Zanu PF the only democratic party: ED

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday claimed that Zanu PF was the only democratic party in the country that allowed people to freely choose their candidates without any form of coercion.


Addressing thousands of ruling party supporters at a Zanu PF youth convention in Gweru, Mnangagwa said other political parties imposed candidates, while his party ensured a free and fair selection process.

“Zanu PF is the only democratic party, which does not impose candidates,” he said.

“As the leadership, we do not say this candidate will represent the party, but we allow the people to choose even from cell level those that they want to represent them. This makes Zanu PF a supreme party.”

Mnangagwa’s statement comes as many disgruntled party supporters have threatened to vote for the opposition in some constituencies in protest of imposition of candidates by the ruling party’s top officials.

He, however, admitted that there were disagreements in primary elections, and urged losing candidates to accept their fate as “the party is bigger than individuals”.

Mnangagwa said Zanu PF youth should not lose sleep over the challenge posed by opposition parties.

“As we go to the elections, it is only Zanu PF,” he said.

“What I have done, myself, is to ignore these small political parties because they are nothing. You should do the same and ignore them.”

Mnangagwa said his administration had transformed the lives of Zimbabweans in the few months he has been in office.

He said people in the country now enjoyed liberties, which had never happened before.

“We now have hotels always fully booked at 110 % capacity with investors from foreign countries,” he said.

“Investors now come because we always preach peace. Moreover, people now enjoy freedom in a way never experience before.”

Mnangagwa said the youth should be afforded a stake, particularly in mining, to economically empower them.

“As youth, you should not remain poverty stricken because you are the future leaders,” he said.

“If you are not economically empowered, it means you would not be able to uplift other youths in future.”

The Zanu PF leader said he does not condone corruption, warning anyone caught on the wrong side of the law would be prosecuted regardless of their standing in society.

He also charmed street vendors, saying his administration would push so that their vending stalls had all the necessary provisions, including water and electricity.
“There is need for vending stalls with water, toilets and electricity and, therefore, you can’t just say vendors leave the streets,” he said.

“But we are having headaches in implementing programmes at local government level because they are controlled by the opposition. You should, therefore, ensure that we win elections and take control of all councils.”

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  1. They remove their leaders democratically as well by rolling tanks onto the streets and getting help from the heavily bleached Gemeral.

  2. Luke Munya Mabika

    Zanu pf a democratic party?my foot!Zanu pf is not a political party but a Mafia organisation.So you are the only party with the democratic right to abduct,torture and kill anyone perceived to be against your party’s ideology?Is that being democratic?Pliz Ngwena spare us the agony of listening to such trash!Democracy does not exist in Zanu pf’s vocabulary.Even those that you were lying to are not fools.They know very well that you were lying through your teeth.It is only that Zanu pf leaders no longer have shame in lying even when they know that the people they are lying to knows too well that they are listening to cheap lies.

  3. Come into the river….have a drink… don’t be scared… I am just a harmless log, floating by… I won’t hurt you. Don’t believe those lies about me… just a harmless log.

  4. I was beginning to despise young Chamisa for being a little reckless with his tongue at times, but then listening to a grown man of 75 years old talking such ridiculous nonsense as if he’s talking to kindergarten toddlers is far unbearable

  5. Zvakaoma chokwadi, vonofunga takangamwa kurohwa kwevanhu mumabase, 2007, Zanu chiwororo chokwadi

  6. Zanu has nothing to say on its campaigns besides talking about Chamisa

  7. Lol nice one ED, pull the other one…. no.. the one in the middle..

  8. There is much to these sentiments than meets the eye. On the flip side of Mnangagwa’s version, the opposition is fighting a losing battle. The sooner they (opposition) dissect and study this political analogy wholesomely, the better.

  9. Your Name (required): Special Black

    Tinokuzivai munopona nezvakashata chete. maguta ese vanhu kuteka mvura mizvibhorani asi ndimi ma kabata. makakumbira masanctions muna 2000 kuti vanhu vashupike kuti muti ZANU PF yakonewa muwane mapindire. imi hamudi kuti vana vezimbabwe vagarike nekushanda nokuti makakonzeresa kuvharwa kwemacompany. tinoziva kuti maimbova vanani. siyai kufurira vana vasina chavanoziva. isu tinoda president aibva uye asingarevi nhema. zuro uno makatevera tsoka dzevaida kugadzirisa ushamwari nedzimwe nyika kunobuda UK.

  10. We have not forgotten! They shall see it on the ballot that we surely cant forget!

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