Zanu PF youth march for Mnangagwa

ZANU PF youth in Harare are today expected to embark on a solidarity march in support of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a day after the opposition MDC Alliance held it’s hugely-attended peaceful march demanding the implementation of electoral reforms.


Thousands of MDC-T supporters and others from several parties in MDC Alliance took to the streets yesterday and deposed a petition at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) offices.

Initially, Zanu PF had slated its solidarity march on the same day with that of MDC-T protest, raising fears of a possible clash.

Zanu PF youth later rescheduled to today on the advice of the police.

In an interview yesterday, Harare provincial youth chairman, Godwin Gomwe said everything is set for the march, claiming they will surpass the MDC Alliance one in terms of numbers.

“We are going ahead as planned, nothing has changed in terms of the message for the solidarity march. What only changed is the date,” he said.

Asked if the party did not feel threatened by the huge turnout at the MDC Alliance solidarity march, Gomwe sarcastically retorted: “How many people can fill the Africa Unity Square? Just

3 500 people and to us, they were not many. Obviously we will surpass them.”

Before they cancelled the Tuesday march, Zanu PF youth leadership was reportedly divided on the usefulness of the counter march, with some describing the move as naivety considering that they might fail to match the opposition in terms of numbers.

Deputy youth chairperson, Lewis Matutu refused to comment, describing the solidarity march as mere provincial activity.


  1. Show them who is bigger



    3. What are they marching against? Against election reform and democracy? Shame!

  2. musavhare mbare musika muchiforcer vanhu kumarch yenyu Zanu hapana ano attender muharare moto tora ma bus emaboarding school kuti muwane vanhu poor zanoids

  3. we wil sho them kutiii takawandisa….go zanu pf go

  4. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Musanetseka zvenyu vana, nyika ineleadership yayo kare kubvira pa 24 November 2017. VaMnangagwa Vari bishi kutotambira vaenzi vazhinji vavo vemabusiness kubva kumawestern countries uko kwaimbonzi ndekwe Mdc. Itai zvenyu zvamunoita asi mhirizhonga pasi nayoooooooooooo. Zvinotobatsirao chimiro cheleadership yavaMnangagwa kana vachibvumira mapato akasianasiana kusanganisira neravo kuratidzira murunyararo pamberi pevaenzi vedu tese vanoremekedzwa. Mazvita henyu vana kuzvibata zvakanaka muZimbabwe yababaMnangagwa yakasununguka.

    1. kusaina ma MOU harisiro bhizimisi

      1. But its a start..

  5. zanu chiwororo

    farai dats very good you can say that again garwe ngarimbo pihwa mukana pliz. MDC musazvinetsa ED akahwinha kare 24 Novmbr. and makaona muchiita zvinhu britain isingatsigire zivai kuti hapana zvamuri kuita

  6. Varipo vachiri kutsigira zanu sure?

    1. The worst thing is when Mugabe is accepted by MDC leadership to endorse them. Then they turnaround and blame Mnangagwa for being not different to Mugabe yet they accept Mugabe’s endorsement. So after all this suffering caused by Mugabe and Mnangagwa ofcourse are there some of us who still accept Mugabe’s support and then call themselves revolutionaries? Knowing how clever Mugabe is, he obviously knows what he wants from the power hungry Chamisa and he will definitely get it. Remember the real senior criminal leader in Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe is a crime scene because of him. His endorsement of the MDC leadership should surely be a concern to Zimbabweans let alone their acceptance of it.

  7. Am a ZANU youth but it seems, unlike Chipanga , Gomwe lacks creativity and thrives on counter moves and naivety like a child. How can you copy anything done by our rival? Why didn’t you organise the march before our rival did theirs? Honestly you lack the initiativeness shown by Chipanga.

  8. What is Britain??? That is myopic thinking.

  9. gomwe taura chokwadi 3500 unoiziva here ?in november we witnessed huge crowd celebrating the fall of former president but yesterday we witnessed the biggest demonstration ZIMBABWE has ever seen

  10. Yes ZANU, Get all those malnourished youthies and dementia suffering comrades out and do your thing.

  11. Farai Johnson Nhire.

    Gomwe is very correct. While his Mdc Counter Parts are promising to make our lovely Zimbabwe ungovernable, he has in turn decided to call for devine intervention by organizing a peace prayer and that is exceptionaly creative. Even our observer guests here will apreciate the wise move by this exemplary youth leader. Ndapota zvangu vana musatukane nekurovana muZimbabwe yaBaba Mnangagwa yakasununguka!

  12. Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Farai Johnson Nhire and all your zanoids, we have unhealing wounds pupertuated your unwilling evilness.Why did you zanu pf dismally failed to rapidly forged zimbabwe ahead in terms of economic emmancipation and development when we left the British constitution in 1990? Instead of wishing for greater change for zimbabwe,you have totally destroyed people’s lives.Down with all those people who are still supporting and aiding useless and destructive party-zanu pf lies.

  13. kazola kazola

    i just love mnangagwa vote yangu munayo mdara

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