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United Refineries adopts food fortification


UNITED Refineries Limited (URL) has introduced food fortification on its products in compliance with government’s national nutrition police and global trends.

By Sindiso Dube

Food fortification is the process of adding micro-nutrients or vitamins, to food, which can lack particular nutrients.
The manufacturer launched its new brand of fortified Unity mealie-meal and a rebranded cooking oil in Bulawayo on Wednesday.

“Roil Cooking Oil has been around for 83 years and it has to go through evolution. It has a new look and feel, making it lighter and easier for consumers to identify it,” chief executive officer, Busisa Moyo said.

Moyo added that the process of food fortification would help prevent malnutrition among children in Zimbabwe.

“Food fortification is our strategy that we have adopted, not only does it help our company but also the nation. This will help prevent malnutrition among children and also elders. We are not only concerned about production but helping to create a healthy country, we are shifting from just bringing food but nutrition to the people,” he said

“We want to add value to food and play our role in helping our country to be a healthier population as this affects the ability of people to work.”

After the recent introduction of Rugani carrot juices in their production line, Moyo revealed that they have new products in the pipeline that will be launched soon.

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