa issue.

  31. Right minded people know very well that Jonso can not be trusted and can incite the bloodshed if the gullible MDC Alliance with uncontrollable ambition for power make noise at every sound of Jonso’s fart

  32. Who knows maybe they are based at the Grace Mugabe school.Anything can happen.when they speak I’ll of Mugabe and Grace don’t take them seriously. Mind games at play

  33. What Professor Moyo is saying adds up. Do you remember that ZEC wanted to increase polling stations. These will also include the virtual polling stations were the chinese will know how things are really turning out so they can virtually vote for ZANU PF to give it a lead. The reason why ZEC is not willing to give political parties the voter’s roll is because they don’t want them to know the number of registered voters giving them the possibility to manipulate it as they please.

  34. Hahahhahahahahahaha, Jonathan will make you crash your heads and izvozvi kari kuseka zvakasimba kuti ndamawatyisa madununu ezimbabwe. Jonah studied Politics and he knows what to say at what time. Do not lose concentration becoz jona wants to shift your attention.

    Mukapusa munozviruza izvi. Ngwarai!!!!!!!

  35. Anything is possible in the field of politics of our contemporary times. We have to dissociate the issue at hand from the longstanding political vendetta between Moyo and his perennial nemesis, Mnangagwa. If Moyo holds evidence to that effect, then the opposition is treading on dangerous waters to the tune of demanding suspension of the whole electoral exercise until further notice. Its not just an election but a fair and just election.

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