MDC Alliance set to challenge Zinwa boss candidature

THE MDC-Alliance is set to file an urgent court application at the High Court today (Monday) against the Zimbabwe National Water Authority chief executive officer Jefta Sakupwanya to cancel his candidature for Mutare Central Parliamentary seat.


The Alliance said Sakupwanya candidature was unconstitutional as he was still occupying a public office.

Seven candidates are vying for the seat in the constituency including incumbent MDC-T legislator Trevor Saruwaka.

Addressing hundreds of party supporters in Mutasa Central constituency on Saturday MDC-Alliance principal, Tendai Biti, accused Sakupwanya of using State resources to campaign.

Biti promised his party supporters that by Thursday they are going to have an order from High Court nullifying Sakupwanya’s candidature.

“Sakupwanya is the chief executive officer of Zinwa but the constitution does not allow you to take part if you are occupying a public office,”he said.

“So his candidature is illegal and unconstitutional, he is abusing state resources and we are told that they are using Zinwa cars here to campaign,” he said.

‘’On Monday (today) we are going to file an urgent court application at the High Court so that they can declare his candidature illegal, we are expecting that by Thursday we are going to have that order,” he said.

He also added that on Tuesday they are going to court challenging (Zec) over the printing of the ballot papers.

‘’We are going to court on Tuesday and we are going to be supported by our lawyers , we want to know where the ballot paper was printed where it is coming from and who is keeping the ballot,” he said.

“This election is about hope, the people of Zimbabwe need change, the people of this country need transformation, prosperity and opportunities,” he said.

He said Manicaland was one the best well-resourced province in the country.

Sakupwanya was not immediately available for comment.

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  1. Rwirayi Innocent

    These are malicious statements perpetuated to black label the Zanupf. There is a clean shit but MDC needs to decampaign Zanupf in every aspect. Those sentiments are not accepted. Zanupf will win MDc knows that. ED has our vote.

  2. If they are failing to campaign let them get off the polls.It is very undoubtable that Zanupf is a reputable party which can not be defeated as one thinks. People like Biti should be logical first before uttering talking garbage. Biti failed the country when he was Minister of Finance. MDC wants to campaign using what is called cohesive voting. People of Zimbabwe are very angry with it because it is the same party that asked sanctions and continue doing the same inorder to attain power no no we do not accept such nonsenses.

  3. Rwirayi Innocent

    Biti and his kinsman should go and rest before it is too late. Forcing people to belong to their party which is dubious is frivolous and detrimental in its entire image. ED and Zanupf have shown progress and let alone Zanupf candidates campaign and obviously win without disturbances. Your words are far beyond nonsense. A scandalous person in all aspects and whatever category you seem to belong to. You need to attend a school of ideology before you go into politics that has so far outweighs your thinking. Zanupf is of no doubt going to win.. Shut up your mouth please.

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