Tension rises in Mbare as Zanu PF rivals clash

TENSION between Zanu PF winning candidate Tendai Savanhu and losing candidate Emmanuel Mahachi has escalated ahead of the nomination court’s sitting on Thursday, raising fears that the ruling party could end up with two parliamentary candidates for the constituency.


Savanhu’s three supporters were seriously injured on Sunday after they clashed with Mahachi’s supporters during a send-off function for national hero John Chimbandi at Stodart Hall.

Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman Godwills Masimirembwa was allegedly also manhandled by suspected rowdy party youths after he ordered them to stop fighting.

The party said the assault victims were discharged from Harare Central Hospital and were referred to Harare Central Police Station’s Law and Order Section for counselling together with their rivals.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the intraparty violent clashes involved the two ruling party politicians.

Mbare Zanu PF activists claimed Savanhu rigged the party primary elections, a move that has angered Mahachi’s supporters.

They added that one of Savanhu’s supporters, Kudzai Dhumukwa, was arrested after running away with a ballot box in ward 4.

The case was recorded at Matapi Police Station under case number RRB No 34889033 and Dhumukwa paid an admission of guilty fine under receipt number Z69 (J) 1312908 B.

Zanu PF Harare provincial commissar Douglas Mahiya said the problem was not with the people of Mbare, but the party that failed to adhere to its rules and regulations in the conduct of the primary polls.

He said several losing candidates from all party provinces had complained over electoral irregularities in party primaries, but these had remained unresolved.

“The commission that ran the elections had publicly admitted it did not do well, but nothing has been done to correct it.

People should not be fighting if it was corrected.

A party should respect its own rules,” Mahiya said.

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  1. vaMahiya kana vachitadza mutemo wenyika weparty hapana hapana

  2. Guys stop fighting these constituencies shall be voted for and you shall discover that you were injured for nothing because MDC is going win all urban seats.

  3. Comment…Varirayi vanhu vemhirizhonga vose kusvikira sarudzo dzapfuura.

  4. Who paid fine for Dhumukwa after he was arrested for running away with the ballot box.kkkkkkkk.Musangano vapera basa uyu.

  5. Comment…Seems Violence runs in the party

  6. I urge all supporters of ED to save their energy, for when ED comes into office, we have a lot to do.
    We cannot be fighting at this stage when our main aim is to lead this country.

  7. We are all we got Zanu Pf. Fighting amongst each other will only divide us further ahead of Next months election.
    Come on people. WE are ONE.

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