It’s now or never: Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC-T and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday told supporters in Chiredzi that indications on the ground were that he would beat Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa hands down if the necessary reforms were implemented ahead of next month’s polls.

By Everson Mushava

Chamisa said there was now no doubt that Zanu PF’s days were numbered, with most opposition parties rallying behind him.

“It’s a delayed match. The elections are a walkover. I will beat Mnangagwa hands down. The darkest hour is just before dawn,” he declared, to thunderous cheers from supporters at the packed Tshovani Stadium, where Vice-President Kembo Mohadi addressed a paltry crowd last week.

“We need free and fair elections. I know if we have a free and fair election, I will win. There is no way Mnangagwa can win in a free and fair poll,” he said.

Chamisa, however, insisted that he would block moves to railroad them into elections before the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has acceded to electoral reforms demanded by the opposition.

The main opposition leader threatened to continue piling pressure for the reforms, including organising spontaneous countrywide demonstrations to cause a national shutdown ahead of the July 30 polls.

Chamisa and his MDC Alliance supporters last week brought business in the capital to a standstill after they marched to petition Zec chairperson Priscilla Chigumba calling for electoral reforms before the July plebiscite.

“We will not accept to go to the election before we see the ballot papers and see if there are some irregularities,” Chamisa said.

“We have written a letter and we had a demonstration. We will take the demonstrations to all cities and if this fails, we will shut down the whole country. We have the capacity to do so.”

He said some of their key demands included an audit of the biometric voters’ roll and that soldiers allegedly deployed to campaign for Zanu PF in the countryside should be recalled and return to the barracks.

Chamisa said that the opposition would also demand transparency in the printing, distribution and storage of voting material, adding that this time, they would be more vigilant at polling stations to guard against stuffing of ballot boxes and other election-related chicanery.

Mnangagwa has repeatedly pledged to conduct free, fair and credible polls, but a preliminary report by some international observer missions has concluded that the country was not yet ready to hold free and fair polls.

Chamisa, who held four other campaign rallies at Mhandamabwe business centre in Chivi North on Thursday, Muchakata business centre in Masvingo rural on Friday, Rutenga business centre in Mwenezi and Ngundu business centre in Chivi South on Saturday before wrapping up his programme in Chiredzi yesterday, promised to devolve governance and decentralise government services.

He also pledged to reform the Zimbabwe Republic Police, improve the welfare of soldiers and veterans of the country’s 1970s war of liberation, and revive the economy as well as improve the country’s health delivery system.

“We want to devolve government services. We want a government that looks after its people, not for people to look after their government,” he said.

“We will decentralise all government functions. Harare cannot only be the city full of life, we want the passport office to come here, and we want services to come here. We will introduce e-governance.”

Also speaking at the rally, People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti said the MDC Alliance government would introduce a public health care scheme dubbed “Chamisa Care” after winning the elections to ensure citizens have access to affordable health care services.

Biti said the issue of the economy would be the government’s priority in order to create jobs and ensure citizens have access to critical services.

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  1. so as revealed by the various surveys it is going to be never ,what are you going to do about it nelson

  2. Comment…ealisha you are baboon,your comments shows tha t you are cio fuckoff go to hell blood augent

    1. what the hell is going on here these platforms are for articulating facts not for morons or bastards


    Chamisa is day dreaming . Ed is the man .survey’s can give a clear picture that Mnangagwa will win resoundingly. Chamisa lacks maturity even his speeches will give clear picture about his small mentality , the BRITISH WERE HERE RECENTLY and the Commonwealh community. ED IS THE MAN .#ED HAS OUR VOTE

    1. Ed is the only one, at the moment there is no opposition in zim

    2. Even ED’s address, he is not steady, kunge mwana we school.

    3. Maononga Buku

      We are tired of leaving in the past nemadhara enyu aya,they have nothing to offer.I cant for this nxaaaaa

    4. for every survey done o research done,there is basis and methodology for collecting and gathering all the.My question now is what were the basis for this so called survey and who did it as well as where it was conducted.cause truth be told, go on the ground and you will see for yourself that people no longer have luv left for these Zanu goons.
      we need change, we need people who have the interests of the nation at heart not those who are just interested in saving their own skins

    5. common wealth doesn’t vote neither Britain. its the people of Zimbabwe that vote. the voice of the people is the voice of God. (ZANU hatichadi );the people have spoken.

  4. iwe ndawe pfutseki, chamisa lacks maturity to murder innocent civilians like mhondi dze zanu,stupid

  5. ndawe if chamisa is day dreaming then u are wet dreaming

  6. You can tell which party is violent and childish by the way their suporters behave and talk.

  7. Annonymus Mucharakashwa pa 30 ap0………….shhhh
    Va Munangagwa vakati havasikuda izvozvo zvekutukana uri kuratidza kuti uri mhondi.isu ku Zanu pf baba varikuda peace.pummmmmmmmma satani

  8. Why is ED Mnangagwa and Zanu pf not campaigning as previously done by Robert Mugabe, even former South African president Jacob Zuma used to campaign vigorously and tirelessly? Why is Zanu pf taking the campaigns so lightly IF they have zimbabwe and the people at heart? As usual zanu pf is not sincere and they can not win any election without rigging elections no doubts. I WANT TO SEE AND HEAR THAT ED MNANGAGWA AND HIS ZANU PF PARTY HAVE DIED SILENTLY BECAUSE WE HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH UNDER THESE HEARTLESS,BRAINLESS,VISIONLESS AND USELESS EVIL BABOONS AND MONKEYS.TO HELL WITH YOU ALL SUPPORTERS AND AIDERS OF EVIL PATRONAGE UNDER ZANU PF PARTY IN ZIMBABWE.

  9. Musatukana mhani, show maturity, hanti 30 July unosvika here, umwe noumwe ovhotera waanoda. ZIMBABWE MBERI!

  10. RevolutionaryHeir

    Why not just make a contribution without attacking or insulting another? Be tolerant! In as much as surveys do not vote, that is equally correct to say people at rallies are not a reflection of voters intent.

  11. While activities to make the election free and fair MUST continue, ZANU PF is not going to knowingly walk into a loss. If the national mood is truly “now or never” (at last), then what is also needed is a solid Plan B – which would be rolled out immediately after the results, should the efforts to let the people make their choice be thwarted, yet again, None of the dazed looks and paralysis of 2013.

  12. in the USA all surveys predicted a Clinton win but Trump won the election. sometimes surveys are misleading. It depends on the chosen sample.
    secondly there is also a 25% cluster that did not divulge their candidate in zim munhu asingabudi pachena there is a greater probability of that person not voting for Zanu pf ED. pafunge

  13. Farai Johnson Nhire

    A Word Of Caution To Honourable Chamisa : Kana VaMnangagwa ne executive team yavo vakaita declare freedom yemacitizens munyika, that was certainly not a greenlight for commiting lawlesness. Yenyu yekuti munovharisa zimbabwe iyi muchenjere kubatwa nemurau vaenzi vedu varipo tikazonyara.

  14. ED has already won. the ellections. Survey say so

  15. It took us ages to get out of war of death from the previous oppressors-the Rhodesian Front government of Ian Smith because they were heavily well equipped with sophisicated ammunitions. Today,the power of the devil and evil spirits for 38 years of zanu pf’s misrule has equipped it through elections rigging. But,but,but time is cruel because it gives people to reform/change,but zanu pf party and supporters are refusing to change their hearts and evil deeds for the case of personal enrichment.

    1. Why include 5 years dze GNU nemiwo maivamo muchi looter.

  16. liberty Ndireyi

    Ichokwadi ichocho,kutukana kwete.We are all Zimbabweans,tiri vana vemunhu mumwechete.Isu tichitukana ED na Chamisa are taking breakfast together.Lets stop this third world mentality and focus on issues that develop our country.We should also learn to respect one another’s choices.I’m going to vote come 30 July and i have my vote for #CHAMISA CHETE CHETE,but i have to respect the current sitting president of our beautiful nation and i dare call him names that are not appropriate.Let me also take this opportunity to remind Zimbabweans that as much as we put our efforts to campaign and vote for the leader we want,GOD IS IN CONTROL and He is the one who knows what’s best for our country.#GODISINIT.

  17. The power of death is greater than riches you people of little faith.We are nearing to the finishing line.

  18. Farai J Nhire

    Liberty ndiwe wega. I am not a chinja fan but i salute you. Runyararo ahead of everything. Political Parties will come and go but our nation will remain to receive future genarations. I have a business partner who is a chinja whereas Ed has my vote. We went to register together.

  19. In love with all

    Let us not insult each other, Instead let us all heartedly pray to God for peace, love and transparence for the coming election. Mind you God has planned everything that shall happen on earth at his on time even the coming of Jesus Christ, so we glorify the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in every situation.


    1. muzivi wezhira yeparuware ndiye mufambi wayo

  21. Vatengisi vauraiwa mazuva ehondo nekuti vaidzosera zvinangwa zvesununguko. Nekudaro imi mose murikuramba mucitsigira kukundikana kwezanu pf muri kutengrsa sununguko yenyika yezimbabwe nekuti vanhu vatema vemuzimbabwe takakundikana pachezvedu pa38 years zanu pf ichitonga.Ngatipewo mukana kune vamwe kuti vana vedu vemangwana vasimudzire zimbabwe pakasiiwayo nezanu pf. Kwete umbimbindoga hwemakudo kuparadza zvavachada kuzodya mangwana.Ndosaka tichizotukana nekuti meso asingaone akafa.

  22. The other Southern African countries the likes of Zambia and South Africa have done the same electoral reforms as the one demanded by the MDC Alliance .Whats so special about our harmonised election and if democracy serves well the people of Zimbabwe are demanding the electoral reforms why not going for reforms is there anything that Mr Munagangwa and Zanu pf are fearing if they make the process a more transparency one. Agree to the reforms then lets all go and vote and noone will question the winner koz now it seems the election rigging plot is there in place and Zanu is afraid to temper with the winning formular

  23. VaMnangagwa is not restonsible for whatever reforms. There is Zec which is a creation of all interested parties and is required to be neutral. If any party is suspicious of Zec, there are legal channels of remedy known and open to all.

    1. legal channels in zimbabwe??
      inozotongwa ma elections apera hatidi topinda muroad.
      a political problem requires a political solution!!!
      makanyangira yaona. chakachenjedza ndechakatanga

  24. Team auto, you are right in your references thus why most countries are developing because they prioritise transparent and democracy which is the cornerstone of investor confidence. Ian Smith did the good thing by handing power to zanu pf in 1980.What if the Rhodesian government had rejected all the peace treaties? What is wrong with zanu pf party yet it is always claiming that it has the mandatory love for the people and country of zimbabwe at large? We can not keep on being held captive by selfish money mongers who are only running zimbabwe in order to enrich themselves. Pasi nemweya yezanu pf nesupport base yayo ino tutumadze mweya yerima yakaipa izere nezvigumburo.

  25. No form of vote buying will make the electorate vote for Ed because his name is severely tainted by his past deeds .all past attrocities committed by Zanu Pf are attributed to him from Gukukurahwindi to murambatsvina and all political violence abductions and deaths that happened in the past.he used to boast that he trained sabotage banditry and that his job was to kill.he planned his coup long back even before the so called Tsholotsho decalaration.he is the one who sabotaged Mugabe destroying the economy so that ppl suffer and rebel against him but because he is a master of diguise old Bob cldnt see it until it was too late.Clever Jonathan moyo saw it too but by then Ed had gotten hold of all the levers of power.

    Ed is a master of diguise.he tells the world that he is fighting corruption but ppl know that he looted chiadzwa diamonds together with mujuru and his friends in the army.he is also in the UN report for looting diamonds in the DRC.he is also fingered in gold looting and externalisation.We all remember the well publicised story of Mark Matthew Burden, the gold miner who was caught at the SA border attempting to cross with more than 20kg of gold and was freed after reported links to ED.ED also sponsors makorokozas who are scattered all over the country and these korokozas are responsible for a spate of crimes such as burgleries,murders and armed robberries.some of them esp in the midlands are well known to be connected to Ed so they are never arrested.
    ED is probably the richest man in Zimbabwe,and in 2008 one SA analyst once wrote that ED was so rich that he could raise an army and sponsor a civil war and win against the govt of Zim.we now realise his analysis was correct after all.
    The Zim electorate also remember Ed for being A violent cruel man despite his claims of being reformed.the story of Godfrey Majonga who was thrown from a three storey building is still fresh in ppl ‘s memories.In 2002 former kwekwe MP blessing chebundo survived death by a whisker after Ed tried to burn him with petrol for standing against him in parliamentary these are just some of the well remembered incidents but the list is endless.So Ed has has a task as difficult as walking on top of water to try and convince the elecorate to vote for him because of his bad reputation

  26. muchimborambireiko ma reforms acho?? kungoti ZBC endai kuChiredzi Tshovani mutore Chamisa addressing a packed stadium chete chete zvinonetsa here izvozvo??

    if attendances at rallies dont vote then why not cover them and show the thousands on national TV? kungotaura kuti maballot papers ari kuprintwa nangana achigara kwangana ari mangani achichengetwa nangana zvinonetsa chii izvozvo?

    kungobudisa voters roll racho nenguva vanhu vese voona and vanoda kuita audit yevoters roll yacho voita munhu wese ofara then toenda kuma elections. ndi[o pakati feree and fair kwete kungoti kana mukatenederera nyika muchi campaigner pasina arohwa ndiyo free and fair – handizvo!!!

  27. legal channels in zimbabwe??
    inozotongwa ma elections apera hatidi topinda muroad.
    a political problem requires a political solution!!!
    makanyangira yaona. chakachenjedza ndechakatanga

  28. Vanhu vemdc you are just wasting your time and energy. Leadership renewal yakaitwa musi wa 24 November last year. Go and vote for your party because the oposition will always be useful for checks and balances because panyika pano hapana munhu ari perfect. Kana mubhaibheri zvirimo muboth old and new testament. Ecclesiastes 7 Verse 20 (Muparidzi). Romans 3 Verse 10.

  29. Why muchitsungirari kufuga blanket nemhondi?

  30. Ropa Nyadzonya

    The voters’ roll is the key then the ballot papers. MDC Alliance must ensure the large numbers in the rallies are on the register. THAT IS WHAT ZANU_PF does with its internal register being automatically made the electoral roll by Mudede and ZEC. How is MDC countering this? Then the security of the ballots after voting? Then the the batching of bundles of 8 MDC votes covered by two outer ZANU-PF votes and then all being counted as 10 ZANU-PF votes? How will this be countered?

  31. FREE MENTAL HEALTH CHECKS for Zanu PF idiots(supporters) on Friday 15th at RSPCA by a team of specialist VETS. Take your MP’s as well.

  32. My personal suvery Chamisa 60%, ED 25% and others parties share 15%.How is this one?

    1. its a sick survey

  33. Zanu pf you can keep on rigging and cheating and claiming that you have been winning elections fairly, but the bottom line is that you will never ever do anything good in zimbabwe whilst our neighbouring countries are rapidly forging head in terms of development.You have dismally failed us 38 years and the country has been totally governed by baboons and this is a good term to use.

  34. Farai J Nhire

    Ed has never been president before. Which 38 Years are you talking about? VaMugabe has been president of zanu pf for close to five decades and it is very recent that Ed took over and most zanu pf members except a few tribalist like it that way. If anything, the move has breathed new life into the organisation which had been troulbled by leadership crisis because of former president’s old age who was replaced by someone almost 2 decades younger. The other interesting development i noted is that since Ed came on the scene, Mdc no longer enjoys the level of monopoly they used to have omong urban voters.

  35. Zimbabwe should move from politics of personality to institutional politics what failed in the past 38 years is neither Mugabe nor Ed but its ZANU PF which must goo.

  36. Samuel Jackson

    Zimboz we are educated fools…Pamberi Nekubirwa…Pamberi NeHurombo…Know who to vote for coz next 5 years hameno hedu…Mabasa ari kupihwa maForeigners in our land…Kana kupusa kwacho unobva watoshaya kuti vanhu vakasurwa here…

  37. Chamisa Chete Chete

  38. Comment…zanu satanic party

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