MDC Alliance piles pressure

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has accused Zanu PF of plotting to rig elections through adulterating the voters’ roll and tampering with the ballot papers using modern technology.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, one of the MDC Alliance principals, Tendai Biti, claimed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) was supping with Zanu PF in a grand attempt to steal the election by withholding the voters’ roll until after nomination court.

“We submit that the conduct of this junta government and of Zec is a direct infringement of section 67 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Biti said the infringement of right of Zimbabweans to choose a leader of their choice was being adulterated through systematic refusal to provide critical information.

“We are concerned that there is a veil of secrecy that surrounds the company that has been awarded the tender, the cost of that tender, the ballot paper that will be printed the quality of that ballot paper and this is key to us in terms of modern technologies particularly chromatography that allows interferences and infraction on that ballot paper,” he said.

“We are concerned about the availably of the voters’ roll and this is key to us. In terms of the Presidential proclamation of May 30, the nomination court is to sit on June 14, that means the process of nomination is taking place right now.”

Biti said in terms of the law, a candidate can only be nominated by persons registered and appearing on the voters’ rolls.

“We, as political parties and as candidates, do not have a copy of the voters’ roll in respect on which the nomination process hinges,” he said.

“This is a dog’s breakfast and one, which many dogs would not touch.

“This can only happen in Zimbabwe and we are going to say no to it.”

Biti said the proclamation of election date, when Zimbabwe had no voters’ roll, was illegal and could result in some seats being won at the nomination court.

MDC Alliance declared that given that the July 30 election was significant in shaping the future of Zimbabwe, the grouping would not sit and fold its hands while the poll was being stolen, but instead will act through demonstrations.

“Of concern to us is the absence of reforms for a free fair and credible election that will set the country on a sustainable path to recovery. This election must address the issue of legitimacy pursuant to the military action in November,” he said.

“This election offers Zimbabweans a chance to deal with 38 years of indifference, of attrition of exclusion, of conflict of intolerance and of an economy that has been run down by people who don’t care and people who don’t have an ability to run an economy, so this is a very critical.”

The MDC Alliance declared that it would stage a demonstration against Zec and the government on Tuesday with a march from Freedom Square to Zec offices, Munhumutapa government offices and back after handing over petitions.

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  1. Biti is a coward who is afraid of elections because he knows he will lose. He riding on the MDC Alliance because his own party on its own will never win a seat.

    1. Nhayi Liemore Makombe would you accept to go into an test competition, were you do not know where the paper is coming from and only the other student has access to that information. Is it honestly complicated to just be open about everything and bit the known loser openly.


    3. KKKKKK mucha demba Chematama aingoti zvake ok ok ok manje apa mabatwa paya paya kkkkkk
      ZANU PF ichati dai ari mupenyu zvake Tsavangirai

  2. Biti is going to loose Harare East constituency

  3. Jojo Zvenyika

    Zero structrures and no meaningful following, Mbiti and company, The Alliance, will lose big time in the Elections……. We no longer vote with our emotions. We are now thinking with our heads. This Mbiti guy just wants to win at all cost. We are fed up with you guys. You were the first to jump onto the plane to the US to campaign for sanctions. You just want to RULE the country and not LEAD. Yesterday it was Mugabe must go and today you are saying Mugabe must return becoz he was removed by a coup de tat. The very same things you accuse ZANUPF of, you are also guilty of those very same things….. MDC is not a Democratic Party, but a pack of power hungry misguided zealots.

    You dont have the following. Zimbos will never be cheated again. Look at MDC(T) or rather I shd say MDC(Lieson Chamisa), the average number of voters at his Primary elections was 200 to 500 per canditate. Ndoo vanhu venyu ivavo. YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE THIS ELECTION AND YOU KNOW IT. Your Primaries were a sign of whats coming and whats on the ground……period. Makafa vakomana.

    Bye Bye Chamson Wamba dia Wamba Lieson. Just like Morgan Tsvangirai, you will be outside the august House in August 2018 (pan not intended). Waka

    1. So you want to vote for a perpetuation of the status quo? You want to vote for a party that just talks about what great things it will do in the future when it has been in power for 40 years? Ask yourself, what have they achieved in 40 years? Would it not be easier for them as the incumbents to say we achieved a, b, c, d, e, f … the 40 years? Our people sleep in bank queues just to take our $20 of their own money. ZANU PF is the most violent party in Zimbabwe. Unless you grew up in a closet, you would know about Gukurahundi and the countless people that have been killed at elections.

  4. I am noticing a trend in the comments on different newsday online stories. Most of the comments sound as if its one person using different names.

  5. Is it lawful to avail the voters roll before it is complete? i am made to understand that its inspection meant that it is not yet complete. Why didnt the MDC made most of the reforms when it was in the GNU? I thought the polling station based voting process is the least rigged in that u must have agents at every polling station who will see to it that your members votes are guarded jealously and do the colation accurately. the problem that the MDC has that I have noted is that it depends on protest votes. It has no structures in most parts of the country. They are talking about Chamisa winning what about councillors and MPs? They are not known neither are they invisible on the ground. Whose votes are u counting as yours? Does your membership register show that you have at least 50% of all voters? If not whom do you think will vote for u? I am sorry to tell you that kana musina wenyu wamunoti wenyu musazotiitira noise madyiwa.

  6. It appears all these people feared Mugabe so much. We had more than 5 years to do electoral reforms but no one ever thought of that as if they ate on the same table with Bob. In few months before elections, someone begin to think they should be electoral reforms. They was enough time to stand your ground and demand those reforms.We voted you to stand for us but you are showing to be cowards. We need people like Julius Malema.

  7. Wellington Marimbe


  8. No form of vote buying will make the electorate vote for Ed because his name is severely tainted by his past deeds .all past attrocities committed by Zanu Pf are attributed to him from Gukukurahwindi to murambatsvina and all political violence abductions and deaths that happened in the past.he used to boast that he trained sabotage banditry and that his job was to kill.he planned his coup long back even before the so called Tsholotsho decalaration.he is the one who sabotaged Mugabe destroying the economy so that ppl suffer and rebel against him but because he is a master of diguise old Bob cldnt see it until it was too late.Clever Jonathan moyo saw it too but by then Ed had gotten hold of all the levers of power.

    Ed is a master of diguise.he tells the world that he is fighting corruption but ppl know that he looted chiadzwa diamonds together with mujuru and his friends in the army.he is also in the UN report for looting diamonds in the DRC.he is also fingered in gold looting and externalisation.We all remember the well publicised story of Mark Matthew Burden, the gold miner who was caught at the SA border attempting to cross with more than 20kg of gold and was freed after reported links to ED.ED also sponsors makorokozas who are scattered all over the country and these korokozas are responsible for a spate of crimes such as burgleries,murders and armed robberries.some of them esp in the midlands are well known to be connected to Ed so they are never arrested.
    ED is probably the richest man in Zimbabwe,and in 2008 one SA analyst once wrote that ED was so rich that he could raise an army and sponsor a civil war and win against the govt of Zim.we now realise his analysis was correct after all.
    The Zim electorate also remember Ed for being A violent cruel man despite his claims of being reformed.the story of Godfrey Majonga who was thrown from a three storey building is still fresh in ppl ‘s memories.In 2002 former kwekwe MP blessing chebundo survived death by a whisker after Ed tried to burn him with petrol for standing against him in parliamentary these are just some of the well remembered incidents but the list is endless.So Ed has has a task as difficult as walking on top of water to try and convince the elecorate to vote for him because of his bad reputation

    1. Paul was one of the feared persecuters of Christians, but he repented and became a pillar for Christinity. All that u said about ED seems propaganda to me coz Mugabe ndiye aitonga and iye ED nearly died last year. Zviri nani kugara zvako nemukadzi wawabata ane chikomba kana achiratidza kureformer pane kumuramba woroora hure. Chamisa seems worse than ED coz anonyepa. Nhasi aitaura zvekuita varungu, maChina, maIndia and other foreigners general labour. Nxaaaaaaaaa.

  9. cde kutakura mbudzi

    ndanga ndichikumbira vakomana ava kuti vambotsvaga Ballot paper rinoshanduka kana rinovhota rega kunyanya kuvhotera ZANUPF sure ne technology iripo ngavatiratidze kuti zvinoita zvavari kutya taneta we want to see the whole prosesss from a ballot marked MDC to the one that has changed i think former minister we ICTanogona kutibatsaira



  11. Mafirakureva chakatanga ndicho chakachenjedza…2013 we went kuma elections pasina Voter’s roll and nanhasi that voters roll hasn’t been produced . I know you have that sentimental attachment to your ED but if you promise to have free and fair elections do everything right . Chii chamunotya kana muri pachokwadi…Time time your mouth smells like your butt man ….Nxaaa

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