We’ll shut down Harare: Chamisa

MDC-T has warned that it will shut down Harare and stop elections set for July 30 if the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), does not accede to its demands for


Addressing supporters in Mutoko, party leader, Nelson Chamisa accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of plotting to steal the election through systematic rigging and denying other parties access to information.

“I want to tell Ngwena (Mnangagwa) that he cannot set the exam without showing us the syllabus, set the exams, sit for them with us and then he also becomes the person who marks, that is unfair and cheating,” he said.

Already, Mnangagwa has signed the Electoral Amendment Act and has proclaimed July 30 as the date for the elections.

The official opposition party said although they were ready for the elections, no polls would be held without them being satisfied on what was prevailing on the ground in as far as their demands are concerned.

Chamisa warned that his party could flex its muscle and demonstrate against the abuse of power by Zanu PF.

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“We have the numbers and we can close down Harare, in a peaceful demonstration against this abuse of authority. We will not let the election happen if we do not agree on crucial issues like the printing of the ballot and its chemical composition, this time we have our eyes on the ball,” he said.

The party’s youth assembly leader, Happymore Chidziva said they were taking to the streets on Tuesday and if their demands are not met, no elections will take place.

“If the necessary reforms are not implemented, there is not going to be an election. We are stakeholders and our views must be taken into account,” he said.

“Right now, there [was] a process for voters’ roll inspection, but we don’t have a copy of it.

“We want the playing field to be fair and we will have a demonstration on June 5 to demand reforms.

“This is one way of making sure that our views are acted upon. We are not going back on our demands.”

Since 2016, opposition parties under the banner of National Electoral Reform Agenda mounted several demonstrations against both the government and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission demanding the implementation electoral reforms.

The opposition parties have been claiming there will be no elections without the desired reforms.

MDC-T youth assembly secretary-general, Lovemore Chinoputsa weighed in, claiming they would derail the elections if their demands were not met.

He said although all wings of the party and coalition partners were involved, the youth would take a leading role to express their frustration with the lack of implementing their preferred reforms.

“It’s a call by the people in the party that on June 5, we will march to demand our electoral reforms,” Chinoputsa said.

“We have been piling pressure, but it seems there is no movement, so the march is a realisation that, as young people, we need to push harder.

“The kind of demands we want don’t even take 24 hours to implement. They include disclosure on who is printing the ballots, access to the voters’ roll and scrapping of polling stations that were illegally gazetted, among others.

“We will make sure that we derail the elections if our demands are not met.”

Chidziva and Chinoputsa insisted the demonstrations would be peaceful.


  1. yah Ngwena wants to rig openly.Its better we dont have those elections at all than waste resources and money on a flawed and sham election.

    1. pfungwa dzemunhu wezanu pf dzoita sedzemunhu akazara matuzvi mumusoro.anongotichero iye aguta zvanaka.zvekuti nyika iri kutambura sei haaneyi nazvo.

    2. Can MDC tell us the chemical composition of ballot papers it used during its primary elections. Secondly can the good Advocate inform the nation the stipulated chemical composition of ballot papers. this will enable us as a nation to determine whether the ones available meet the required composition. Otherwise we can’t make a COMPARISON without set standards.

    3. Can the MDC tell us the chemical composition of ballot papers it used during its primary elections. Secondly can the good Advocate inform the nation the stipulated chemical composition of ballot papers. this will enable us as a nation to determine whether the ones available meet the required composition. Otherwise we can’t make a COMPARISON without set standards.

  2. Ndizvo zvinoita munhu ave kuona kuti he has lost. How can Chamisa close Harare? he thinks he owns people. Its unfortunate, Tsvangirayi’s era is over and Chamisa himself is a mere factional leader who has grabbed power during daylight using Vanguard

    1. You are dismissing the issue by attacking the person. You cant go into an election without the voters roll . Who is printing the ballot papers and why all of a sudden 1000 plus polling stations mushroomed from nowhere. Those things do not need more than 24 hours to implement .

      1. Chamisa should just shut up. Raila Odinga tried it and the elections still went ahead. He doesnt represent me and my right to vote. By the way Zim has strong security structures and will deal with this liar and his cohorts decisively.

    2. Chinja Maitiro

      You’re clueless, Anonymous or whatever you call your pathetic self!

    3. you are a confused idiot, who elected ED to be president?? mxm. jUNTA PF will not rig elections this year, it will not happen & we`ll not let it happen.Wait & see we`ll not only shut down harare we`ll shut down all the main cities Until ZEC gives in to our demands.

  3. Already looking for a reason excuses.He knows he has no chance of winning. Shame!

    1. against who pfava

    2. If Zanu PF is confident that they will win the 2018 Presidential Elections, then it is good that they request ZEC to deal with all the MDC Alliance’s grieviences. This way no party will come up with excuses when they have lost the elections… just a thought.

    3. think like a normal being wakadyiswa here?

  4. Who is he this guy Chamisa unopenga

  5. uku ndiko kupererwa chaiko. So its all about you hey? Only your party’s demands matter now? go ahead and shutdown Harare and see if the other areas wont vote. And thats how you will lose the election and will have no one to blame

  6. Comment…wako akagrabee achishandisa pfuti haumuoni dofo remunhu unoda kurutsiswa marutsi embwa awakadya .so you think mnangagwa ndiye ano owner vanhu.ropa revanhu vamaiuraya ndovanokupengesa.imbwa yoga ndoyandakaona inodya marutsi ago ndoyakafanana nearby pf inoti ikahwina votanga kupanana mari vakavavhotera vachivaunganidza kunovapa 1 cup yerice after five years vouya vokunyepera futi momama nenhamo.Chamisa naye naye hatimusiyi tichaenda naye kunomarcher.Iwe naNgwena povho naChamisa

    1. caviedee ukatii dzako dzichiri ku kweva here iweeee…who’s chamisa…gwara wo rakutotya kukundwa iro..munopenga imi…chisa nhema chisa

    2. Iwe ndiwe dofo gurusa you are angry that ED removed Mugabe. Dai Mugabe aripo maidaro muchiita manyemwe amurikuita iwaya. Usada kunyepera kupenga tendawo kana paitwa zvakanaka. Your problem is that you cant separate between a party and its leader. MDC under RMT was far much better Zanu under RGM but this time around its the complete opposite.Your Nero is a complete disaster, very reckless with his mouth and thinks everyone is a fool. Unotonyara munhu achi supporta nonsense yakadai

  7. Comment…why ed not try to solve the demands ,even if he can’t solve everything but some of demands raised are very important to ensure transparent ,you can’t say the election is free and fair while you refusing to implement even one reform .there are ppl who are on gvt pay role but not working for gvt but zanu PF ,these are the ppl who have problem bcz they oppose everything coming from mdc even it make sense .we want free election ahwina ahwina than couped election its worst of time.

  8. Harare is not Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is not Harare.

    1. the march will take place in all major cities Sikhosana

    2. this was Jona’s statement akazozvionera pamhuno sefodya. ED & Chiwenga knows the power Harare has. Angu ma facts chete. ahwinha ahwinha Vese hapana Mutsvene. If ED wants credibility he must arrest at least one of the criminals around Mugabe. They are all free actually Chivhayo is vying for another ZESA tender avekutoihwinha. NEW DISPARADO

  9. Comment…unenhamo dai wakaendawo kuchikoro pamwe waibetserekawo.shandisa brain saChamisa.not kufanana nembwa Inoodya marutsi ayo.zanupf inouraya imi kana yahwina vokupai Macup erice se thank you.unoda kitorutsiswawo haisi mhosva yako imhosva yerice rawakadyiswa

  10. Silvester Matambo

    How can you what to know the chemical composition of the ballot papers, surely this lair Chamisa believes that 2013 nonsense that when people placed their X on Tsvangirai it somehow migrated to Mugabe. Surely this Chamisa character is so silly no sane person will consider voting for him. Mahumbwe munhu uyu and he is a curse to Zim just like his predecessor, the treacherous Tsvangirai. ED HAS MY VOTE, AND ZIM IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS, not this silly and lying charlatan Chamisa

    1. 1. who had closed zimbabwe for business???? as you now say it is open for business coz ngwena was a senior govt official in the previuos govt and he had a say in closing or opening zimbabwe unless uri kuti haana zvaaita mugabe ega ndiye aiita madecisions the EDiot garwe should retuen all his salary and benefits accrued for the past 37 years because aitambirira mahara asina zvaaishanda.
      2.kana vasina zvavanoita maballot papers ngavatiratidze kwaari kuprintirwa tionewo toziva kuti zviri free and fair because kuramba kuratidza kuti pane chavari kuvanza
      3.Chamisa is the real deal my friend ndiye aneyese lying or not and fithi nhema nyowani dziri nani than the tried ,tested and failed nhema dzagarwe.

  11. Generally, you will find (especially with bots and trolls) that when a person cannot dispute the facts of an argument put forward, they attack or try to discredit the messenger. Tell us what is wrong with the demands that Chamisa is making; demands that voters in other countries take for granted; demands that mostly can easily be met within 24 hours.

  12. Evil Zanu pf

  13. Chamisa is right, the days of taking people for idiots by cheating & having brazenly unfair elections in broad daylight in Zim are gone with Mugabe. If ED is not interested in the new order then he can have the elections by himself

    1. Ndoo chokwadi chamataura ichocho Cde asingadi kuvhota ngaaregere isu takato decider kudhara. #NotoBlackmailing

  14. machai tione. poor game plan. Harare wont stop elections. plus you cant close Harare, let us see if you can do that.

  15. Comment…vanhu vezanu chamoogona kuona huipi hwa chamisa dai asiri iye akaita plug u from ICT deficiency mungadai musingato commenti musina mafon iwawa muri mazikonyora evanhu this tym garwe musangoo

    1. Do you even know what you are talking about..Are you saying Chamisa wenyu ndiye akaunza mafoni,aaaaaaaah…

    2. Kikikiki shame so mafoni akauya 2009!!!

  16. maphone akauya riini nhai Chamisa

  17. Comment…we will support you nelson bcoz wat u r saying makes sense.agreement on who will print ballot nd voters roll inspection..This time its different vaemmarson we are serious abt our future u will see wn th table begin to turn.

  18. 100 political parties register for elections

  19. chematsenganzungu

    marchai tioneka mafinal push mangani amakaitira Bob mukazvitadza morota muchigona Ngwena…nxaa daydreaming bikai doro.

    1. mira ka uone une pfungwa sedza Smith

    2. Comment…u think harare is zimbabwe posepose lets march zvisina aproval yemamwe maprovince muchinyeperana hamuvhote mega harare

  20. Chinja Maitiro

    You’re clueless, Anonymous or whatever you call your pathetic self!

  21. If what Chamisa is demanding is provided for in the Electoral Amendment Act then its fine. On closing Harare that’s a pipe dream. What the MDC fails to appreciate is that there are some people who voted for them in the past not because they loved MDC but because they hated Mugabe. Ngwena has hit the ground running and he is cruising.

  22. kuti Harare yacho ndeyake nxaa

  23. Mugabe was clueless, Ngwena is even more clueless to be quite frank

  24. Harare is Zimbabwe, Mugabe was sent packing to Zvimba by events unfolding on the streets of Harare not Murambinda or Uzumba or anywhere else!!!

    1. Aive MuHarare wacho anga abvepi?

    2. Soja rainge rabudisa tanks,apcs infantry troops on the ground.AFZ was on stand to not stand by,saka haisi povo chete.Chamisa ane military back up here or the military is against him.

      1. Should the military have a party the belong to really or just serve the nation..

  25. Not only are we going to shut down harare, we`ll shut down all the main cities until ZEC give in to demands. We did not march in November last year to resolve succession issues in Zanu pf rather we did so to resolve issues that are troubling Zimbabwe & that every Zimbabwean have a chance to a better life & we`ll continue to march until the path to achieving that goal is clear. #hakunaanogerwaasipo

    1. Munopeeeenga,demands demands wat demands how many times have you been told that the printing and the whole electoral process is done by ZEC which your Mwonzora and Mangwana put their signature in our constitution.Zanu pf as a party doesnt who is printing the ballot papers and are not concerned,you cry babies want to have every little trick in the book to cry foul.Kubirirwa chiiko chamuinacho wy waste time and resources kubirira vanhu vakadyiwa kare and who are clueless .This Chamisa boy thinks akaita mahwindi nemavagrants netwuvanhu twepasocial media akora,kkkk lord have mercy.

  26. Its game on, a march and then what. maybe you need to make it violent, just a peaceful march then what. some of the demands already have good answers than what you are telling people.

  27. Kkkkk ….Chamisa ndiye akaunza mafoni seriously? or you are just being scarcastic kana kuti uchiri kumhanya ne #ChamisaChallenge. I hope you also dont believe ma lies amunoudzwa kuma rallies kwenyu ekuti MDC ndiyo yakaunza US Dollar muZim forgetting that Chinamasa was the minister of finance then some 7 months before the GNU. Open them eyes comrade hazvidi kubva waperera pfungwa dzese mazviri unoiitiswa nevamwe. By the way gwendo guno takachinja maitiro, vote yangu pana ED pfee kwete kumu murevi wenhema.

  28. Whether Harare is going to be closed or not WE WANT REFORMS, why cant you do that simple thing if you are for real. After All the voice of the people is not the voice Of God.
    This ruling party does not want 100% free election cause on their own they fear the real outcome.
    there is nothing wrong about being open like xxx is going to print the ballot papers and qqq is the chemical component of the paper. I don’t see any law that is required to review that.

    1. “Chemical component of the paper”, LOL, zvakambitwa kupi pasi pano, lose quietly or you will just be dashurwa-ed

  29. If we have no elections, then the fact remains is that ED is still President.
    Anyway if the protests happen on Tuesday, I am NOT taking part in it.
    If any of you want to vote for MDC, the choice is yours. But have you considered this very carefully?? If MDC wins the elections, do you think that Zimbabwe would be heading in the right direction?? Even Chamisa’s promises won’t say anything. The question is, will he follow through what he promises if he wins?? We can only see what happens after the elections. Either people will be glad they voted him in or they will eventually regret it.

    1. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

      Taura hako.MDC-T youth stupidly trying to emulate the fiasco of Kudzai Chipanga. Who do you think you are to think that you can shut down Harare? Which numbers do you think you have. People came to MDC becausew of Tsvangirayi, and not Chamisa. Chamisa is following the stupidit of the donkey that carried Jesus to Jerusalem. The donkey thought people were ululating for it because it carried Jesus. Only for people to whip it hard when it returned alone to graze into people’s fields.

  30. Your Name (required):

    Even if Chamisa loses life yake yakatorongeka iwewe Uri busy kut ED apa ukumwa tea neShiri some pipo needs to wakeup

    1. Kkkkk ndookuzvifonera kwawavakuita manje saka iwe unoda Chamisa urikunwa tea nei. Cant you see you are being childish. Focus on the issues under discussion zve tea ne shiri shows kuti waapadhuze kumhanya bani.

    2. Not everyone anopikisa Chamisa anoshupika,kune varombo vekupedzisira ku MDC.Chaakarongeka kupinda vanhu vese veZanu ndechipiko chaunoziva?.For past years aingowana salary sa any other MP from SSB.So chaazokora ndechipi.Une ma title deeds ema properties mangani ake?
      Do you have bank balance yake here neyema business ake?
      Iwe kana usina kurongeka uchinakirwa nemavara eshato aChamisa ndezvako.Gara mu praise and worship team yaChamisa uchifunga kuti munhu weZanu Pf wese or we any political party not MDC anoshupika

  31. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    Hindeee, the MDC-T youth stupidly trying to emulate the fiasco of Kudzai Chipanga. Who do you think you are to think that you can shut down Harare? Which numbers do you think you have. People came to MDC becausew of Tsvangirayi, and not Chamisa. Chamisa is following the stupidit of the donkey that carried Jesus to Jerusalem. The donkey thought people were ululating for it because it carried Jesus. Only for people to whip it hard when it returned alone to graze into people’s fields.

  32. What a delusional fool, misa Harare tione

  33. For the first time two months before elections the only violence we had is intraparty ,when people are use with violence they itch for it, the march proposed for 5 June will noway be peaceful, they will be running battles and certain people will achieve what they want chaos. This time let us decide by vote please.

  34. I thought ZEC is an independent body and does not report to ZANU PF, MDC or any other party. So why should they report to MDC

  35. Reforms , reforms , reforms…Ko chii chinonetsa kunzwisisa ipapa.Asi munofunga kuti pakaitwa ma elections kani kuti ED vanzi president ? Access to who prints ballot papers, Access to voters roll and all legal polling stations chete. Ko zvinovanzirwei ndiyo transparency yacho and openness for business.

  36. Kana neniwo zvako Manginde.The Party I have voted for since 2000 has been hijacked. Unfortunately zvakang zvichitwa neZANU zvava kuitwa neMDC-T.Very sad really. #EDHasMyVoteJuly2018

    1. Hauna kukwana iwe

  37. Come election day soomeone with confidence will be surprised aruza.”a case of hillary clinton and donald trump”.

  38. Hillary was overated and some surveys indicated that she will win by 86% but she is now home for rest adyiwa.dont overate munangagwa their campaign is like this”all schools around force all students to attend,all churches forces people to attend so he appears as someone with numbers but you will be surprise musi wa 31 tables will turn big tyme.

  39. Pasi neZanu…wese munhu wezanu is corrupt mbavha dzevanhu futseke Ed nezanu

  40. ndakakura ndichiti kana ndikaudzwa kuti mangwana tiri kuenda kuHarare hope dzangu dzaisauya nokufara .. kunze kwaitondinonokera kuedza.. now ndaakuti ndakura ndava kushanda kuharare .. my dream has come true.. ndati zete muharare imi maakuti moda kuivhara.. vanhu vane daka neni chokwadi


  42. vanhu vezanu hooooooo hamudi kuti zimbabwe ishandeke nhai,asi kuti mumhanye muchienda kundofara kunze kwenyika dzakabudirira imi muchiita shishi yekuparadza nyika yedu. Asi yeiko zanu pf muchiita zviroto zvaSatani achitonga pasi rose? Muno mhanyira kuSouth Africa ine zvinhu zvayo zvakanaka,seiko musingaemuri kuitawo zvakanaka muchingoda kutonga mega asi nyika takairwira tose?Zimbabwe haifi yakawana budiriro kana imi muchingogara muchitonga sedemo.China yamuno mhanyira dai yakada zvekubudirira kweZimbabwe 38 years dzekuparadza kwemakaita ingadai tisinga shungurudzane nhasi nekuti mhuri yose yezimbabwe ingadai iri kukurumbidzai,asi chekukurumbidzai ndicho nhasi hapana zvemakaita,makaparadza chete.

  43. Machinja Kana Mada Zveviolence Tinopedzerana. Ndiko Kubasao Kwedu Kana Zvichinge Zvakwidza.

  44. Comment…Aaaaa nhai machinja munonetseka nei ,munganetswa nembavha idzi,hapana anogerwa asipo

  45. Much water has flowed under the bridge. Going by Mnangagwa’s latest sarcastic utterances and demenial of the opposition efforts to stage a formidable force, attempts to forestall the election may be an exercise in futility. It faintly sounds as if the deal is as good as done.

  46. Ukaona uchirine confidence neZANU uri normal citizen it simply means dzakashota coz this ZANU has been there 38 years ago and they have done nothing we all know and hapana anovada they rig. Kutoshota kwadzo kuda ZANU. Mabasa hamuna, Mari yemadiamond 15 billion inongonz yakashaikwa wotonzwa vachiti trikunotsvaga loan honestly ndiya nddeipi nyika ingatibatsira kana tichitadza kana tisiri accountable for our very own 15 billion.Be normal, pepukai musapuse co I dousapuse. Ed has my vote apa hauna basa, mwana arikudzingwa kuchikoro everyday Mari hauna, uriroja every month unoita seuchadzingwa mumba. My brother this is the tym to change chinja mufungiro nemaitiro zvose.

  47. Democracy inefreedom of choice ndozvetinoziva. Usati kana uchida chinja yako wotarisira kuti munhu wese ndoozvaanofanira kunge ari. Zimbabwe Democracy And Economic Recovery Act Na George Bush Wenyu Yakatigadzirira Mabasa Mangani Muzimbabwe? Musakanganwe Chezuro Nehope Vakoma. Sariini masanctions achiita kuti nyika inake?

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