‘It’s feasible to introduce spaghetti roads in Harare’

A HARARE-BASED town planning expert has defended MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa’s call for spaghetti roads, saying it was feasible to introduce eight lanes in most city roads using freeway reservations created by the former colonial government of Ian Smith.


Civil engineer Innocencia Tigere told NewsDay during a ZimReal Property Investment Forum in Harare yesterday that Chamisa’s call should not be dismissed as a wild dream because most of the country’s city roads and highways were designed with provision for expansion.

She said the problem was that much of the space reserved for expansion of the city roads was now occupied by buildings and car sale shops.

“There are road reservations, freeway reservations which target to have eight lanes. If you look at our Enterprise Road, you will see those car sales,” Tigere said.
“Council has given temporary permission for those care sales, but practically they are road reservations. So, we have adequate road reserves. We need the money and investments to develop the roads, but reservations are there.”

Chamisa recently came under fire from his political rivals after he pledged that his government would turn most of the country’s narrow roads into spaghetti roads to ease traffic congestion.

The opposition leader has also promised to introduce bullet trains on the country’s railway tracks, but his detractors, mostly from the ruling Zanu PF party, have dismissed his campaign speeches as “child talk”.



    Who said its not feasible??? Never had anyone saying its not feasible. Taurai kwamaswera

    1. You are quite right. No one ever said it was not feasible, but people like me questioned whether it was a priority,given the state of our economy!

    2. zanu. listen to what chiwenga said yesterday.

  2. Zimbabwe has been destroyed by people with zanu pf mentality. Let me ask you one simply logic question. If a child or a student who is writing his A level says he is going to be an engineer and invent an energy saving technological system, does it means that the moment he gets to university he / she will achieve that. Hell no there are process, the first thing is for the student to complete his program and those are the fundamentals. Hence when Chamisa says we are going to have these roads it does not mean as soon as he wins these roads or airports. Basic things needs to be addressed first before those things happens. Zanu pf people suffer from mentality disorder, they believe lies and blasphemies of zanu pf.

      1. you are mad. zanu has destroyed you

    1. He said he is going to do it, now if he wont do it within 5 yrs it means we will have another Mugabe in him just because of spagetti roads.

  3. when one dreams of buying a nyc car then u start telling him kuti tanga wataura zvekuti unenge wadyei anf wakapfekei it shows yo shallow or narrow mindedness. hapana akamboti all those developments will be embarked on with empty stomachs or perenial bank ques. spagetti roads were talked of as an icing on the cake. zvimwe zviripetty zvagadzigwa. and its possible if the economic turnaround has been accomplished. vanhu ngatimbosiyai kufungirwa nemajounalist ane agenda yawo yekutarnisha vanhu from nowhere

    1. People with zanu pf mentality are most intelligent fools, they have wisdom without a moral responsibility. They think going backwards, people without vision and dreams. Asi pamaikura hamuna kumbonzwa these words. What will you want to be kana wakura. Zanu pf supporters or sympathizers needs help, on how to use common sense, because it looks like common sense is no longer common to them.

  4. Temp. you are correct nobody said its not achievable Chamisa must stop hallucinating because of elections he knows very well that its not possible in the shortest time possible. What we want as Zimbabweans coming out of the problems we had are bread and butter issues. Changes that we can realise starting first half of next year going forward, Food security, Well stocked Hospitals, improved infrastructure, Opening of closed industries and well funded Education system for prosperity just to mention a few. Unoikwira neyi Bullet train usina mabasics.

  5. ko watyper sei usina mabasics uye wati improved infrastructure kuti kudiii ikoko unobva wazvionesa kuti uri dofo rakadzidza

  6. Njere shoma dzinouraya vatenzi nebasa, we need dreamers to move forward from this stagnancy for the past 38 years with virtually empty promises. how would you develop if you don`t dream, these old madharaz have ruined our future with their backward thinking. imagine what Strive Masiyiwa went through just to introduce cellular phones.Other countries have developed in the region isu tichingofonyorwa brain nema 2 million jobs which were never created infact they meant 2 million vendors. vhotai makasvinura guys rwendo rwuno.

  7. So much for Zim journalism. Eish. As for the trolls need I say more. Cry my beloved country.

  8. A young dreamer is better than an old dreamer.How many fake promises have been made by Zanu pf old dreamers?Health for all by year 2000, 2 million jobs after previous elections,Masvingo road construction was officially opened twice with nothing being done on the ground.Their greatest achievement has been marked as corruption.Mweya vakanga vakabata Mugabe vekuti ndiye ega aigona kutonga nekuita zvese ngaubude muvanhu.

  9. if u wake up someone who dead in 1975 they wouldnt get lost in harare

  10. Those are the kind of leaders we want with vision


  11. To all ZANU PF-minded people:Do not forget that Zimbabwe has been stagnant, nay, going backwards for a full thirty-eight years therefore ideas like spaghetti roads may seem too fantastic to you but just think if we had been progressing all these years would it be a fantastic idea?Vision, vision, vision!!!Kuona zvirimberi!!

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