Mugabe sued again

LOCAL seed company, Seed Potato Co-op (Pvt) Ltd, has taken former President Robert Mugabe’s family business, Gushungo Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, to court seeking to recover over $174 000 it was owed for potato seed supplied on credit in 2015.


In summons filed at the High Court, the seed company accused Gushungo Holdings of failing to abide by the terms of their verbal payment plan made in July 2015 following delivery of the seed.

“In July 2015, the parties (Seed Potato and Gushungo Holdings) entered into a verbal agreement in terms of which plaintiff (Seed Potato) was to supply to defendant (Gushungo Holdings), stock of potato seed on credit at a unit cost of $30 per pocket,” the firm said in its declaration.

“Between July 21, 2015 and September 24, 2015, plaintiff duly supplied via 11 deliveries to defendant’s various farms, a total of 12 761 pockets of potato seed worth a total value of $382 830….”

Seed Potato said among the farms that received the seed were Mwenewazvo, Gushungo Dairy, Highfield, Vusumuzi, Kaseplan and Iron Mask.

“Accordingly, defendant currently owes the balance in the sum of $174 193, exclusive of interest. Despite several demands, defendant has neglected, failed and/or refused to pay plaintiff the sum of its indebtedness,” it said.

Mugabe’s firm has not yet entered appearance to defend, but had been given 10 days within which to respond to the litigation.

Just recently another Mugabe family business, Alpha Omega Dairy (Pvt) Ltd was taken to court by a local property consultancy firm, Levgal Investments (Pvt) Ltd, seeking an order to compel the former first family’s business to settle $29 000 in rental arrears and its eviction from a Southerton property.

In the litigation filed early this month, the property firm, Levgal Investments, through its representative, Dawn Property Consultancy, issued summons against Alpha Omega Dairy, Stanley Nhari and Joseph Zirebwa.

According to the court papers, Nhari and Zirebwa allegedly signed a deed suretyship and bound themselves as co-principal debtors to the former First Family’s rented premises, where Alpha Omega Dairy was supposed to pay $442 every month.

Last month, Grace Mugabe, who is embroiled in a land dispute with small-scale gold miners in Mazowe, was again taken to court by two miners, who are demanding $100 000 for alleged defamation of character.


  1. If you lie with dogs expect to get fleas. Who in their right minds would choose to share the same business bed with this family. They suffer from a very severe and acute case of entitlement and actually expect you to be grateful for them approaching you. You can ask the owner of a company of yesteryear called Retrofit.

  2. Poor corporate governance , how can a they enter into a verbal agreement kkk

  3. How many farms does the former first family own? If a President asks for a loan and gives his word, you give him. That is what EXCELLENCY refers to. He is above HONOURABLE. Contracts are there, but at the level of Royalty and Excellence they are not required. To demand them is to reject the Excellency of the President. So, the company did the correct thing in terms of ettiquette. Africans don’t know the full implications of these titles. That is why they are not for corrupt people. Do you know that these people are not searched at borders under the correct conditions. It has been said that diplomatic bags are being used as mules. But to search them is not allowed because of the implications to titles. So, the only one who can deal with corruption is The Judiciary because they say, “Your Worship.” These are all stages of supposed ‘honour.’ Zvinonetsa izvizvi. People get these titles and abusr them.

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