NewsDay website ranks first

ALPHA Media Holdings’ (AMH) flagship title NewsDay, has reaffirmed its dominance after being ranked the best news website by analytics website, SimilarWeb placing well ahead of the pack with 2,26 million visits, latest statistics have shown.


According to SimilarWeb, The Herald is trailing by over a million at 1,31 million visits while Daily News came a distant seventh with 683 330.
NewsDay social media platforms have leapfrogged to over 733 000 Facebook likes and over 360 000 Twitter followers.

AMH, the biggest privately-owned newspaper group in the country, are the publishers of NewsDay, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent.

NewsDay last year, bagged the best overall website at the inaugural Zimbabwe Digital Marketing Awards.

“It is heart-warming that our readers continue to recognise our efforts to provide quality, well-packaged content by remaining loyal to the brand. We will continue to strive to remain the best, and tribute goes to the entire AMH team that endeavours to foster team work for the benefit of our dear consumers,” NewsDay Editor Wisdom Mdzungairi said.

He added: “This recognition could not have come at a better time especially as we now live in a digital age, where news platforms are dominated by fake news.
Regrettably, fake news has become so popular making it difficult to discern credible news. Hence, we have the responsibility to provide credible news content to our readers across all our digital platforms — and this recognition shows we have made that our key currency.”

AMH Online editor John Mokwetsi said: “The work we do is challenging in that digital trends change almost hourly, but we live with the reality that newsrooms have transformed. The virtual sphere is the new playground for the kind of journalism that reaches far and wide. We want to do more, and this team keeps on innovating.”

As part of its innovation, NewsDay has been the leading provider of high-quality content and multimedia products in the form of live and post-produced news video and audio content, and has maintained a real-time presence on all its digital platforms, playing an interactive role with its valued audiences.

This is not the first time the website has been recognised locally and globally for its innovation in digital publishing.

In 2013, NewsDay won the Highway Telkom Africa Most Innovative Newsroom Award in Grahamstown, South Africa, in recognition of ground-breaking content strategies that included live blogging, audio and video publishing.

In 2014, the award-winning website was ranked among others as the most accessed online platform on mobile devices by Opera Mini in Zimbabwe, beating some of the most popular international sites like Twitter, Yahoo and YouTube.

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  1. Makorokoto!Keep it up..know that others are coming.

  2. Herald is trush, I buy Newsday as it is worth my $1 reading and archiving. On the contrary, I buy the Sunday mail ONLY for toilet paper, cheaper than tissues, but not worth reading the rubbish reporting.

  3. While I agree that your website is way ahead of others, Mr Editor I am not happy that an issue about my email address that I raised with you via email and you acknowledged has still not been rectified.

  4. the best website in the country at the moment. I concur

  5. congrats. The Daily News is hostile.

  6. Thank you Mr Editor for acting on my issue!

  7. i read newsday , its better though they lie sometimes. But nobody can lie or be propagandistic as the herald .that paper is rubbish cant be called national paper. its a zanu pf paper. its an opprtunity to tell them that they are full of crap and cant even visit their site which is free online worse more buy the hard copy. better read the sex paper H metro than read herald. Newsday you are trying a lot i commend u.

    1. KKkkkkkkk. Hope you were going to call the Herald the same names if it were full of praises and sweet stories of the MDC.

  8. Beryl Neilson

    Well done news day, your paper is tops. Online you are easily available and you do nottake part in this ridiculous practice of only a paragraph or two and then think that readers are going to go out and buy the hard copy. Why bother when one can read News Day and The Independent which are both excellent papers which one is free to read on any medium.

  9. True are the best ..Thats a fact but stop limiting the number of comments ..otherwise you rock

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