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Law 1: Decide on your goal: Napoleon Hill


Ever read the book The 16 Laws of success? Don’t worry if you haven’t. But be ready now to be inspired to your next level of greatness. For you were made for the appex, not the basement.

By Steve Nyambe

You are a great eagle, so let’s soar up to the unreachable sky territories. These are the higher parts. The most frightening ones. But don’t be frightened. Nothing can stop you.

What can stop you in reality? What can hinder you? “Is there anything too hard for God?” the Bible queried. Indeed there is nothing. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
Here is a spot kick you must take inorder to score the most important winning goal. But what is it? What’s needed is for you to just to be believe in yourself and nothing else.

So for the next 15 Saturdays, we will be analysing the inspiring works of one of the greatest business brains. A man who got an opportunity to interview more than 100 successful men in the world during his time. He had to study the secret to success for 20 years before he came with a conclusion, which is what l will be sharing with my dear readers. Keep reading.

The man was a friend of the powerful Andrew Carnage. And from him he was inspired to dig out the solutions to the most loved subject. The subject of success. Because of his wonderful works, is it wise for you to try and reinvent the wheel, when you can just glean powerful lessons from his 20-year research journey? If not, why not keep glued to this column for you to master his 16 great Laws of success?

Don’t forget that Carnage was once the richest man during his time. Besides the business mogul Carnage, the list of those men who were also interviewed include the automobile architectural guru Henry Ford, inventor Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham, Theodore Roosevelt, John D Rockfeller, Charles Schwab and many others.

The man was so respected in the land of America that he was afforded an influential post to serve as a presidential advisor during his time. Not once. But twice.

Assisting two different presidents. Can’t be that a great achievement on its own?

These presidents were Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.

The man was also author of the great masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich and The 16 Laws of success. But our analogue will be based on his other classic titled: The 16 Laws of success.

Can you guess his name now? Yes that’s none other than the great business philosopher Napoleon Hill. On his success journey discovery, his starting point was: Decide on your goal.

Decide on your goal

Decide on a goal, the chief aim of your life. Remember that when you aim at nothing you will surely hit anything. Know what you want. Do it with vivid clarity which will force others to see. You are already the clear picture of where you want to go. Take that picture out and let everyone see it.

Move away from aimless shots and fix your mind on one great purpose which is your goal. Have one purpose, one desire and one aim. By so doing you would have started on the right footing.

No matter how frightening the task ahead is, you have the potential and ability to accomplish your goals. Remember most things seem difficult before the beginning, but once you start, it becomes easy like knowing your name even if you are coming from a deep night sleep.

It’s just easy. Let no one tell you it can’t be done. If they failed, it’s them who failed, not you. Yours it’s a different story. It’s a different song played using a different tune and rhythm. Thus it’s going to be a different carol with different notes and different acoustics.

So keep stretching until you reach your elasticity limit.

Don’t spend your time wondering, going from pillar to post. Persuade yourself, convince yourself that one thing at a time will take you very far in the future.
Why cast your net wide if you have the opportunity to cast it deep? The deeper your net goes, always gives you the chance to catch the big rainbow trouts, not the common mackerels. Mackerels aren’t for thy grade.

You have amazing potential which must be harnessed by goal setting. Goal setting gives you a clearer picture of what you must be aiming at.

The culture of goal setting

“The most valuable commodity I know is information,“ Hill goes further to elaborate. Information is everything. One key piece of information you must get quickly is the culture of goal setting.

Develop the culture of setting your goals. As Dr John C Maxwel says it, don’t start a day before completing it. Don’t start a week without finishing it, never start a month without completing it. So what was he talking about? He was talking about planning your future always. That’s goal setting.

Always bear in mind that, “Where there is no vision, the people perish,” goes Proverbs 29:18. It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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