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Training for mass display artists


BULAWAYO visual artist Charles Dube has pledged to train upcoming mass display background art artists following the subject’s inclusion in the country’s new curriculum.


Dube said he felt the artists should get the knowledge while he and other trainers were still alive.

Dube recently made a portrait of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, which was displayed during the Independence Day celebrations at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

He told NewsDay Life & Style, that since the mass display background art has been recognised in the new curriculum, he feels there is room to train upcoming artists.

“If I am empowered and be able to train artists that specialise on mass display background art, I can train them,” said the artist with 32 years’ experience in the field.

He graduated from Mount Hampden Academy in 1983.

He said it was important for the training programme to be designed urgently so that the country would not get to a “stage where expatriates are called or from Korea who trained us to come a do mass display background art in the country.”

“If there can be workshops or anything, I can be a resource person who is willing help. I am proposing this idea, so that we train others who will pass this to the other generation, be it school teachers, we can train them,” he said.

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