Latest: Mnangagwa bombing claims two lives

Two of the victims of the White City bombing has succumbed to injuries and the death has been confirmed by the Health and Child Care Minister, David Parirenyatwa.

Online Reporter

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and senior government officials survived the bombing at the Zanu PF rally last Saturday.

The police recently issued a statement in which they offered an unspecified reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator of Saturday’s bombing.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said while the number of the injured was 49, there could be more who were are yet to report for medical attention.

Charamba also said crime scene experts were now investigating the matter.

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  1. Very sad indeed.

  2. Its part and parcel of zanu pf’s uncleansed evil spirits which they have failed to adhere to the cleansing ceremonies after the war of liberation struggle.

    1. God Heal Zimbabwe

      Sandy thats careless talk ufunge…. Lets not sink to this level. We need to move on and as individuals also our duty is to guard our hearts and not hold on to retribution to the point that we just become like one of them. Its a vicious cycle dont be caught up in such highly emotionally charged issues. Lets start a new cycle of forgiveness, peace, reconciliation so that we can move on with our lives. What our departed ancestors did to each other can easily reduce us also into Barbarians and in turn those who come after us will want to “revenge” and on and on and on. As a civilized people lets move on. In the words of our former VP John Nkomo ” Peace begins with you, peace begins with me..” God bless Zimbabwe God Bless Africa, Sibantu banye, asibambaneni

      1. thank you God Heal Zimbabwe for the words of wisdom!

      2. Hear, Hear and well said.

      3. i almost cried after reading this, wish we alot of you and Nkomo we wldnt be this polarized

  3. Reporting one of the victims? without a name is just like you were not supposed to report Mr Newsday

    1. i believe u shud be thankful u have been given information

  4. Very sad indeed. Even sadder is the number of people killed under the governments rule past and present. Whether it’s by a bomb or by hunger the outcome is still the same.

  5. Not Convinced

    If i had been the reporter in this case. I would have gone to Byo, right there at Mpilo and asked the for the details of the deceased. I would have gone to the funeral and interviewed the family of the deceased. I would have asked for the photo and life story of the victim. So it is going to be a real scoop for anyone to give proper flesh to this story. Unless of cause its just a lot of bull dust as we see it here in the terraces. If i was editor, i would throw the article into the bin, very unbalanced and lacking substance.

    1. my brother this breaking news , you will get the full details in tomorrow`s paper.the name of the deceased will only be released after the next of kin is informed

      1. true thats objective mazita munoadii nhai hama dzisati dzaudzwa? hei kuda zvinhu

    2. Comment…they have done those people are nt worth the expense and coverage.
      people attend those rallies are just the same as the ones they support. worse the high table dwellers those are even eating the crumbs of corruption at the expense of many.

      i personally would say hameno hako ukaenda kurally ye zanu.

  6. Rock the Boat

    Not convinced by this poorly acted drama.

  7. People from Zanu are claiming 2 people died on that day and reports are going the other way. Already something doesn’t add up.
    And reporter can you please calling that thing a bomb, you are disrespecting bombs. Find a name worthy of its size.

    1. Sorry dear bomb haurizive ndazviona hangu

  8. This death is squarely on the hands of Chiwenga and Mnangagwa who masterminded the coup.That should not have happened.

  9. Very sad. Almost all people from all political parties, and even foreigners outside our country have condemned this terrorist attack. Mnangagwa has condemned the crime. Chamisa and many others have condemned the crime, because all Zimbabweans do not want violence. Only Jealousy Mawarire celebrating the crime.

  10. No one died. It’s all propaganda. I challenge you to name the person who died.

    1. mazenzera in byo

      propaganda nekufa kwemunhu haisi sertious panhamo

  11. Jealous people are always like that, they celebrate bad things and frown upon good ones.

  12. i believe u shud be thankful u have been given information

  13. In as much as I support the effort that our President is preaching about peace I totally disagree with the mentality of exposing inocent children forcing them to attend rallies simply because someone enjoys seing big numbers at a rally . After all those students do not vote. I condemn totally the wicked act of killing each other because of politics. Why vana veZimbabwe. Play your game in the ballot box.

  14. not convinced

  15. whether mabombha or madiii mati pasi nemhanduuuu mati extended dambudziko pfeeee zvese izvozvo nezec yenyu tiri kukuvhotera out muchida musingade machinja ese ane rudo ari kuziva pekuvota navaMugabe nedisgrace nevana nevazukuru nevakuwasha madhongi nemombe nembudzi nehuku nezvipfuyo zvese zviri kuziva pekuvotha saka handei tione #kwekwe him #violence begot violence

  16. Veduwe tendaiwo ED nepre-election peace iripo. Dai ari Mugabe tanzwa tatoneta netoy-yoy kuno kumusha. #EDhasmyvote.

  17. God will never intervene where there is dirty. Zanu pf must cleansed itself first before these idiots knows very well that god do exist.

  18. Shoko ra Nehoreka

    Zanu Pf you terrorised Zimbabweans for too long. 38 years its not a small matter. you have made Zimbabweans hostage. You have been employing violent acts upon defenceless Zimbabweans. If anyone dare oppose your evil views you would kill , torture or abduct. You bombed Tsvangirai’s driver in broad day light and your MWALE was not arrested up to today. You must cleanse yourself of this violence. Where is Itai Dzamara. You must know that violence is always bad whether its perpetrated on opposition or the ruling party. Human life is sacred . No person has right to bomb torture or abduct another . May God deal with those who still live in the stone age. Who still believe in violence.

  19. Peace …what Peace ….Bombs… What Bombs?. Come on my people we are very clever….vhoterai pamunoda

  20. Comment…vana vechikoro ngavasaendeswe panoitwa zvemarally or politics please.government,ministry nemi maheadmaster please takumbira.imagine dai anga ari maschool days pachiitiko chakadai paine vana vechikoro

  21. Surely it should be easy to track and pin point the perpetrators. One would have expected close security to have been monitoring the construction of the stage, ensuring no infiltration of any kind would occur particularly given that a presidential candidate and state president was going to use that platform. Besides, it is high time Zimbabwe used surveillance cameras to cover all public places including streets. The problem in Zim is that the elite, rather than investing in public and personal security, would rather spend lavishly on bling, the latest luxury vehicles. Fools.

    1. That’s pretty logical, it makes one wonder if it wasn’t carefully staged. Zimbabwe has one of the most security conscious governments, they have never trusted the citizens since 1980. Huge motorcades that include almost all the armed forces, police and CIO. Oh and don’t forget the highly trained special tactical forces trained by North Korea.

  22. Why are you not posting my mature comments, editor?

  23. Zim has talkative fools. Those failing to condemn such an act of violence bz violence has been perpetrated upon Zanu Pf which they hate will get a rude awakening one day. Why cant we symphathise with fellow countrymen? Chamisa has always been violent. He almost killed khupe kurufu rwa Morgan. He violently took the reigns of MDC but he is also condemning such an act otherwise he forgot to tell his guyz to do the same.

  24. Mike uri mombo yebaboon chairo. Chamisa haana ropa mumaoko make, chiiko chinonzi akada kuuraya Khupe? Iwe Mike seiko wakaregera vanhu venyu veZanu pf vachiuraya nekuponda vanhu iwe nevamwe vako makakona neiko kuvadzivisa? Pfungwa dzako ndedze GUDO rinoparadza zvarisina kudyara. Kunenera mhosva Chamisa yaasina kupara iwe une mweya yesvina yakakugara zvachose iwe Mutiro, pasi newe navose vekwako.

  25. Zimbabweans let us unite.Say no to violence youths.


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