No more coups: Chiwenga

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga has declared that the military would not carry out another intervention similar to Operation Restore Legacy which saw former President Robert Mugabe being forced out of government last November.


Responding to questions during a public lecture on the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo at the University of Zimbabwe yesterday, Chiwenga, who led last year’s military intervention as Zimbabwe Defence Commander, said the military would never intervene in politics again.

“What mechanisms are we putting in place to avoid a recurrence (of Operation Restore Legacy) now? There will not be a recurrence, let me assure you… we had created a situation which was bad for ourselves and that will not happen again,” he said.

Chiwenga said Operation Restore Legacy happened because constitutional power had been usurped by non-State actors and the economy had been allowed to collapse.

“… note that even if we were under sanctions, we could have done something … people were not sure of what tomorrow would hold for them. There was no policy consistency, people who were not constitutionally in government were making decisions and even battering the judicial service, firing people left right and centre,” he said.

Chiwenga said military intervention became necessary because Mugabe’s regime had become toxic, vindictive and issued decrees as if Zimbabwe had become a personal empire.

“We code named it Operation Restore Legacy advisedly. When you are foremost commander whose roots are steeped in the liberation struggle and you see the very fabric and foundation of the society you helped build as a cadre of the struggle, the very society you protected and defended as a commander threatened with implosion and collapse, what becomes uppermost on your mind is not political terminology or jargon, but your responsibilities as a man in charge of an institution which is the State’s line of defence as provided by section 212 of the Constitution,” he said.

Mugabe, according to Chiwenga, who was the symbol of State had become a victim in the whole matrix allowing non-State actors to abuse State institutions and without the army’s intervention the body politic of Zimbabwe would have collapsed.

Chiwenga said the Saturday bombing at White City Stadium was an act of spoilers who did not cherish peace and wanted to create instability in Zimbabwe.

“The recent terror attack on the national leadership at the White City Stadium on June 23, 2018 barely hours after His Excellency the President Mnangagwa had visited Ekusileni Hospital, itself Umdala Wethu’s dream for healing our society, brought to the fore the sheer fragility of national peace if taken for granted and left undefended. Dr Nkomo’s reaction to this heinous terror attack is predictable as is obvious, he would have denounced it as cowardly and inhumane,” he said.

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  1. Unfortunately coups begat coups. Sometime in the future we will witness another one, probably not in your life time.

  2. The declaration is only credible if it comes from the current CDF.

  3. double standards. The same guy who made Mugabe to remain power after losing an election is the same guy who is now talking about constitutionalism and democracy.He plotted the coup not to save the public but for self interest.


      Todzosera Mugabe ufare?!

  4. What a load of tosh!

  5. Kk Kofolomido anotaurei zvake bullshit

    1. Chii chaunganzwe pane zvataurwa iwe uri musatanist anongovenga for the sack of it. Vatadza kana kunzwa sense nezvikonzero zvakaitisa kuti that operation iwepo just bcoz yu hate him. But its very unfortunate kuti nyangwe ukamuvenga seyi our VP there will be nothing you can remove from him. Apa une one pant woma ndikupfeke asi unotadza kufunga zvingakuitisewo mari vosweroita basa rekutuka vamwe. Zvino vavaneyi kubva pavatuka? Uchadya iyo bullshit yako iyoyo.

      1. Hey you @anonymous who are you to call other people satanist and insult other contributors? Just put your point across without insulting anyone.

      2. plz musatukana apa mese murimarova

  6. Farai Johnson Nhire

    What Vp Chiwenga said is clear reasonable and straghtfoward. If the millitary had not intervened, Zimbabwe would now be in total chaos and with how tribalistic the cabal who almost tookover was, a Rwandees Style genocide could not be ruled out. Thank you Honourable Vp, You are more level headed than I used to believe. The millitary unquestionably efectively preserved the security of our nation with the said operation.

    1. Why didn’t the army intervene when the same Mugabe that they removed in November 2017 had lost the 2008 elections if they really cared for the people?

      1. They never knew Bob will make Gucci his successor.Till then operation restore was neccessary.Thanks Siwenga

      2. Wezhira Wezhara

        Mugabe lost as you rightly said but Tsvangirai did not gunner the required 50% plus one vote. So do not think there was a winner in 2008.

  7. What the VP did was right to take us a step out of our hole, the country could have been in a worse position now. What he did was risky considering how the international world could have reacted. Yes we may not like him, our economy could be struggling even worse by now. Our Chamisa could not be campaigning freely as he is doing now. One day it shall be well with our country. All we want is peace then all other things will follow.

  8. As the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around”. For starters he’s admitting that he did a coup, but is now crying foul & fears that it may also befall him in near future. What a shame

    1. haana kubva nokuti mutemo unotaura nyaya yePercentage kah nhai dum dum

  9. Chiwenga must remember that the tanks & guns of the national army are not his personal property, therefore anyone else can abuse them like he did & conduct a mother of all coups in the near future

  10. MukorekoreTavara

    Saka vatadzei zvavataura apa V.P.?Kana vatayra kuti hakuitike image coup so be it and God bless him. Hatidi hondo isu. Hatidi mhirizhonga.

  11. This is rubbish. They said criminals surrounding Mugabe and no criminal has been arrested. Turns out that it was just for personal gain.

  12. I am failing to pick sense that targets Zimbabwean populace besides personal gains and tactic to protect his(chiwenga) current position. That utterance can be taken seriously if only comes from current ZDF Commander. He also needs to start sound commenting as if still an army person,
    he needs to be reminded that he is now VP of the country not army commander. The comments are just meant to influence current army personnel otherwise if the last coup that paved way for their ascendancy was genuine then he should be ready to see such when ever necessary

  13. thank you

  14. Chisingapere blade

    True that cde VP. We restored our legacy once and for all now we have Ed leading us to a new zim

  15. Chisingapere blade

    But news Day tho,, mune muchiita sei kana muchiti no more coups as if u ever witnessed one???

  16. Coup beget coup yes which is why it wil never happen in zim for it NVR happened before…
    We only had a restore legacy once

  17. the mother of coup plotters and looters shall forever hount zim

  18. the mother of coup plotters and looters for ever shameles idiots

  19. I feel very sorry for the lot that think that there ever was a coup in this country.Mugabe resigned own his own having dribbled his way past the attempt by the army to compel a resignation. The joint efforts of the upper and Lower houses of parliament achieved what all others failed you and me included. Impeachment won the day. Naturally if the details had escaped the plotters and fallen into Mugabes hands , heads would have rolled long ago and we would be under a state of emergency now.

  20. The role of the military in issues of governance should be continuous. We are always in solidarity with the influence of our security sector against miscarriage political and economic governance.

  21. Long live Zimbabwe Defence Forces! As youths we shall support the role of our forces in protecting the legacy of our mother land and the gains of the Liberation Struggle.

  22. viruss vigoroso

    let me correct the headline… chiwenga said operation restore legacy will not happen again, … why,,, because the leadership will be accountable and will ensure that the government runs in a transparent way unlike what mugabe did… reporters musade kutinzwa nxa…. zanu pf rules

  23. i must say, the VP impressed me with his lecture. he articulated the role of the military in peace building. one interesting thing i got from it was that, it also is the duty of the military to act “WHEN THE PRESIDENT IS COMPROMISED” mugabe was under arrest na grace, the military had to take over….

    that was nothing close to a coup

  24. kokerai chisvo

    Coup yani? kwakarira pfuti ndekupi hamuna kuona sekuru vachiti Asante Sana? nxaaaa musandigumbura…

    1. Iwe kokerai chisvo hauna pfungwa dzakakwana. Kasikuwere akaratidza ku Court mabara 113 akaridzwa pamba yake achida kuurayiwa nema SOJA asi iwe woti “kwakarira pfuti ndekupi”

  25. Open letter to the Editor

    dear editor


  26. he also touched on operation restore legacy, leaving all convinced that this was the military acting under its constitutional obligation. i was enlightened

  27. look at egypt, look at drc, those were coups… not the peaceful transition in zimbabwe

  28. to think of it dai muno makatoitikawo coup tamboiwonawo nxa

    1. Chiwenga knows very well that he is where he is now becoz of a coup. Interestingly he believes that he is the only one capable of executing one.

  29. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Coup chaiyo tarisai dzinoitwa kune dzimwe nyika kuti kana yaitwa ndiyani anenge achitonga uye pane macivilian here anozara mumigwagwa vachiratidzira kuti ngaaende vachihagana nemasoja. panyaya ya 2008 verengai constitution kuti akunda anokunda ne percentage ipi 51 plus not forty something.

  30. Weldone wana weZimbabwe mune mashoko anodakadza. Musashupikaba aiwa. Pamberi neZim Defence Force. VaChiwenga vataura kwazvo plus operation restore legacy vakai actor semurume chaiye. Apa vakatigonera remember vanhu mwakanga mwoochinje mazita ewana wenyu to Chiwengaldo….Chiwengachashe…..Chiwenganani….Chiwengaton. Zvakadakadza jelos down. Kune wabhuye gwinyiso kuti hayi, kuti vakashaishawo kuita, then matank nemagrinade will be toys to thoz wanenge wari in charge. Let’s applause him leaving a little %age for weakness, no one is 100% perfect. Musatukana ba wana weZimbabwe.

  31. So have you fixed the economic decline general …where is the USD $ promised to fix the economy…instead there are brand new bond papers on the street…everything about your government is black market…

  32. Iye akaiswa panzvimbo yaChiwenga ngaabudise ma tanks kana vanhu vobirira ma votes

  33. Iye akaiswa panzvimbo yaChiwenga ngaabudise ma tanks kana vanhu vobirira ma votes

  34. Chiwenga did the right thing.
    But if they lose this election, he must go home and ghe military must stay in the barracks

  35. Iye akaiswa panzvimbo yaChiwenga ngaabudise ma tanks kana vanhu vobirira ma votes, Sibanda iwe todawo munhu akamutsa, Mashona akoniwa kutonga basa rokupa vana Mugabe nana ED. Zvizvarwa zvekunze. Nxaa

  36. Sizwe Ka Nare

    A coup in 2008. A coup in 2017. A coup in 2018. coups coups coups and coups begat coups

  37. Your Name (required): Special Black

    MaUS aizokurumidza kuuya sei imi makakumbira masanctions, asi ne kuwirirana nedzimwe nyika zvapera. Pane avo vati mashona akoniwa kutonga, hama yangu iwe ziva kuti tese tiri vatema uye hapana anechokwadi chaicho kuti murudzii asi nemutauro. Ini ambuya vangu mundevele saka ndovavenga nenyaya yerudzi. Ma friends angu akawanda are ndebeles, xosas,shangani you name them. Pse ngatiregei kuvengana nerudzi nokuti 1000 years back hauzivi kuti dzinza rako ranga riri rudzi rupi.

  38. zimbabwe the land of coups forward with coups

  39. Zimbabwe a land of coups soooo i sa forward with coups blast them

  40. coup begats coup madhala…..can’t run away from that. live with it.

  41. Coup begats coup, is that simple.

  42. Your Name (required):Special Black

    There is no coup to talk about. Our country will move forward without fear. We shall vote peacifully, vemabomber vari mujeri. Zimbabweans are literate and own properties, so they will not support terorists just to spill Zim’s precious blood. Nada, no.

  43. mazicobomoco7

    Last year all zimbos congregated on the cause of removing Mugabe the fruits of operation restore legacy, now people have seen all that which has happened after removing mugabe. Im just happy to have someone with the vission to revamp the economy of zimba which had sunken deep down a well.its up to us all to rally again behind ED on this comin elections

  44. This was the only coup necessary. Now Zimbabwe is a democratic country free of Mugabe’s legacy.
    Anyone who dares to organize the next coup will be considered a traitor.

  45. Chiwenga is not qualified to tell us that it won’t happen again. We have seen it elsewhere, once the military tastes power they usually do it again. The reasons are endless. It should never have happened at all. This shows that power in the wrong hands can lead to undesired results.

    This is a clear warning to all parties and civil society to create robust institutions that cannot be bullied by individuals like Mugabe, Grace, Chiwenga, ED and others into rubber-stamping clearly bad ideas. ZANU pf and all parties should have methods of re-calling power-hungry leaders without fear. That’s what should have happened to Mugabe because of Grace.

    A guy who is 90 should find it impossible to convince party members to endorse them to stand as party leader or presidential or prime ministerial candidate. Leadership positions in party boardrooms should be contestable on ideas and the person with the best ideas should win. At the moment the winner does not win on ideas but just power and that’s where democracy is falling flat. We are still far away from true democracy folks.

  46. Your Name (required):Special Black

    The likes of VP Chiwenga ndivo vakaita kuti titaure nhasi nezve democracy nokuti kareyo isati yava zimbabwe munhu arohwa nemboma kumusana achipwititika chiutsi. nekuuya kwakaita utungamiriri utsva hwa cde ED neteam yavo vatema varungu vese vava kuwirirana chete hamutarisi zbc. bvunzai kuti kuchegutu nenorton mdc ,zanu pf nemamwe mapato varikufambidzana sei. current affairs yakakosha. saka tapinda mudemocracy.

  47. Really that should never happen again. The vice President Dr Chiwenga has explained well that all they wanted was to defend the generality of the Zimbabweans who were suffering only because of criminals who were operating using the name of our old man Mugabe. Restoring legacy is a process which needs a collective effort since we are all citizens of this beautiful country. The army surely according to the constitution of Zimbabwe amendment 20 Act of 2013 has the right to protect and defend the interests of the people. There was instability in the country and Grace Mugabe was on fore front declaring her interests at any time but the end results were affecting the general Zimbabweans. So lets make a way forward and build our Zimbabwe we wanted for the past 3 decades. Let us stop playing a finger pointing and blame game. Operation Restore legacy was good and was handled well.

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