Junior swimmers eye qualifying times

ZIMBABWE Aquatic Union (ZAU) president Mary Kloppers is confident that local junior swimmers competing in various competitions would meet the qualifying times to compete at the Youth Olympics to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October.

By Freeman Makopa

“We are working tirelessly to ensure that our youngsters qualify for the Olympics. Currently we have swimmers competing in various youth Olympic games qualifying events outside the country.

“We have Liam Davis participating at the Monaco leg of Mare Nostrum and Nomvula Mjimba who this week travelled to Singapore. So I’m quite confident that they will qualify given the number of tournaments they are participating in,” she said.

Kloppers expressed gratitude to the International Olympic body which has provided funds to the athletes to enable them to participate at these events.
“Zimbabwe Aquatic Union would like to acknowledge the assistance, both financial and other, received from IOC through the Zimbabwe Olympic committee to enable some of these athletes to travel.

“Currently only one athlete has 3B qualifying times although that does not guarantee selection. We hope to have more athletes who qualify after these events,” Kloppers said.

ZAU has named a six-member strong squad set to participate at the Irish International tournament to be staged in July.
The squad has Liam O’Hara, Paige vander Westhuizen, Nomvula Mjimba, Dale Bruce, Quinton Tayali and Brandon Cyprianos.

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  1. For as long as the racism issues that are a problem in Zimbabwe swimming are not sorted out, the idea of more swimmers qualifying will remain a distant dream. The authorities need to do something. As it is, even some in that squad set for Ireland have not yet achieved the times to go there so why are we talking about it? Then they can’t even get the names of the black kids right. Let’s stop lying to the nation about what’s really going on in this sport

  2. Absolute chaos in Matabeleland swimming, all in an effort to stop blacks coming into the Executive. Chaos in Mashonaland fomented by these very officials that are being quoted. The 2 provinces make up 93% of the affiliated swimmers so we can do the Maths for ourselves and see that swimming is dying at the hands of an arrogant and racist leadership. Very, very poorly attended winter gala but I’m sure we’ll be told it went “swimmingly”. All this in Zimbabwe….38 years after Independence. Surely the decent thing would be for these people to resign…..they care nothing about the progress of the sport

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