White City explosion an inside job: Zapu

THE opposition Zapu party has sensationally claimed that the fatal explosion that occurred during a Zanu PF campaign rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo on Saturday was stage-managed to portray residents of Matabeleland as violent.


The attack, which left two dead and 47 party members and State security officials injured, took place shortly after President Emmerson Mnangagwa had concluded his speech.

Vice-President Kembo Mohadi, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s wife Marry, Zanu PF national chairperson Oppah Muchinguri and party national commissar Engelbert Rugeje were among the injured.

Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa, in a statement yesterday, claimed Zanu PF activists were behind the attack.

“On August 11, 2017, the then Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was airlifted from Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda after allegedly consuming ice-cream laced with poison at a public meeting. Poisoning of foodstuffs or feeding facilities is an act of terrorism. According to Zanu PF, this was an in-house job and no finger was pointed outside the beleaguered party,” he said.

“Fast-forward to June 23, 2018, an explosion rocks White City Stadium, where Zanu PF was holding yet another public meeting … Again, this is an act of terrorism, where explosives are used in a civilian set-up.”

Maphosa said all these terrorist activities happen in Matabeleland.

“We believe this is another of the party’s pretexts to portray the people of this region as violent and rebellious to the November 2017 junta that wields political power today. This is similar to what Zanu PF did in the early 1980s, when [then Prime Minister] Robert Mugabe’s regime unleashed the notorious North Korea-trained Fifth Brigade in Matabeleland and parts of Midlands,” he said.

“They planted weapons in Zapu properties, but only in those situated in Matabeleland. This is despite the fact that Zapu had properties beyond the region, with some in Harare. Six tourists disappeared in Matabeleland in the early 1980s. This, Zapu believes, was a meticulously planned operation by State security agents under the State Security ministry headed then by Emmerson Mnangagwa.”

Maphosa said this was done so that Zanu PF justifies the deployment of the Fifth Brigade.

“All initial hostile public pronouncements that triggered mass killings during Gukurahundi were made in Matabeleland, with Mugabe at St Columbus in Bulawayo, Enos Nkala at White City and Mnangagwa on numerous occasions in Lupane and Nkayi.”

Maphosa said when Zanu PF first imploded within the past 20 years, the party chose Matabeleland to display the rebellion by its leadership.

“They chose Dinyane Secondary School in one of Zimbabwe’s poorest districts. Zanu PF has never considered this area in terms of development, but only for acts of rebellion in this particular instance. Mnangagwa, until the last minute, was architect, intended beneficiary and was at the forefront of the Dinyane debacle,” he said.

“We also remember the mysterious death of former ZPRA cadre and Zanu PF member Cain Nkala just outside Bulawayo. This was an inside job in Zanu PF. Killing a human being using shoe strings is an act of terrorism, which can only be done by highly-trained people. This was in Matabeleland once again.”

The Zapu spokesperson said the Nkala incident was part of a broad covet plan to portray the region as unsafe socially, politically and economically.

He said the biggest casualty was the economic prospects of the region, with all downstream and related sectors being equally affected.

“The terrorism acts also pose a huge danger to those who attend Zanu PF rallies. Inasmuch as Zapu will not infringe on their right to attend such meetings, we urge them to keep a safe distance from the high table, if not from the meetings altogether. There is no rally worth dying for. These acts of terror by Zanu PF are meant to either intimidate, scare away or predetermine the ballot.”

He urged Zapu supporters to be brave and resolute, to come out in numbers on election day and vote out the “junta”.

“Zapu condemns the White City terrorism act. We condemn every act of terrorism by rogue Zanu PF elements, in the past, current or conceivably in the future. The mother party calls on Zanu PF to manage its internal disputes and avoid endangering the lives of civilians as they fight for power within its fragmented party and coupist soldiers,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said Mnangagwa was clear on Saturday when he said the blame could not be laid on the people of Bulawayo or Matabeleland for the blast.

“The President spoke out clearly that this cannot be blamed on Matabeleland and what else can I say, when the President has said it all,” he said.
Meanwhile, the police have appealed for information to aid the ongoing investigations on the blast.
The security agents said a reward would be offered to anyone who would provide leads.

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  1. So all the zanupf top personal wanted to commit suicide same time at same venue,what a load of Rubbish

  2. But the President publicly stated that this was not done by the people of Matebeleland. So what’s your problem.

    1. yes he stated publicly that this was not done by Matebelez…does this mean that Mnangarwa knows the culprits who light firecrackers at the rarry? you are not making sense …otherwise your are in agreement that it is an inside job or stage managed by claiming that it is not Matebeles people…you know the culprits

      1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wandinakidza. mafire chii?

  3. I agree its an inside job, though for different reasons. Surely how can someone throw a grenade from within a whole crowd of people and not get noticed by a single person around them? Unless the grenade was thrown by a ghost

  4. Farai Johson Nhire

    As far as I respect your right to express your opinion on this mater, I also caution you to avoid speculations on such a sensitive isue related to the life of the head of state having been endangered, unless you are very sure about your allegations, the police may have to get more details of who were involved from you. And let me find out, if it was you, would you ever dare to get involved in stage managing an incident in which a powerful grenade misses you by a couple of inches? So my dear brother, you need to be very careful before commenting on certain isues instead of leting tribal inclinations blind your judgement skills. After all, President Mnangagwa had no reason to eventualy spoil an ocasion so well attended and so successful .

  5. this Zapu I Maphosa should tell us who those Zanu Pf did that at white city he should us wit investigations usutha kubi,he cant say such rubbish khonakufeabantu.

  6. this Zapu I Maphosa should shut up or should show us those Zanu Pf bombed killed our Zimbabweans

  7. Nhai VaMaphosa asi ndimi makakanda kanhi inga President vakataura wani kuti its not the people of Bulawayo who did this saka imi mave kuvhundukei zvomongotaura pamusina kuswera

  8. Zanus are the architectures

  9. Mmmmm our hearts and prayers are with the victims of the terrorist atta

  10. viruss vigoroso

    some allegations tinenge tambofungawo here?

  11. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims of the blast

  12. At least ED was not injured and he will win the election vavengi varipo. Violence should not be the only way to resolve differences. Pasi nevanokanda mabhomba

    1. Pasi nevakarig maelections a2008 and unleashed an orgy of violence during the so called rerun

  13. I do not agree with my fellow Zapu colleagues because we cannot point fingers like we know what happened vele we should leave those who are doing investigations to do their job

  14. These are vague and baseless facts. The perception is barbaric; wild and shallow. Why pointing fingures if not sure of the criminals. This is a serious issue which does not need such jokes.

  15. isheanesu marima

    don’t try and use biased reporting to devide the nation. we are behind the president on issues to do with peace. lets make this a reality

    1. How many are you by the way

  16. Analysis is very important yes but it should not do more harm than whats already there.

  17. The president mentioned it himself that the people of Bulawayo are innocent. Don’t be subjective

  18. keep moving my president. keep moving . keep going and keep building zimbabwe

    1. Building Zimbabwe? Makarima nzara varume naPresdient wenyu uyu. You want to give him another 5 years of looting. Zvakangooma so

    2. President Mnangagwa all the way. Nothing will stop him from winning. Not an earthquake and definitely not any form of terrorism.

  19. Madyaira kuita point fingers at each each zvino ED is a peace seeking president. We will not tolerate acts of terror

  20. Chisingapere blade

    Auna nyaya Zapu… Who evn blamed the pple of byo, no one and absolutely no one wld kill to push such an agenda evn aftr the pple of byo loves the president this much

  21. Rwirayi Innocent

    Zapu linchpin Dabengwa has failed to go for polls and as such he is upset and angry about his absence in the polls. Zapu as an opposition party never comments proZanupf because it is an opposition party. An enemy never and never comments good about his or her enemy so the words from the enemy cannt be accept by the virtue that it is an enemy. Zapu knows to itself that it a violent party and everyone knows that so in this regard it is trying to find behind a finger. The bomb is extremely an outside job which demands an outside solution being added and helped by progressive help from Zanupf. ED and Zanupf never knows that tradition bombs. ED and Zanupf continue preaching the word of peace and unity. He is a pragmatic leader.

    1. no one knws tht only u and yo self and zanu needs blood to surviv,e blood banks were running low. Kuddos to yo firecracker u hv the attention use it while it last

  22. Comment…suppose fi those people who made many injured not from Matebeleland therefore Mnangagwa knows who threw the grenade let him arrest that victim because he’s knowing.How dare “he” the president says I know who did this at a situation the high profile individuals injured thereby mnangagwa wanted to kill his counterparts

  23. Rwirayi Innocent

    It is dangerous to label Zanupf as a party that eats its people. Zapu, NPF and MDC alliance are the real trouble makers and there is nowhere to throw the snake. A snake is theirs. These parties are blood thirst parties that want to kill Zanupf supporters to reduce the number of votes. This tradition should be put to an end because otherwise it will lead to bloodshed and delay or stop the elections. Be that as it may nothing will stop the elections even the eathquake itself. Zanupf is the leading party and no party competes with it. It has shown this in a number of years.

    1. kkkkkkkkkkkk pwaaaaaaa dream on gukurahundist

  24. blood banks are very low at zanu pf be warned

  25. In the last 10 years there has been lots of attempts at ED that are still inconclusive zero leads. There is no lead on citizens abductions – Dzamara in mind – my drift is either our Police or investigating concerns are downright ignorant or those acts are state sponsored and staged. One cannot hold his breath on this latest one HENCE the speculation. I am bound to follow ZAPU’s drift its chronology (herein) is factual.

  26. Kokerai Chisvo

    We appreciate e silence u’v bn maintaining but kuzobudikira makutaura zvamusina evidence nazvo ndozvakunetsa….. Y wud ZANU PF try tu label Bulawayo dnt CME up with this ur tribal card n stop labeling the ppls party…. An inside job tu achieve wat? For who?

  27. Zanu will not win hands down usanyebere vanhu.

  28. I tell you this is not the last time to witness such barbaric acts.Politics is a dirty game now I totally agree.

  29. ZAPU should learn from Mr Chamisa who simply condemed violence without pointing fingures. I think at this stage we should all condem violence with the strongest terms possible without justfying it.

    1. Zapu/Zapu members of the Patriotic and members of the Unity Accord and government since 1987

  30. Anyone in ZanuPf and the small Zapu should not moan when they are victims of violence because these two parties have a history of trying to wrest power using arms dating back to the late 1960s. Violence comes with the territory.

    Violence begets violence.

  31. This sounds as stupid as ever. How can Zanu PF leaders want to engage in something as deadly as staging such a staging an explosion when their party supporters are at the premises?
    Sounds stupid from Zapu

  32. As we condone the families of the bereaved, lets not politicize it but rise above the political whims in condemning this sickening cowardly act perpetrated against innocent and defenceless citizens lest we create a fertile breeding environment for these merciless ‘agents of the devil’. We may differ on the political sphere but we should not hesitate on this one as it knows no borders. They have claimed the lives of fellow Kenyans in their hundreds and
    usually strike when least expected. Meanwhile, I wish all the injured quick recovery and urge the security agents to speed up investigation on the matter. Terrorism has lately become a disaster in most African nations.

  33. ED has always advocated for peace and done his very best to ensure this election be violence free.
    I doubt he will want to be a part of anything like this explosion at his own campaign. This makes no sense.

  34. Opposition in Zimbabwe enjoys talking cheap lies all the time. Explain to me how can a peaceful leader like Prez. Mnangagwa allow such a dangerous things happen right under his nose? No way, I don’t believe this.
    ED is a peaceful man. ED is a good leader. #EDhasmyvote

  35. Divide and conquer

  36. Comment…Right from the day the crocodile landed in Zimbabwe, from exile, we realized immediately that Zimbabwe was transforming itself to bigger dreams. Economists like Eddie Cross said a lot of positive comments about #ED Mnangagwa to the extent that most mdc t party officials labeled him a traitor. This is why we don’t feel sorry to speak of our President even in public. We are indeed very much sure he is the key to prosperity as evidenced by a series of resuscitation efforts his government has embarked on. We want Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa to win this election because the western governments likes him and have confidence in him more than any other presidential candidate in the race for 2018 election.
    Very unfortunate for ZAPU to consider to hold on to certain differences that would never help our people in any way. The claims by ZAPU are baseless and invalid considering the fact that we also have the eyes to see the developments in Zimbabwe. From here, the focus must be unity + peace= economic development. #ED HasOurVotes#

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