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JM Nkomo poly bars students from writing exams


THE Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic College has reportedly told its students that they will not allow them to write examinations on Monday over non-payment of fees.


Affected students said they were told that they will not sit for their final examinations on Monday as they had failed to pay full tuition fees.

“We were told that we will not sit for our final examinations as we had not paid the fees. Worse some of us are sitting for our finals on Monday,” a student said.

“We have been threatened by the administration at the college and also we were denied access to grants or even payment plans. The principal even addressed us yesterday (Wednesday) saying if we did not pay up the exam fee and tuition fees, we will not sit for the exams.”

The students also complained that their teaching practice money was cut from $300 to $150 and later cut off totally.

However, college principal, Sikhulumani Mangena dismissed the allegations, saying it was a rumour.

“From where I stand, they are supposed to be writing their exams on Monday. This is actually a rumour and it’s a lie. I will have to confirm and get more details call me later,” he said.

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