Mnangagwa’s 9 lives of a cat

THEY say there are many ways of killing a cat.


But for President Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured), who has survived several attempts on his life in different formats, the old cliche does not ring true.

Instead, he has had the proverbial nine lives of a cat after cheating death many times in assassination plots targeted at him.

On Saturday, he survived yet another assassination plot on him for the umpteenth time after a suspected grenade thrown on his way “missed him by inches” at White City Stadium where he was addressing a campaign rally.

Mnangagwa was unscathed, but his Vice-President Kembo Mohadi suffered a leg injury and another VP, Constantino Chiwenga’s wife Marry was also injured.

Other senior government officials that were injured in the melee were Zanu PF chairperson Oppah Muchinguri and party commissar Engelbert Rugeje. Ads

Forty-nine people were injured in the blast while others lost leg and limp in the blast. Two of the victims died early this week.

Mnangagwa said the “usual enemies” and “defeatists” that have made previous attempts on his life were responsible.

“I do not think the people of Bulawayo are responsible but people outside Bulawayo, I can assure you, these are my usual enemies and they attempted so many times. This is not the first time, I am used to this. They tried poisoning me, I survived, there were six break-ins at my office, all these I have been surviving. It is just an element of defeatists in the struggle for our freedom, independence and democracy. It exploded a few inches from me, but I survived. It is not yet my time those who have done it are likely to go before me,” Mnangagwa said in an interview soon after the blast when he was whisked away.

This is just but one of the latest of several attempts on Mnangagwa’s life. Below is the timeline of events where Mnangagwa cheated death.

1965: Survives hangman’s noose

During the liberation struggle, Mnangagwa was part of the “Crocodile gang” — where he gained his nickname “the Crocodile” — that bombed a train in Masvingo in acts of sabotage to force the Rhodesian government to give in to demands by the black nationalists.

They were sentenced to death but Mnangagwa survived the guillotine on an age technicality. He was then under 18 and the rest of his crocodile gang died while he is the only surviving member.

Even during the war, those close to him say he is gifted in sensing danger and bombings would happen immediately after he left.

October 2014-survives car crash

While still Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Mnangagwa escaped death by a whisker after his Mercedes Benz was rammed into by a minibus from a local hospital in the evening near the United States embassy along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare. He was driving himself when the accident happened.

December 2014: Cyanide poisoning in his offices

While Vice-President-designate, Mnangagwa survived another assassination plot when his Zanu PF Headquarters offices were broken into during the night and cyanide was sprinkled on his desk. His secretary Catherine Magaya, was the first to get into the office and inhaled the gas and was hospitalised in the intensive care unit.
Six break-ins at his offices

As Vice-President and Justice minister, there were six suspicious break-ins at his government offices that left some thinking it was an inside job.

Then Information minister, Christopher Mushohwe, told the media in January 13, 2016, that government was worried by the “relentless break-ins” at Mnangagwa’s offices.

“This is the sixth time that this kind of break-in has happened …we are concerned. Especially with this one because you can see the holes that they drilled and pulled the ceiling from the roof and used the hole as an entrance. We do not know what they wanted here or what they have done or taken from the office because experts are yet to do thorough investigations,” Mushohwe said then.

However, the results of the investigations have never been made public. No arrests have been made up till now.

August 11 2017: poisoning

While still VP, Mnangagwa was airlifted from a youth interface rally at Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda after he started vomiting after being poisoned by a suspected hard metal arsenic toxin. He ended up admitted to a South African hospital, but survived the plot.

He later disclosed that he knew the culprits.

“I suspect as to who did it. They are still good friends of mine. I now suspect that they know that I know. It was called a hard metal arsenic toxin. That is the class of poison. And it is not easy to come with it. They say it is colourless, tasteless and the areas where it could be found are possibly two. Three initially, professors in that area eliminated this one and it was left with two countries. Russia and Israel. So it is possible it came from Russia,” Mnangagwa said in an interview with the Financial Times in Harare on January 16 this year.

The poisoning led to a fall-out with then President Robert Mugabe, who fired Mnangagwa after his loyalists booed Mugabe’s wife Grace at the same venue — White City Stadium in the last “youth interface rallies”.

After being fired on November 6 2017, Mnangagwa said he was tipped-off by friendly intelligence officials of another plot to kill him by hired snipers and he skipped the country through the porous Forbes border post in Mutare overnight through a landmine-infested route.

This was after border control officials denied him exit through the legal route. They also cocked their guns when he left the border, but spared him after an alleged scuffle between the gunman and one of his sons.

Mnangagwa made public his ‘great escape’

“I was fired at 4pm and left the office and by 6:30pm, one of the security guys came to inform me that he must be part of a group that had a mission to eliminate me altogether. I did not think it was pleasurable to wait and get eliminated.

“I left within four hours of being fired for the Mozambican border. I arrived at the border and our side of the border, stamped my passport, but before they could lift the boom for me to cross into Mozambique, it was closed. The message came that I was not allowed to leave Zimbabwe. I said in that case there was no need, I will get back. They said again that I was not allowed to go back to Zimbabwe but I said you cannot stop me. What case have I committed.
“As I was walking away, they tried to fire at me but I have one young man, one of my twin sons, was there. He is an officer and was able to grab the weapon and I was not shot,” Mnangagwa said while on a visit to Luanda, Angola in January 12 this year.

Like a sphinx, he keeps on rising. Every attempt at his life ends just like that-phew, what a close shave!


  1. That is what they want you to believe. None of those incidents have been confirmed.

    1. kokerai chisvo

      common sense is not common are yu not aware of the white city bombing

  2. Point of correction; the majority age then was 21 and not 18 as stated in this article.

  3. All of it a calculated attempt to brainwash Zimbabweans into rabidly following him

    1. viruss vigoroso

      its funny how you actually stand to go against facts that we all know. who doesnt know that ED escaped death countless times? already we doubt your reasoning

    2. not all of us suffer from the same handicap as u of not being to realise that Zimbabwe is moving to the glory days problem is you so used to suffering tt all u thing of is just fighting the gvt instead of embracing change ……. well watch the space

  4. If the guy was born in 1942 (76years) as we are always told in the media that would make him 23 in 1965. How then did he survive hanging at that age?????

    1. Jesus is for the wise!

      Its the mystery!!!! He lied that he was under-aged to survive hang-noose

    2. The Second Coming

      There was a certain Cleric Father Emmanuel Ribeiro who, together with Dr Lavaccoco were believed to have doctored his years causing him to be spared a death sentence when Dr Lavaccoco wrote to Clifford Dupont who was president of Rhodesia at that time convincing him that he, Mnangagwa, is just but a boy.

  5. Vana ED Mnangagwa, makauraya vanhu imi,nekudaro mweya yevafi ivavo ngaikutoreiwo. Kana uchisevenzesa banga kuuraya vanhu newewo uchafawo nebanga.

  6. Oh, maybe the writer was not yet born, but he and bob survived a full frontal gun attack in Gutu soon after independence

  7. All these are lies which an old man is trying to make the world believe.

  8. Nations are are forged through trials and tribulations of men and women such as ED and others past and present. Their actions will always be the stuff out of which great national mytls are created.

  9. ED has 18 lives not 9 lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. he wants people to sympathise wth him and follow him

    1. ED already has followers zvako zvekut heh he wants sympathisers ndezvekumusha kwenyu kwamusina kurairwa mazivanhu ane shavi renhamo nxaaa

    2. Cheap and silly logic. You don’t kill your own to get sympathy

  11. enemies want to take away the life of ED because they are always afraid of his progress in Zimbabwe but however ED still stays loyal to his people in Zimbabwe i think he deserves my vote

  12. ed was ordained. there is only one force that can take ed’s life and it is that from the almighty.. hapana zvamunomuita

  13. actually if we look at it, he escaped death over 9 times and all those times aitofanira kufa…. he is not dying anytime soon hake

  14. Aladin Aladin

    but why people want to kill a game changer Mnangagwa is able to be in this position because he has shown that to all Zimbabweans since he is still alive it only shows that God has plans with him to lead the country up to a better stage.

  15. i really dont understnd how people still want to turn and twist the white city bombing to make it seem as though it was a political drama. innocent people died, senior party and top government officials were injured. does this still sound like a drama to you?

  16. mnangagwas enemies will never win against him because it is the power of God who is safeguarding him

  17. Django Django

    Just to add on Editor he actually survived a gun attack in Gutu soon after independence….. Let our Moses deliver us to our promised Canaan

  18. may we all remember that there is life after elections. may we remember that even as president ed said, only Unity will propel us forward as a nation

  19. ED is just like joshua during the exodus error go pindai nevana munyika yehuchi mdara pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  20. I believe people are heartless there’s no way a person can try to eliminate someone for so many times and failing to do so..munhu haunzwewo kutya…?

  21. vanhu vanorwadziwa na emmmerson why sei musingaoni kuti ED is the most favored one by Yahwe who has been tasked to work for the people in Zimbabwe.

  22. Its high time the President security is to be strong now because kana vatombotanga kudai vanogona kuramba vachidaro..I think the President and the security should be more careful now!!!

  23. E.D will rule this country whether you like it or not mhandu dzichaneta

  24. joseph was thrown in a ditch but survived he was sold to ishmalites who lateral on sold him to pharoh but still he became a governor after imprisonment thus ED being a replica

  25. Your Name (required): Special Black

    Hie guys I am back. Hapana chokwadi kwavari. kune avo vaofarira zvakaitika ku white city stadium zivai kuti nyaya yemabhomba itsika yakashata icharamba ichitevedzerwa nevanhu vasina njere uye haisaruri kuti uri ani. Thats importing a babaric idea into Zimbabwe. luckily our president is a trained person, this made him stronger than before. Pachiuto mapinda musituation, matotenser seshato. we say no to violence.

  26. Comment… l would like to say congratulations, for you all have seen the trends in our history of Zimbabwe and it’s leadership. We are taking the reengagement route , so this is what these foes are afraid to see. We always say this. These groups want to see Zimbabwe sanctioned, poverty stricken, society being ridden with diseases, and this is why some groups accused Britain for extending a loan facility to Zimbabwe. My Vote for President #ED Mnangagwa is important for Zimbabwe because:

    ED has support of the whites themselves, some had been looking forward for his ascendancy over the years. He has business connections to reconnect Zimbabwe.

    He will ensure peace and unity in the pre and post election Zimbabwe, and has led by example by preaching peace. l feel we need Mnangagwa because he is experienced and that he is here to correct the economic faults and carry out restorations through the now popular industrial resuscitation. Through out his tenure, Emmerson Mnangagwa will work on realigning things to get better. Among all of them who are eyeing the same position, He is only one man to take Zimbabwe to another level through agriculture and industrial resuscitations. Like Eddie Cross, former mdc t policy maker, and an MP, said Mnangagwa is an operator, accurate and developer. We heard that some of his party officials accused him of liking Emmerson Mnangagwa.

    But that is what am going to vote for on 30 July 2018. On this day l will put my vote under the banner, voting for real jobs jobs jobs. Because l know what they mean by saying someone is accurate, operator and a developer. Europe in making is where we are.

  27. Your Name (required): Special Black

    Ichokwadi vakuru vangu nokuti kwandinogara shasha dzataiziva kuti ndedze rimwe bato ratisingatauri nezita varikuti ED pfee nokuti mutungamiri anoterera zvinoda vanhu.Zimbabwe zvese zvayaida kuwirirana nedzimwe nyika zvavakuitika. Na ED tichaseva soup yakakora inezvese. vamwe vakatotanga kuseva kare nekurima. Cde ED daimakapinda kare parizvino ruzhinji rwevanhu tichibwinya nekuguta, uku mai varikushandira vanhu. Mwari ngavakuchengetei nokuti zvakawanda zhatakatarisira kwamuri. Ndimi munokwanisa kutibatanidza

  28. Rufu inguva yamwari,when Jesus says No nobody can say Yes. siyanai naED atonge, ED pfeee

  29. Ngondi Kamupinya

    ED pfeee….Chamisa pfachaaa


    I can see that Zanu pf people are really desperate because it’s very clear on the ground that ED is gonna be beaten hard by Chamisa in this election. People are quiet but it doesn’t mean they are foolish not to see who has the popular vote and has stolen the hearts of people.

  31. Bheveni sibanda

    I think this is the time yekuti ED ambotongawo chokwadi. mutunhu yaafamba nevavengi ndiyo yareba saka regai achivatarida vanegodo kuti hapana zvavanombomuita chitanda ndiye akabata. 30 July anenge achivarakasha vakawanda kudaro

  32. Wishful thinking.ED must just retire,age is not on his side.75yrs and still want to be president, i wonder if those who are singing praise to ED candidature are well much as we don’t support the bombing in Bulawayo and all the life threatening attempts on his life,but it is not his ticket to presidium ascendency. ZANU pf has run out of policies that can turn around the economy,those policies they are singing day and night were sung since they got into power but yielding nothing.if he was serious why didn’t they stage their coup way back in two thousand and eigtht to restore the so called legacy? Are we all that stupid?Chamisa is the new man,energetic,charismatic leader. I am watching Yu from the terreces!!!!!

  33. Ntokozo Nyathi

    Zanu iyimmm at one time they say Teurai Ropa downed a chopa while she was nowhere near the front. This one is a crocodile gang member in Fort VICTORIA Which was commanded by Ndangana. Latter on they say Ndangana was not a Crocodile gang member but was running his store in Chimanimani. Was ED really a member of the CROCO-GANG. RE-VISIT THAT ISSUE PLEASE. Who gave that gang that seudo name. was he deployed alone in his home province. Other than a hand grenade what other weapons did they have. I smell a rat here’

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