Punish Zanu PF – Mutinhiri

MDC-T national executive committee member, Tracy Mutinhiri has appealed to Mashonaland East province to punish Zanu PF in the July 30 general elections for past political atrocities.


Mutinhiri, a former Zanu PF member, who served in former President Robert Mugabe’s government, said people in Mutoko, Murehwa and Uzumba were victims of violence in the 2008 presidential run-off elections, were their kith and kin were murdered at the hands of Zanu PF.

“People in Mashonaland East suffered at the hands of Zanu PF, children were killed, husbands, wives and parents kidnapped in the dead of the night in the hands of Zanu PF. When July 30 comes, it is the time to punish those who have been violent, let us not give them our votes,” she said.

Mutinhiri said she had suffered at the hands of Zanu PF and had been assaulted, while her child was allegedly murdered by the party.

“They took away Itai Dzamara, up to now we don’t know where he is, as a mother, it is painful to got to bed everyday not knowing where you child is, Zanu PF killed my child and we can’t be voting for people with blood on their hands,” she said.

Mutinhiri lost her daughter, Vimbai in a road accident along Borrowdale Road and she believes the accident was engineered.

In praise of her party leader, Mutinhiri called on Zimbabweans to vote for Nelson Chamisa, saying his hands are blood-free, because, unlike Zanu PF, he had never killed anyone.

“Let’s vote for those who don’t have blood on their hands, let us rid ourselves of the culture of fear,” she said.

Mashonaland East has been a stronghold for Zanu PF with large numbers of voters in constituencies like Uzumba, Pfungwe and Mudzi South running to over
40 000 in the sparsely populated rural areas.


  1. Tracy i suggest you go for NPF propbably it would be good for reconciliation purposes with your former husband

    1. Her hands are clean they dont have blood unlike you guys. How can you have a party that kills its own people. Chiwenga and Mnangagwa they both know where Itai Dzamara is? To all the people of Mutoko can you show zanu pf the middle figure. And to all registered voters in Harare and Bulawayo and all the cities encourage your family members in rural areas to continue to attend zanu pf rallies but come 30 July vote for MDC Alliance. Pachanza ipapo. Lets all attend their rallies coz if we dont these blood vampires will destroy us alive but musi wekuvhota lets show then that they dont have power over us

      1. lest you forget madam tracy is zanupf to the bone like chamisa who equally confided to all as reported on zbctv when he uttered a reckless statement after being admitted to the bar after he qualified couple of seasons ago and this is on record

      2. Tracy was one of them when people were killed in 2008 so she is an accomplice. Bad things were done on her behalf in Marondera constituency before she was fired. She has blood on her hands like others kana ingori nyaya yekuti as long as u are ZANU PF u are tainted.

  2. Tracy, I am sorry to hear that your daughter was allegedly murdered by ZANU PF. Trudy Stevenson is also alleged to have been raped by your former husband, Ambrose Mutinhiri, a former ZANU PF stalwart.

  3. Zanu looters. They lie saying no to corruption. Who was jailed since ED took power in November 2017?

  4. Vimbai Mutinhiri is alive. It is the eldest daughter, Belinda, who died in a car crash along the Borrowdale Road in Harare.

  5. Fakabhuzhezhi

    Zvakwangova kutungana kwembudzi paruware nhai veduwee-ee! Vana Tracy, nhasi mava kutaura completely the opposite nekuti baba vakachinja marariro here? As former staunch members who crossed the flow after the new dispensation was ushered in, I am sure mene humbowo.

    1. Tracy crossed the floor a couple of years ago, during Bob’s rule.

  6. Mutinhiri lost her daughter, Vimbai …. check your fact Newsday, you can do better than this

  7. 40 000 in sparsely populated areas, this is a nice one.

  8. NEWS DAY should do proper research earlier on you had posted a picture of Thomas makore, instead of that company secretary and now you saying its vimbai who died instead of the other sister while vimbai is there and still alive. Get your facts straight as we will lose credibility of your stories.

  9. Howtopronounce – Accueil | Facebook

  10. hatiudzirwe zvekuita nemi manzwa… if we are to punish zanu then u will also be punished.

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