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Shiri ‘donates’ pension to Rushinga


LANDS and Agriculture minister Perrance Shiri has claimed that he has pledged his retirement package to Rushinga district if they vote Zanu PF resoundingly.


Addressing thousands of party supporters at Nhakiwa business centre in Uzumba on Sunday, the former Airforce of Zimbabwe (AFZ) boss said although the area was known for its massive voter turnouts, this time it will be Rushinga.

Uzumba constituency is known as the hotbed of the ruling Zanu PF party famed for high and shocking results.

“I told them (Rushinga residents) that I have set aside my pension so that I can buy 30 cattle to be distributed across the province if they get more voters than this area [Uzumba]. Another party member and businessman in Mashonaland Central [Kennedy] Musanhi also pledged 30 cattle supporting me,” the former air chief marshal said.

“Zanu PF is a party of God, formed by God and it is our desire to take the people to Canaan. Despite the circumstances we are facing for example drug shortages in our health facilities, we are going to overcome all that. We have a leader who was baptised by fire. He was embarrassed in public and you know that, but he is the leader.”

Shiri also claimed relations between Zanu PF and Western countries were on the mend.

Shiri added that Western countries had dumped the opposition MDC-T in favour of the ruling Zanu PF party following the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa last November.

“ED (acronym for Mnangagwa) brought re-engagement and is mending relations with the West. A few weeks ago the British government gave $100m to Zimbabwe to help in economic development. This means that they are trusting Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government more than the opposition parties. (Nelson) Chamisa and (Tendai) Biti started complaining about what Britain did. Britain wants to work with a good party not puppets. They trust Zanu PF more than MDC party which has no direction,” Shiri said.

“Chamisa and Biti are giving false promises, saying they want to build airports in every village, they say they want a bullet trains from Nhakiwa to Bulawayo yet they can’t fix the roads littered with potholes in the city.”

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube said the party “respects the views of the British and international community, but what I know is that they support the government that is chosen by the people” and were “not talking about a government that there as a result of a coup”.

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