Khupe party national appeal under spotlight

THE Thokozani Khupe-led faction of the MDC-T yesterday said it had fielded 110 out of the country’s 210 parliamentary seats at stake in next month’s general elections.


The seats are more concentrated in the Matabeleland regions, but the party also managed to field candidates in most constituencies in and around Harare.

Khupe, who broke ranks with MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa after leadership disputes following the death of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai in February, also submitted her nomination papers last week and will be among the 23 presidential candidates battling for the country’s top post. Addressing journalists in Harare, party spokesperson Linda Masarira, said they were ready to contest the elections despite failure by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to release the voters’ roll on time.

She claimed the party failed to field some candidates in other constituencies after they were turned away after Zec claimed the people who nominated them were not on the voters’ roll.

“Zec failed to avail the voters’ roll before nomination court day and there is perpetual verbal and physical abuse from the other political parties, in particular the MDC Alliance,” Masarira said.

“However, this has not created a setback in our political vision and ambition as we have managed to mobilise and have a stable political party in a short period after our congress in April, managing to field 110 MPs for the 2018 elections which is about 52.8 % of the anticipated 210.”

She added: “We are a political party that has got a vision and the seal for the best as we have managed to have the best within that short space of time.”

Masarira said the party would now roll out a nationwide campaign to drum up support for its candidates.

She also dismissed any hope of reunion between her party and the Chamisa-led MDC Alliance.

“We are aware that certain individuals are sending out wrong messages to the people saying we are reuniting with the MDC Alliance. We want to categorically state that we do not have such intentions as we are the real MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe.”

Masarira defended the use of the “T” on the party’s name, saying it had been kept as an honour to the party’s late founding leader, Tsvangirai.

The party’s vice-president Obert Gutu dismissed claims by members of the MDC Alliance that it fielded candidates who lost in the MDC Alliance primary elections.

“That is hogwash, we are an organised party and we don’t need the help of the MDC Alliance,” Gutu said.

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  1. Linda you can’t be serious. Obert Gutu is 110 candidates what you mean’t by ‘we are on the roll’? Like seriously?

    1. Dombo Rakaomarara

      yet he pretended to be supporting the ndebeles yet he hates them

  2. Ngondi Kamupinya

    This is a regional,tribalistic party,…also,the “T” stands for Thokozani not Tsvangirai as claimed.

    1. Indeed sir! she’s misleading the poor people and claiming she will be the Joshua Nkomo of the 20th century. She has no numbers even in her homeTown Bulawayo. Check out how many Chamisa had behind ThokoZanu’s yard- 60 000 plus. This aint no time to divide people. BLACK, WHITE, INDIAN, SHONA, NDEBELE- We are all Zimbabweans and getting rid of ZANU PF thugs should be our combined goal.

  3. will berry her big time ,we will teach Kuphenga a lesson hands down

  4. Ngondi Kamupinya

    And u expect to be a national president when your party is contesting mainly in Matabeleland?ThokoZANU,usatambe nepfungwa dzevanhu.Why can’t you just contest in council elections then?Please reply….I need answers.

  5. This just shows who is representing the real MDC.
    The MDC we know has never failed to field a candidate in any single constituency since the party was launched in 1999

  6. Mgobhozi We Zintabeni

    How do you expect to win elections without even campaigning. In Fact, you are supposed to work with other fellow MDC Alliance members instead of trying to split votes. Please do not take people for granted please Khupe and team.

  7. khupenga kwarooo gamba

  8. Gutu cnd linda in their own ryt are correct but sadly this bickering around between the multiple camps of MDC just goes to say hazvina kurongeka.

  9. Uku ndokudzungaira chaiko how do u expect to lead a whole country like Zimbabwe when yu yurself are confused… sit down and take notes from chibaba Emmerson Mnangagwa

  10. If my memory serves me right, I remember the late Morgan Tsvangirai having problems with T Khupe having her get into the big tent. So to say T is in honour of the late icon is just far fetched.
    The T Khupe camp is far from comprehending the current political terian.

  11. By any standard, Khupe just like Chamisa has every right to stand for the presidency and anyone driving a wedge between the two is totally misplaced. Instead of politicizing their differences, we should try to build bridges because they may require to complement one another at a certain juncture in the course of this election. Few as they may be perceived, Khupe can deny Chamisa who stands a chance against Mnangagwa the much needed top-up to complete the game. Alternately, she may deliberately campaign against Mnangagwa and Chamisa simultaneously in case of a runoff and cause voter apathy in her strongholds where Chamisa can perform fairer than Mnangagwa. If anything, Chamisa requires Khupe more than the other way round. We should allow them to exercise their rights and settle their differences through the ballot box. After all Zimbabwe is one and what unites us is greater than what divides us.

    1. @MAN KENYA – point of correction! Chamisa does not NEED THOKOZANU KHUPENGA. The alliance is big enough and time will prove it to people like u who seem to be against everything about Chamisa.

  12. lisadlala amatope mama khupe right you still neeed to grow up in politcs

  13. i personally do dont like chamisa he is mugabe minishop

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