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MDC Alliance piles pressure


THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has accused Zanu PF of plotting to rig elections through adulterating the voters’ roll and tampering with the ballot papers using modern technology.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, one of the MDC Alliance principals, Tendai Biti, claimed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) was supping with Zanu PF in a grand attempt to steal the election by withholding the voters’ roll until after nomination court.

“We submit that the conduct of this junta government and of Zec is a direct infringement of section 67 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Biti said the infringement of right of Zimbabweans to choose a leader of their choice was being adulterated through systematic refusal to provide critical information.

“We are concerned that there is a veil of secrecy that surrounds the company that has been awarded the tender, the cost of that tender, the ballot paper that will be printed the quality of that ballot paper and this is key to us in terms of modern technologies particularly chromatography that allows interferences and infraction on that ballot paper,” he said.

“We are concerned about the availably of the voters’ roll and this is key to us. In terms of the Presidential proclamation of May 30, the nomination court is to sit on June 14, that means the process of nomination is taking place right now.”

Biti said in terms of the law, a candidate can only be nominated by persons registered and appearing on the voters’ rolls.

“We, as political parties and as candidates, do not have a copy of the voters’ roll in respect on which the nomination process hinges,” he said.

“This is a dog’s breakfast and one, which many dogs would not touch.

“This can only happen in Zimbabwe and we are going to say no to it.”

Biti said the proclamation of election date, when Zimbabwe had no voters’ roll, was illegal and could result in some seats being won at the nomination court.

MDC Alliance declared that given that the July 30 election was significant in shaping the future of Zimbabwe, the grouping would not sit and fold its hands while the poll was being stolen, but instead will act through demonstrations.

“Of concern to us is the absence of reforms for a free fair and credible election that will set the country on a sustainable path to recovery. This election must address the issue of legitimacy pursuant to the military action in November,” he said.

“This election offers Zimbabweans a chance to deal with 38 years of indifference, of attrition of exclusion, of conflict of intolerance and of an economy that has been run down by people who don’t care and people who don’t have an ability to run an economy, so this is a very critical.”

The MDC Alliance declared that it would stage a demonstration against Zec and the government on Tuesday with a march from Freedom Square to Zec offices, Munhumutapa government offices and back after handing over petitions.

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