Kenny Mubaiwa resigns

DYNAMOS president Keni Mubaiwa has resigned from his post with immediate effect amid pressure from supporters calling for his immediate resignation, following the team’s under performance in the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League campaign.

By Freeman Makopa

Mubaiwa revealed in his resignation letter to club board chairman Bernard Marriot Lusengo dated June 7, 2018 that he had resigned because of several reasons chief among them that the board had failed to give him room to correct the poor performance at the club.

“I would like to thank you for affording me the opportunity to serve Dynamos football since 2010, first as vice–chairperson and later as president,” Mubaiwa wrote in the letter.

“We had a lot of success during the period winning four titles and other cups, and we have also managed to overcome many challenges. But at this juncture, the club is not doing well enough on and off the pitch, as a result of a number of factors. As club president, I feel I have not been given enough room of late to correct the situation, yet, most of the fans continue to blame me for all the problems. At this stage I am stepping down to give someone, who can work under the prevailing situation a chance.”

It could not be ascertained if the letter was authentic as repeated efforts to contact Mubaiwa were fruitless at the time of going to print.
Lusengo was also not picking calls.

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  1. Very silly Ken in soccer there is not time to correct mistakes you resign quietly go back to selling hand cars and so forth and other capable individuals takeover the reigns. Good move and now yes now results will immediately start to flow in and most teams should be quivering in their boots Dembare is back.

    1. Murape C. Murape

      Kkkkkk, going back to selling!!Ende mukoma eliasha mune pamuromo!!Asi ngaaende, ngaaende!!!

  2. Enda kupolitics

  3. Ngaaende Ngaaende munhu uyu idh……

  4. Kana Mariyoti Lusengo wacho ngaaendewo futi!!

  5. what a good move,ngaaende zvake atsvage zvimwe zvokuita,kana kuenda politics kurinani ndiko kune chitsotsi chako,,,,,fambayi bhoo madyira

  6. Chimedzanemburungwe

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. This was long overdue. How did he last this long anyway

  7. Until Dynamos is run like a business the circus will remain. This club has so much potential to grow but the running model does not allow that

  8. kasara marriot

  9. now we can go and watch madembare

  10. Kenny aenda, but the problem still is where is the money to pay the players. Ndopane nyaya chaiyo maface.

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