MDC-T rejects PDP Parly candidate

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance faces a stern test in Mbizo constituency, Kwekwe where MDC-T structures are reportedly opposed to having the seat allocated to PDP parliamentary candidate, Settlement Chikwinya.


MDC-T supporters are resisting Chikwinya’s candidature, and have been circulating fliers in the constituency calling on the electorate not to vote for the MDC Alliance candidate before the issue has been addressed by the alliance leaders.

“Chikwinya is the enemy of Mbizo. You sold out Zimasco workers. You betrayed MDC and donated the seat to Zanu PF. You want to impose yourself on Mbizo. Mbizo structures will never vote for you,” read some of the fliers being circulated in the city.

The fliers carry an MDC-T logo.

Chikwinya, however, claimed the smear campaign was being funded by other forces outside the MDC Alliance.

“These things are not coming from within the MDC Alliance. External forces are pushing this agenda because they know I am the strongest candidate in the race to win the Mbizo seat and I am being targeted so that the Zanu PF candidate can capitalise,” he said.

MDC-T council candidate, Morison Chinwada said he supported Chikwinya’s candidature.

“We are guided by our leadership and our president Nelson Chamisa, taking vision from the late leader Morgan Tsvangirai is committed to respect the alliance pack, so will we,” he said.

Contacted for comment, MDC-T national chairman, Morgan Komichi said: “I am working 24/7 because our members feel strongly that we should field candidates in all constituencies and we are mindful that if we were to have primary elections in all constituencies our alliance partners will not get a single seat. But we have to provide leadership and make sure the agreement is respected.”

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  1. For the good voices and progression of zimbabwe,Chikwinya step aside coz the people have already rejected you.

  2. Sometimes i do not understand the basis of our choice for representatives. During his time in the house, i thought he representated Zimbabweans very well. In terms of sensible contributions, the only MPs i could equate to him were Temba Mliswa, Priscilla Mishairambwi, James Maridadi and Joseph Chinotimba. Its unfortunate that from that list, only Chinotimbab might be going back. I guess we deserve our leaders.

    1. Allow me to add Jessie Majome to that list as well

  3. respect Save ‘s wishes.All those who are rejecting alliance candidates are not genuine mdc supporters but greed fellows who dont care if Mdc gets into power as long as they get a few parliamentary seats.infact these are the very enemies of the people worse than zanu pf people.

  4. Beware of this big brother mentality that is a recipe for disintegration. It has been a long journey to get this far and the darkest hour is just before dawn.

  5. The darkest hour is just before the dawn. This big brother mentality is a recipe for disintegration

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