Police block Zanu PF supporters from leaving ED rally

MUTOKO police on Saturday struggled to block restive Zanu PF supporters from walking out on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s campaign rally at Chizanga Primary School.

BY Phyllis Mbanje/Jairos Saunyama

The police officers tried in vain to force the party supporters to remain seated until Mnangagwa had finished his address.

“I know you have walked long distances to come here, but just hold on until the leadership has gone,” a female senior party official shouted in a bid to force the defiant party supporters to sit down, but to no avail.

The crowd, less convincing by Zanu PF standards in rural areas, its traditional support base, looked less enthusiastic about Mnangagwa’s speech.

Mutoko is a known Zanu PF stronghold, recording shocking figures during past elections especially in the Uzumba, Maramba and Pfungwe areas, despite being one of the poorest districts in Mashonaland East province.

The crowd grew even more agitated after Mnangagwa left the stage and started walking away before the party’s politburo member Sydney Sekeremayi delivered the vote of thanks.

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In his address, Mnangagwa seemed unfazed by the inattentive crowd and ploughed deep into his usual Biblical tirade promising to better citizens’ lives after next month’s presidential election and blamed the current cash shortages on sanctions imposed by the West.

“The town folk are better because they can use the swipe facility to make transactions, but for you, it is very difficult,” he said.

The Zanu PF candidate blamed the Western countries for sabotaging the local currency and rendering it valueless to punish the Zanu PF government for grabbing white-owned commercial land.

“When we took back the farms that had been previously occupied by the white people, they punished us by making sure our currency became useless,” he said.

Mnangagwa also blamed the imposed sanctions for the economic slump that the country has been experiencing for years.

“The sanctions killed our country,” he said.

The Zanu PF leader promised free access to primary healthcare for all citizens.

“The Health minister (David Parirenyatwa) is very passionate about health, but he overdoes it at times. He forgets that the resources should go to other areas as well. But we support him.”

Mnangagwa also revealed that the Chinese government had pledged more than $600m for construction of Kunzvi Dam, that was approved by government in 1996, but failed to take off due to financial constraints.

“I heard the issue of Kunzvi-Musami Dam. When we went to China in April, we were given $680m for the construction of Kunzvi Dam,” he said.


  1. Honestly why is the Kudzvi-Musami dam issue always coming up during election time? VaMnangagwa neZanu pf yavo havasvodi here chokwadi kunyepera vanhu zvakadai? Kana makapiwa mari $680 miriyoni dollars chii chakamisa basa kuitwa vanhu vaone? Izvi zvinoburitsa pachena kuti hapana hapana uye nyaya yekuti ma ‘sanctions’ taneta nayo… Makaitei kugadzirisa kana kunzvenga ma ‘sactions’ acho,hapana uye munehurongwa hupi, hapana. Muchaiteizve, hapana.

    1. ED cannot fool anyone anymore. The money is a loan, not free money. We should stop taking more and more loans, we need to be more productive.

    2. Biblical prophecy- God sent Samuel to Saul to tell him that God had taken the kingdom from him and 38 years later God placed David as king. Zanu PF had been given by God 38 years to rule and now it over. God has chosen Chamisa the David shepherd boy to lead Zimbabwe from the opposition party. Remember David was from the opposition party and Saul was the ruling party. Chamisa will be the next president and Zimbabwe will be healed from it wounds. Praise God.

  2. Same mantra Robert Mugabe sung sanctions sanctions. Clueless people

  3. Ah so this guy arikutowedzera nyaya dzemasanctions???? Clueless old men of our times, Chamisa chitima chinopinda kuti pfeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    1. Comment…chamisa chete chete the tym is now

  4. People want deliverable kwete same old unfulfilled promises. Hapana chamakaita kwaMtoko chinemusoro but you have been winning elections there . Wake up Matoko

  5. So why does he blame Mugabe? What has he done better than RGM other than kungovukura yet he thinks others ndovari kuvukura.

  6. Don’t go to zanu pf’s useless and fruitless rallies, i have said this befor to you all zimbabweans. 38 years of non services delivery is not a joke and very few people today can able to reach these precious years. Zanu pf is zimbabwe’s main enemy problem.

    1. So you are saying in 38 yrs people didnt eat, build homes, buy cars, graduate, have weddings, prosper?? So Zim lives stood still??

  7. in the rural areas thats where most of the rigging takes place.those huge figures are actually exeggarated.

  8. Kkkkkkkk vanhu ve MDC muchashamisika gore rino kkkkkkkkk. Hameon regai titarise hedu

  9. HAPANA CHICHASHAMISA…vanhu vagara vachibira have chnje muitiro wavo. Its a great pity that we have to put up with with rigged up regimes that in most cases fail to deliver. Where is the honour in all that?

  10. ED is reading the same book Mugabe used to read.People now expect the solution not continuously mentioning the problem.

  11. Maitiro chinja

  12. kkkkkkk mukukangamwa kuti mugabe iyeye aku saporta chamisa kkkkkkk mdc is clueless

  13. Vasiye kani vanhu ve MDC…they are moved by the winds of the media votoona Chamisa ari president kkkkkkkkk. Hillary clinton made the same mistake that MDC is making which is believing the smokescreen created by the media which makes them think the whole country is for Chamisa because Mnangagwa was part of the old system. Chamisa ane vanomuda thats true but Mnangagwa also has people vakawanda and Zanu PF is more organised than MDC. Chine basa hadzisi nyaya dzatinotaura mukombi or at our workplaces or homes speculating kuti nhinhi achahwina nekuti abuda mu newspaper achiita march…chakakosha ma results achabuda after people vote on the 30th of July and if you think Zanu PF is a spent force then you will be suprised. Chamisa was the favourite until he opened his mouth. There are lots of people who jumped ship ipapo and worse off ED ane ma signs ekuti pane zvaarikuita. Hameno, handei tione mazuva acho arikuswedera but muchenjere kushamisika Mnangagwa atora nyika kkkkkk. Kutaura is not votes Baba and dont be fooled by crowds at rallies vanhu vanongouya but chine basa ma votes. Are they going to vote for you? Ndipo pane nyaya

    1. Ndimi ndimi mbavha vanhu veZANU taneta nemi

    2. we need at least new lies from Chamisa not the same chorus yatagara tichinzwa every eclection time

    3. Well said. Morgan Tsvangirai used to command great and cheerful crowds and he also thought he had bagged to his utter dismay. The media can call it but its all about the voter!


  14. Biblical prophecy- God sent Samuel to Saul to tell him that God had taken the kingdom from him and 38 years later God placed David as king. Zanu PF had been given by God 38 years to rule and now it over. God has chosen Chamisa the David shepherd boy to lead Zimbabwe from the opposition party. Remember David was from the opposition party and Saul was the ruling party. Chamisa will be the next president and Zimbabwe will be healed from it wounds. Praise God.

  15. takuda new lies at least from chamisa not the same chorus by zanu pf

  16. taneta nenhema

  17. extended dambudziko shuwa

  18. ngatimbochinja flavour

  19. ED is e current president has e power to deliver now!! y shld h wait till h has 4 mo yrs to deliver Zanu has lied to us for far too long

  20. Same old script. Never taking responsibility for the free fall the country has been riding on for the past donkey years. Always finding fault in anything and anyone other than themselves. There are always scapegoats to put the blame on. Ukaona Mtoko yakuita walk out, hmmmmm, think again.

  21. 21 comments in favour of mdc against 6 of zanupf.Just doing my job mmmmm

  22. #newliesarebetter

    Zimbabweans never learn 5years complaining about how hard life is.the chance to change that has come again but you see someone achiti Zanu Zanu. It’s the same people that have failed for 38yrs. If he can’t change nyika now ozoigona after elections.

  23. Comment…anoda zanu pf mazuva ano anorwa pfungwa uye muroyi pasi na munyangadzi munangagwa

  24. haa ukasa vhotera chamisa unofa usina kumboshanda

  25. We the people choose president E. Mnangagwa. We believe in his vision to lead us out of Mugabe’s 38yrs.
    And Yes, Chamisa has a campaign full of lies. He has no idea what it means to run a presidential office.
    Just stating #facts

  26. Zimbabweans should realize that Chamisa is just full of lies. He talks about things he has no idea about. We cannot let him lead this country when ED has been tested and approved since November 2017.

  27. All I can say is that ED is the people’s man.
    The crowd was uncontrollable simple because we all love ED.
    The great turn-out was only proof of ED’s support and nothing else.

  28. since November wat did the new ZANU pf do , nothing just lie in 100 days the shortage of money will be over , imi don’t be fooled with these people vamwechete Mugabe na e.d , we need fresh minds and new faces in the government

  29. its high.time to turn the tables up side down , chimuti ngachipihwewo people with different minds , Zimbabwe ndeye munhu wese wemuno not kty this country belongs to ZANU pf kana nesu ma. born Facebook takakura the same part ichitonga , hitofe yakaisa ma votes Ku ZANU ahzvahwana ah , unotonzwa vamwe vachiti ukarota wakutonga Zimbabwe muka ubike doro mudzimu yakurasha kkkk imagine , chamisa chete chete

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