Mukupe sinks in debt

FINANCE deputy minister Terrence Mukupe continues to swim in debt with a local school joining the long list of institutions that have taken him to court over debts.
The school, which could not be named to protect the minister’s minor children, filed its summons against Mukupe on June 18, claiming the minister owed
$29 948 fees for his two children.


“Defendant (Mukupe) is the parent and natural guardian of two minor children (names withheld). As per the educational services offered to the defendant’s children, plaintiff (name withheld) charged tuition and levy for the same,” the school said in its declaration under case number HC5614/18.

“The customer ledger for the defendant shows that the defendant owes the plaintiff a total of $29 948 for the services rendered to the defendant’s children. The period for the amount above is August 2017 to April 2018. The above amount is still owing and accruing interest. Despite demand, defendant has failed, neglected, denied and/or delayed to pay the capital debt in question,” the school’s lawyers, Musoni Masasire Law Chambers, said.
Mukupe is yet to respond to the litigation.

On Wednesday, a Harare magistrate ordered Mukupe to return a mobile phone handset, Samsung S7 Edge, he allegedly grabbed from NewsDay journalist Blessed Mhlanga following an altercation which occurred during a live radio programme early this month.

Magistrate Richard Ramaboea ruled in favour of the provisional order prepared by the journalist’s lawyer Chris Mhike.

Just recently, Trust Holdings’ banking subsidiary, Trust Bank Corporation (Ltd), petitioned the High Court seeking Mukupe’s incarceration over a five-year old $32 593 debt.

Mukupe, who is Zanu PF’s Harare East aspiring Member of Parliament, had obtained a loan from the financial institution.

Sometime last month, a Chinese-owned construction company also approached the court seeking an order to compel Mukupe to pay $28 000 following a botched building agreement signed between the parties in February this year.

In April this year, a local seed company, Seed Co Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, also petitioned the High Court seeking Mukupe’s incarceration following his failure to pay $15 000 for seeds supplied to him in December 2013.


  1. Saka kana uchitadza management of your personal finances, yenyika ungazoigona?

  2. Agreed, there’s no hope for Zim getting it’s finances right with such a reckless finance minister

  3. Sure, sure,munhu wa deputy minister – Finance, zvinonyadza izvi

  4. Only smart brains are NOT ZANUPF.

  5. It’s not Mukupe alone it is the rest of them. They don’t pay ZESA; City bills, Zimra, NSSA, ZINWA and they never service their bank loans. They are there to plunder the country’s resources. We must have a strong resolve as a country to stop this at all costs if we are to go anywhere economically. They are currently campaigning only to further their personal interests. Our politicians (without exception) are the most selfish and self-centered people in the World.

  6. guys lets vote these people out, period.

    1. In this day and age kuchine vanhu who believe elections are free and fair? Ahahahahahaha!!!

  7. zvinonyadzisa vakuru izvi,lead by example cde


  8. 29,000 school fees for two terms? these people clearly live beyond their means… salaries known… the rest?

    1. Progressive Zimbabwean

      Our problems are multi faceted. Banks and micro finance institutions are also killing the economy. He probably owes a capital sum of half of that and the rest is interest. Usury, at its worst. Ironically he is head of the parent ministry. Chaos upon chaos and you wonder how we will come out of this.

  9. As the the educated Advocate Hon Biti would say it, “It eludes our wisdom” how ED would keep such a clown in serious running of an economy.

    1. VVIP you have nailed it how can you appoint a minister who is a clown Petrol tanks filed eith water to evade ZIMRA Tax its endless for these guys ED thinks he was sucessful in running a Tuck Shops then appoint him to be Finance guy this is not Mathematisc or Matrices this is finance at highest level I think 14 year old UZ Graduate Maud Chifamba would have fared better in this position

  10. mukupe uri dofo rakadzidza

  11. The Way Forward Zimbabwe

    this is just no good. First this Mukupe guy as Deputy of Finance Minister, who is quite clearly not fit and proper for the post. Next we have the Finance Minister with a legal experience in an economist job, with the disastrous outcomes that Zimbabweans are faced with, no cash, pensioner savings in pension funds being stolen in daylight, etc.
    The President is here being implored to dump these guys sooner rather than later, otherwise ED is risking going down with the two guys

  12. Mukupe zvichamuwana chete!!

  13. No wonder during the failed debate naBiti he was so adamant kuti nyika haibudirire kana isingakwanise kukwereta. He believes in debt…perhaps to his own peril. Common sense…if you can’t increase your upside, then reduce your bottomline.

  14. Serial defaulter. With such humongous debt, no wonder he bit up a colleague who didn’t give him enough per diem

  15. Over one hundred thousand dollars chikwereti here? Kkk

  16. Goodness gracious for someone who is so arrogant and troublesome

  17. Everyone in ZanuPF today have only one thing in mind – rig the elections so they can steal some more.

  18. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Yaaaa! Makukundangu mhanduwe. Asi mubvunzo uyo pazita rangu.

  19. kkkkkkkk wonzwa rimwe zimunhu richiti ED has my vote kwaaaaa

  20. What level of education does this guy hold, vanhu vanongoti akadzidza?

  21. This guy is in big trouble too much debts

  22. Comment…$30 000 for 2 terms for 2 kids, thats $7500 per term per child!!!!! thats roughly $2000 per term per child!! chikoro chipi ichochi? kunonyanyoitwei? guys ka!
    mbavha idzi ngadzibviswe plz!

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