State media still tilted in favour of Zanu PF: Media Monitors


A NEW report by Media Monitors (MM) has shown that the state media is still mainly heavily tilted in favour of Zanu PF in terms of its coverage.


The report which covered the period between February 11 and 24, as a sample of the first quarter of the year 2018 statistics showed that out of a total of 7 681 seconds which were dedicated to coverage of political actors on Zimbabwe Television, 87% was awarded to Zanu PF and only 12% to MDC- T.

The report also stated that the privately-owned media mostly gave space to politicians from the opposition party.

“Political actors from Zanu PF and MDC T were prominently featured in the Press, with the late MDC- T leader Morgan Tsvangirai receiving the most coverage in six of the seven newspapers that were monitored,” MM said.

“Politicians from the ruling party were covered more in the government-controlled newspapers, whilst those from the opposition were featured more in the privately-owned press.”

The report said women still received little coverage.

“The gender dynamics were also problematic as the research noted that women political actors continue to be underrepresented in the media.

They made up 16% of the space and time dedicated to political actors in the media while men accounted for 84% of the coverage,” read the report.

As to date according to the report, the two largest political parties Zanu PF and MDC-T receive the majority of the coverage, with 94% of all news and current affairs programming on elections focusing on the two parties while 6% was dedicated to coverage of the other 15 parties.


  1. this is a meaningless survey state media as the name implies is always tilted in favor of the ruling party and private media does the opposite hence nothing new and nothing newsworthy

  2. During the ERA of the Rhodesian regime,the same state media zanu pf is using today was the one used to denounce the liberation movements as terrorists,hence zanu pf did not change the status co. Vanhu vezanu pf hamudi kuti nyika inakire munhu wese sei kuita imbimbindoga hweMakudo?

    • Very true Chokwadi Chinorwadza. Add to that anti-govt private radio broadcasts and the burden of illegal sanctions !!

  3. Manyepo manje ndiwo akaipa apa. If the state media was genuine in its reportage then, only then, would I condone their bias but, unfortunatly, they go on to create or imagine their own stories to soil those they do not favour! With some of these reporters you can not tell if ever they know what truth is. I do not think they even believe themselves … sorry to say!

  4. Kune vamwe vanhu vasingafunge sure kuti state media zvoreva kuti ndezvemunhu wose despite the part you support. Then private media they do what they want as long zviri pamutemo.

  5. Comment…yah state media reporting is beyond and is soo pathetic to an extent that l sumtimes think they have no consience at all.

  6. There is NO balance here because the ZBC-TV and RADIOs and Herald all use taxpayer’s money to peddle lies to them, so they are giving people a raw deal. Private media do not owe us anything except to abide by the laws of the country by avoiding falsehoods.

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