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Wife basher gets suspended jail term for attacking villager


An Esigodini man has been slapped with a three-months suspended jail term after he verbally attacked a villager after the man had tried to restrain him from assaulting his wife.


President Sibanda (22) of Mlomoliwoto Village in Esigodini pleaded guilty to criminal insults and threats of violence when he appeared before Esigodini resident magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa on Tuesday.

The magistrate convicted and sentenced him to three months in jail, which was wholly suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecutor Jefter Nyikadzinashe told the court that the complainant in the matter is Donald Sibanda and on April 26 at 11pm he was awoken by the noise made by President, who was shouting at his wife Lucy Sibanda, threatening to assault her. Donald went out in a bid to restrain him.

President then started shouting at him as well saying: “You are the person I am looking for you Zanu PF-minded person.” He also threatened to assault him with a knobkerrie.

President was then restrained by Babra Moyo, a member of the neighbourhood watch committee.

President later threatened to waylay Donald, who then reported the matter to the police leading to President’s arrest.

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