World Cup 2018: Brazil to WIN predicts Goldman Sachs ROBOT

BRAZIL are set to win this year’s World Cup with Germany likely to be a close runner-up, according to artificial intelligence (AI) which has ran through simulations and predicted the winner of this year’s tournament.
With Russia set to kick off the World Cup on Thursday, June, as the home nation prepare to take on Saudi Arabia, a robot has revealed who is likely to win.

The machine, powered by international investment firm Goldman Sachs, has ran through over a million simulations of the tournament and concluded that Brazil, who will be led by PSG superstar Neymar, will win the World Cup.

The AI bot predictsEngland will make it to the quarter finals where they will be beaten by Germany, who are second favourites to win, according to the machine learning software.
France, Spain, Germany and Brazil will all be in the semi-finals, with the latter two making the final, says the AI simulation.

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