MaRhino to lead Diaspora talent search

Former Chapungu star Maxwell “MaRhino” Dube will on Saturday lead a cast of former Zimbabwean football stars based in the United Kingdom in a talent search tournament dubbed Flexi Cup.


MaRhino, together with other former Premier Soccer league players, Liberty Masunda and Muzondiwa Mugadza, are earmarked to lead proceedings at the tournament.

Dube is also expected to take part in a ceremonial match between Zimbabwean Legends and Walsall Legends.

Madinda Ndlovu’s son, Melon, is also expected to take part in the tournament set for Coventry, while an unheralded Ndlovu sibling, Brian, is part of the organising team together with Birmingham-based England Football Association referee Justin Gapara, Thomas Thomik, Wilton Chisvo and Gerald Mwase.

Flexi Tournament Organising secretary Robert Hombiro said their main objective is to help identify potential Warriors talent, after Warriors coach Sunday Chidzambwa developed interest in UK-based players.

“When we started this tournament about three years ago, it was about getting together as Zimbabweans based in the UK.

“But with time, we realised we had a lot of talented players at our disposal who can one day be useful to our beloved country,” he said.

“We remain Zimbabweans though we work here and with the national team head coach Sunday Chidzambga casting his net to the Diaspora, where a number of players, that include Alex Mudimu, Kundai Benyu and Admiral Muskwe, have been identified.

We felt obliged that we can use our tournament to identify talent, hence, we are now partnering with those with football experience such as Maxwell Dube.

With each passing year, we hope that this tournament will grow bigger and become a prime tournament for Zimbabwean football.”

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  1. keep doing good but l think diaspora is well supported we need more support on zim soil

  2. Why use Malajila’s picture?

  3. Good work guys. But I hope that the coaches won’t be arrogant after the guys in the diaspora recommends a few players. I remember George Mbwando tried to help sometime back but the coach of the day wouldn’t have none of it.

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