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Mnangagwa pleads for peace


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday pleaded for peace ahead of the July 30 elections, saying peaceful conduct during polls was a demonstration of political maturity.


Speaking after the official launch of command livestock programme, Mnangagwa urged Zanu PF supporters not to have sleepless nights over “little parties” before stressing the need to avoid violence.

“We must have an environment of peace throughout. I am happy that up to now the entire country is stable and peaceful, we must be known for unity and for love. I, for the first time invited international observers not only from Sadc and the African Union, which is normal, but from beyond the European Union,” he said.

He said over 46 election observer bodies would monitor the polls as Zimbabwe was “politically mature”.

“All we want to achieve is a thunderous peaceful victory, fair, transparent and credible victory and this will only be achieved by us, nobody else but Zanu PF,” he said.

He also recalled his experience after he was allegedly poisoned at a rally in Matabeleland South last year.

Mnangagwa said no single person in Zanu PF was bigger than the party and hailed the province for backing it.

“Now, Mat South, during the last general elections in 2013, you won all the 13 seats. You achieved 100% this time around on July 30 are you going to give us another 100%? Do you promise?” he said.

“The result of your voice created this new dispensation, this is why I say the voice of the people is the voice of God. It was your voice which created this new dispensation, which was ushered in on November 24 last year.”

He said the new dispensation considered people’s aspirations and was based on servant-leadership.

His desire, he said, was for every family to have food on their table and that would only be possible by voting for Zanu PF.

Mnangagwa also said they were working on re-engagement with other countries that had turned their backs on Zimbabwe during former President Robert Mugabe’s leadership.

“We will engage new friends on board and reengage those countries that had disengaged to come back and engage us again,” he said.

Mnangagwa said his government was working to restore agriculture to empower the people.

“We must make sure that the dams you have support agriculture and the seeds reach institutions to support agriculture from citrus fruits to planting trees we must resuscitate agriculture,” he said.

He also promised the construction of a second agro-processing plant in Esigodini and to modernise agriculture.

The President touched on a raft of issues including the re-opening of Shabanie and Mashava Mines, $4,2 billion investments in platinum, empowering small-scale miners and modernising road surfacing.

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