Latest: ED, Chamisa, Khupe Mujuru file nominations

3 p.m

In Lupane Nqobani Ndlovu reports that of the parties contesting, Zanu PF looks organised whilst other parties seem to either have improperly filled forms, or do not have some required forms especially the code of conduct form. Their agents running up and down to the Zec officer to look for the forms and photocopy for their candidates.

Zanu PF Lupane District Coordinator Edwin Mpofu said: “The process is going on smoothly, we have no complains against Zec. None of our known members filed as an independent or as NPF as we are united as Mat North.”

Liberty Sabelo Nyoni, the MDC Alliance candidate’s representative also ward 13 candidate added: “We have all our candidates, none chickened out. We have met all the requirements thanks to the engagements we have had Zec prior to this day.”

ZANU, MDC Alliance, MDC T, NPP, MRP, ZAPU have the majority of candidates.

Also in Bulawayo it appears there is a high possibility of duplication of party names some members of the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T who did not endorse the broad MDC Alliance seem to be filing their papers as MDC-T, at the same time candidates in the Khupe faction are also filing papers as MDC-T.

2 p.m
Blessing Kasiyamhuru, leader of Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity arrives at the Nomination Court, bubling with confidence, reports Richard Chidza. “Everything is fair. We are not cry babies, so the process of fine. We are a government in waiting and we are fielding candidates in all 210 constituencies,” said Kasiyamhuru

Zanu PF Womens league boss Mabel Chinomona has summoned all Zanu PF aspiring MPs to the party offices in Marondera.

1 p.m

Job Sikhala’s nomination papers are not in order and he is being constantly called by the presiding judge to bring proper pictures. He is aspiring to represent Zengeza West under the MDC Alliance banner. ads Ads

According to Silas Nkala in Bulawayo, ZAPU and Khupe’s MDC-T have a number of candidates who have submitted their applications and there are also some little-known parties that are filing. Those that successfully filing their papers are being told come back for the final process before 4 pm.
Noah Mangondo, who was blocked from participating in Zanu PF primary elections, has has filed his papers as independent candidate for for Murewa South, and he will be battling against Joel Biggie Matiza of Zanu PF.

Meanwhile, schools to close on Julky 26 to pave way for the elections.


Gift Chimanikire of the MDC Alliance said he has switched to Mazowe South constituency in Mashonaland Central province after he lost the bid to represent Southerton in Harare during the MDC-T primary elections.

“I will give the Zanu PF candidate, Fortune Chasi a run for his money. The leadership directed me to come to this province,” he said.
Meanwhile in Bulawayo, at the opening of the nomination court, Zec had received about 100 papers from the prospective contestants. Khupe’s aide Witness Dube and the MDC Alliance Senator Winston Nicola have filed nomination papers.

In Lupane Nqobani Ndlovu reports that only two constituencies Lupane East and Lupane West are nominated for.

“They are only dealing with councillors while prospective MPs are filing in Bulawayo. There are 28 wards in Lupane. We are told the court opened on time at 10 a.m and there are no complaints as yet from candidates I have talked to” reports Nqobani.

“So far now at 1230 p.m, MDC T has not yet located some of their council candidates amid fears they might have chickened out. The missing candidates for MDC T are for Gomoza, Lupupu, Lupaka, Lusulu, Ndimimbili among others.”

11 a.m

Daniel Chingoma, famed for his attempt to makle a helicopter, is seen at the Nomination Court, and says he has all papers in order but has been asked to sort out his pictures for his presidential nomination to be accepted.

Daniel Chingoma

Agrippa Mutambara, of the ZimPF and a member of the MDC Alliance, said they filed nominations for three seats, Rushinga, Shamva North and Bindura. Mutrambara will contest to represent Bindura North in parliament, under the MDC Alliance banner.

By 10 a.m

President and Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa, MDC Alliance leader Chamisa,president of the breakaway MDC-T, Thokozani Khupe, Build Zimbabwe’s Noah Manyika, NPP leader Joice Mujuru and Violet Mariyacha on Thursday morning successfully filed their papers to contest for the presidential elections to be held on July 30.

We will keep you updated of the nomination process.


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  1. “President Emmerson and Zanu PF leader Mnangagwa”

    Nyorai makadzikama Newsday, muri kumhanyiswa nani ko

    1. hahahahahaha hapana nezve news apa

  2. The opposition has defiantly opted to go it splintered. We are watching from the periphery!

    1. Not like anybody expected them to unite..Its like being disappointed because Kasukuwere was acquitted or that US,Canada and Mexico won the right to host world cup 2026

    2. Sometime it’s better with a splintered opposition than a bickering one. Khupe is just a spoiler, her support is non-existent, Mujuru might have some support which leaves the fight being between ED and Nero.

  3. If Chamisa loses, we’re doomed

    1. You are right!That will be the beginning of another 38 years of poverty,and decline.Indeed very cruel extension of our stay in the wildernesses.

  4. You are right!That will be the beginning of another 38 years of poverty,and decline.Indeed very cruel extension of our stay in the wildernesses.

  5. A black person can not run a country. A black person is corrupt, greedy, selfish, myopic etc. Mugabe was the leader and what he did was to destroy the entire Zim. Smith worked under sanctions but he did wonders. Am black and i dont trust a black person to be my leader. THIS COUNTRY IS IN THIS SH!T BECOZ OF BLACK LEADERS.

  6. A black person is not fit to run a nation.

    1. what evidence do you have to label everyone like that,you are still living in the stone age.

  7. Panyo pako Nacido Rico.

  8. “Zanu PF looks organised”, why wouldn’t they be? they have rigged the election to suit them so obviously they would be organised in an election only they have the control of, they control every aspect of it, including the not so “independent” ZEC. The Alliance will once again be foolish to participate in yet another flawed election that is disputed before it even occurs.

    1. KKKKkkkkkkkk. ZANU yapinda papi pakusarongeka kwe mamwe maparty. U were busy following Chamisa musingagadzirisi zvemacouncillors, MPs, etc kwave kuzoti ZANu ndoyakutadzisai. U dont have the structures and u are waiting for protest votes. THis is not good for the party and people. Onai Gift akadyiwa kuharare ave Bindura kureva kuti Bindura hakuna ariko, but moda kuhwinha kuBindura neprotest vote. MuGoromonzi chaimo the aspiring candidates for council, parliamentary and provincial posts are not known by the majority of voters. What will then make them win the elections????? Protest vote???????? ndokusarongeka kwacho then moti ZANU ndoiri kukonzera kusarongeka kwacho.

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