‘It’s a fake voters’ roll’

OPPOSITION parties and civil society groups have poked holes in the biometric voters’ roll released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) this week, describing it as “fake” and a mere “list of names” lacking voters’ critical biometric data to make it a credible document.


In an emotive tweet on Wednesday night, opposition MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa said he was left disappointed after going through the voters’ roll and warned: “Our response is coming, it will be red.”

“We’ve now established that the voters’ roll Zec is issuing is not the final roll. Those who ‘registered’ during inspection are yet to be added. Zec claims it will add them later. So Zec has given us a voters’ roll it knows is not final,” he tweeted.

Chamisa’s MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora also dismissed the voters’ roll as fake.

“It is not a voters’ roll, it should have adequate information including photographs. That we have a list of names does not mean we have a voters’ roll. It falls short of being a biometric voters’ roll,” Mwonzora said.

A national voters’ roll collected from Zec by NewsDay yesterday has no pictures on data entries for the voters.

Zimbabwe embarked on biometric voter registration last year in a bid to construct a fresh register of voters to enhance the credibility of the July 30 polls.

The voters’ roll released by Zec only has names, date of birth, gender and physical addresses without the voters’ pictures.

But contacted for comment over inadequacies cited in the voters’ roll, Zec commissioner Qhubani Moyo said they had deliberately withheld voters’ bio-data like photographs for security reasons.

“We (Zec) made a commitment to the people that we will not indiscriminately distribute their data. So we have chosen to give to political parties and stakeholders a voters’ roll without photos. We do not see how a voters’ roll with all other information but photos will prejudice anyone and are satisfied that all genuine Zimbabweans who want to use the voters’ roll will not find anything amiss with it,” Moyo said.

Zec vice-chairperson Emmanuel Magade also admitted that the voters’ roll given to the parties was not final, as they were yet to capture the names of all potential voters who registered during the provisional voters’ roll inspection period which ended on June 2.

“Anyone who registered to vote before June 2 on the closure of the voters’ roll will vote in this election in line with the laws of the country,” Magade said.

“Their names are still to be added to the voters’ roll because this is work in progress, those names will be added to the voters’ roll that will be used during the polls.”

Zimbabwe’s polls have largely witnessed contestation over the voters’ roll, which opposition political parties have alleged was manipulated to create ghost voters for the ruling Zanu PF to disenfranchise others.

Coalition of Democrats presidential candidate Elton Mangoma said: “You can’t work with it. I don’t know if others are competent enough to work with it. It is not just only about pictures, but it is unworkable. It is as good as we don’t have the voters’ roll. I can’t even check if my name is there. I only know it is there because they accepted my nomination. We will continue to demand a voters’ roll.”

Poll lobby group, the Election Resource Centre (ERC) also aired its disappointment on the voters’ roll.

ERC condemned the voters’ roll for lack of critical biometric data such as photographs of those registered allegedly in violation of Section 9 of Statutory Instrument 85 of 2017.

“Section 9 of Statutory Instrument 85 of 2017-Electoral (Voter Registration) Regulations, 2017 provide that: “The CEO [chief executive officer] shall compile a voters’ roll for each polling area showing the voter’s name, DOB [date of birth], sex, ID number, physical address and photoghaph,” ERC claimed in a tweet.

In another tweet, ERC said: “ERC is in the process of analysing the final #VotersRoll as availed by @ZECzim, a comprehensive analysis to be released soon. We have, however, noted with grave concern that the final #VotersRoll does not contain pictures of voters. Where are the pictures that were captured by Zec?

“Principles of voter registration include completeness. We expected @ZECzim to release a complete, accurate and comprehensive roll. Where are the pictures that were captured by Zec?”

Another poll watcher, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network, said it had purchased the electronic copy of the 2018 voters’ roll and would analyse it.

“We will assess the voters’ roll for accuracy, completeness and currency to build confidence in the credibility of the elections. #zimvotes2018,” the group said.

According to the provisional roll, Harare has the highest number of registered voters with about 900 300, followed by Midlands (761 474), Manicaland
(733 864), Mashonaland West (644 974), Mashonaland East (633 126), Masvingo (617 204), Mashonaland Central
(531 864), Matabeleland North (338 851), Matabeleland South (264 160) and Bulawayo with the least number of voters at 258 690.

In an interview with NewsDay at the weekend, Zec acting chief elections officer Utoile Silaigwana confirmed the biometric voter register would not be used in the upcoming election.


  1. Chamisa unlike Tsvangirai (MHDSRIP) should desist sanitising this sham by participating in this election. Let zanu pf go by vote by themselves and thats it. The response should just be unequivocal,unambiguous as well as swift.

  2. Zvinoitawo here kuti ma pikicha edu apihwe vanhu vese vese? imagine our pictures and personal details given to more than 140 organisations is our security and privacy guaranteed by these +140 political parties and organisations?

    1. hapana nyaya apa, pafacebook, instagram twitter aripo wani for billions to see

      1. Chi party chakadhakwa ichi voter’s roll haisi facebook yekuti uno uploader mapics ako kuti vanhu vese vaone. Zec yataura wani kuti musi wekuvhota all the voter’s details pics included will be used by the ceo for verification purposes in the presence of agents from different political parties. I for one wasn’t comfortable with sharing my cell number during the registration process what more 4 my pic to be uploaded for 100+ political parties? That’s madness at its worst

    2. By agreeing to register it means you agreed to the distribution of your bio data including your photos.

  3. ZIMBABWE will never ever head anywhere as long as Zanu pf holds is still ruling.What is wrong with you black Zimbabweans to do the right things straight? Why do we always want to make life hard for our own sake? Pasi nevanhu vanoda kuguta kwavo chete vachitora kunetseka kwevamwe vanhu sezviipo zvavo.

  4. Farai Johnson Nhire

    These are nothing but empty and meaningles excuses by those who know have no credibility to lead and have no adequate clout for victory. You people have already stressed that your polling agents will work tirelessly at every polling station to make sure everything is done correctly. How then is a Zanu Pf Ghost a threat to you when you will be arround to see real people not aparitions casting votes using real paper and your agents taking part in the talling and counting of real votes you personaly witnessed being cast by real voters not a ghosts? Tiitirei mushe imi. Dyiwai zvakanaka.


    handione chasamisira pakusapa mapics apa ana facebook vanongobuditsa if i search u using your name and surname kkkkkkkkk mmmh zvakaoma sure do it as per the constitution hanzi ne ERC Section 9 of Statutory Instrument 85 of 2017 INOTI MAPICS ANENGE ARIPO SAKA TIPEI ZVE. THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING I SAW MA MOVIES EKUTI IF YOU TYPE A NAME INOKUBUDITSIRA DATA RESE REMUNHU EVEN IF YOU INPUT A FACE ALL THE POTENTIAL PERSONS WITH THE SAME FACE WILL APPEAR, DAI ZVAKADARO TIONE VANE MA DOUBLE ENTRY VAYA KUTI I ONE FACE BT DIFFERENT NAMES OR VICE VESA KKKKKKKKKK

  6. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    So the storm is about Pictures?? How does the picture (or lack thereof) affect credibility of the voters roll?

    What analysis have you failed to carry out because of the lack of a picture? Please educate us

    1. taura hako wena ndatozvishayiwawo ini kuti picture inovhota here.

    2. Pauchaenda kunovhota woudzwa kunzi pikicha iripo haisi yako naizvozvo haukwanise kuvhota ndipo pauchanzwisisa kuti sei Chamisa ari kuzhambira nyaya yekuti voters’ roll ramatipa harina pikicha.zviri mumutemo wenyika kuti voetrs’roll rinofanira kunge riine pikicha, mapato anopikisa haasi kukumbira zvinhu zvitswa, vari kukumbira kupiwa zvakanyorwa mumutemo wenyika unove ndiwo unorairidza mafambisirwo anofanira kuitwa sarudzo dzenyika ino

    3. don’t be dump buddie.Dead people are on voters roll.

  7. shunguhadziurayi

    But some arguments are just for publicity and drawing unnecessary attention. What really does my picture have to do with where I am going to put my X? If you are sure the people want you to be their leader why always look for flimsy excuses? You know the truth that you are not wanted by the majority hence making these noises just to make the election regarded as rigged so that no investors will come and the economy remain at zero growth so that you have something to use as a campaign tool. But we are no fools as you may think. Toonana musi wa30 bye for now.

    1. if the law requires the pictures to be there, why not provide them. i think your comment is emortionally driven without the benefit of interlect – because you did not go through the whole artcle. for examble, all ZEC staff interviewed confirm that this is not the final voters roll-some voters who registered late are not yet on the voters roll…there are other points in the article and pictures are one….this is not a genuine complain and zanupf shud be worried too…if they are genuine about free and fair elections

  8. VaMnangagwa vakapa vanhu ava freedom yakanyanyisa iyezvino votoda mapictures edu.Zec please simply say NO kana varamwa nyika haingamiri nekuti Mdc yaramwa tongoenda mberi.I now starting to doubt their genuineness

    1. kana pasina rigging iripo vari kutadziswa nei kungoburitsa full information ,why urikuita sekuti ndiwe wega une photo riri kuzec .let the president walk the talk ,he said we want credible elections so everything should be transparent.

  9. This is what Section 9 of Statutory Instrument 85 of 2017 says;

    The Chief Elections Officer shall compile a voters’ roll for
    each polling area showing, in relation to each voter-
    (a) the voter’s first and last names, date of birth, sex and
    national registration number; and
    (b) the place where the voter ordinarily resides; and
    (c) the voter’s photograph.

  10. It makes a lot of sense to have pictures cause if the person is still alive surely you will have the face of that person zvino kana makamuisa iye akafa kare kare you will not have his/her picture. Mapictures ngaaiswe nokuti akatorwa musi wekuregister

  11. Here is what Section 9 of Statutory Instrument 85 of 2017 says; (word for word)

    The Chief Elections Officer shall compile a voters’ roll for
    each polling area showing, in relation to each voter-
    (a) the voter’s first and last names, date of birth, sex and
    national registration number; and
    (b) the place where the voter ordinarily resides; and
    (c) the voter’s photograph.

  12. lets take action lets paint it red

  13. Zec commissioner Qhubani Moyo said they had deliberately withheld voters’ bio-data like photographs for security reasons.

    Can the ZEC Commissioner Qhubani Moyo provides these security reasons to the electorates that are so serious to supercede Section 9 SI 85 of 2017. Otherwise he is being economical with the truth which is not helpful at all.

    ZEC is following the footsteps Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of Kenya for those who remember nullified election late last year.

  14. If the law says,do this or don’t,why can’t you compile with the requirements? Why do zanu pf people read the laws between the lines? Why does these zanu pf baboons don’t want fairness yet they are zimbabwe’s trouble causers?

  15. ZEC is always constitutionally right; MDC Alliance is wrong in saying our biometric data should be publicized

  16. Chamisa waakufarisa. We are not your subjects. Ma photographs ndeekuitisei? We are comfortable if ZEC keeps our biodata secure and not giving such info to untrusted and rogue elements like you

    1. Here is what Section 9 of Statutory Instrument 85 of 2017 says; (word for word)

      The Chief Elections Officer shall compile a voters’ roll for
      each polling area showing, in relation to each voter-
      (a) the voter’s first and last names, date of birth, sex and
      national registration number; and
      (b) the place where the voter ordinarily resides; and
      (c) the voter’s photograph.

      1. Get away .Chamisa ari kutya chete. Sekuru Chamisa hutongi ndehwa mwari. Musa kalakala kule!!!!!!!

  17. Comment…We want whats good for generations to come chinu chakanakira zim in those pics thats where the rigging is zec can manufacter 2mll names and addresses but without pic u cant

    1. Haiwawo maChinja PUTSEK Mhani!!! kkkkkkkkk to much noise

  18. Stop nonsense

    If there is anything to worry about in terms of security is the information that they have already given them, NOT a picture. This is just a lame excuse from ZEC. Again how then should the political parties be content with the roll yet the ZEC itself is claiming it to be incomplete. At this juncture, ZANU pf party and supporters should, together with other parties, raise voices to ZEC for a true and final voters’ roll. Them being quiet its a clear sign that they are working with ZEC on whatever ZEC is hiding.

  19. In case some people have not opened their eyes wide enough around the country, there are bill-boards advertising that, “for free, fair and credible elections, vote Emmerson D Mnangagwa for President”! So, as long as we have not yet voted ED into power, these 2018 elections are not going to be “free, fair and credible”. People have to read that, and ZANU PF is not bluffing when they say that. By withholding the people’s pics, the dead people or any other manufactured lists of voters can be allowed to vote in the secret locations only ZANU PF knows. Remember they want to allow more voting locations whose geographical positions noone would know? ZANU chiororo!! So, for those who still want to know why a whole governing party puts up such bill-boards as mentioned above should NOW know why. Free, fair and credible elections are coming only after we would have voted ED into the presidency first; not before. ED’s presidency at the moment, is by the power of the gun — November 2017 refers. Vote him in first and then “free, fair and credible elections” will be allowed. Anombonzi aniko iyeye? Anonzi NGWENA!!!

  20. Comment…ZEC, wangu mufananidzo buritsayi, nekuti ndakabvumirana nazvo musi wandanyoresa kuve mumwe achasararudza vaTUNGAMIRIRI venyika. Kana cameras isayi zvemakaona paya pamakaenda Russia. Mufananidzo ndokuti musarudzi azereka.

  21. Nonsense do you have the resources to print 5 million people in full colour and yet we can’t get cash from the banks. Guys stop being cry babies and show what you can do. This cry baby syndrome you have been doing for a long time doesn’t help us. Grow Up

  22. yaaaaa sungai dzisimbe president Chamisa vajaira mazivanhu aya kutiita mastupid piwai mapics edu muchengete mutizivewo.NO PICS HATIENDE KNO VOTA PIWAAAAAIIIIIII.GORE RINO HAKUNA ANOPINDA ZVEKUBIRIRAAAA!!!!!!

  23. The Blair that I Know...

    usatuke ngwena usati wayambuka rwizi. Lacoste chikwapuro guyz. Zanu Pf Chiororo. Ndatenda hangu.

  24. Kuwiriranakwanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Kudzyi, zvakabvunzwa. Mari yekuitisa sarudzo iripo here? Zvikanzi honhu iripo. Zvino ngavachirega kudimbudziraka. Zvisinamaturo zvataurwa pano zvakatanga naivo. Ngavadzidze kutaura chokwadi. Vakadiyi kuti, “veduwe, homwe izere mhepo. Zvino vakati mari tititi. Ngavazadzikise mashoko avo. Ngavaite zvazvinofarwa kuva zviri.

  25. Zec please!! We are sick and tired of your gymnastics. Follow the law and all will be well fr you. Stop causing unnecessary friction which may result in people becoming violent as they fight fr their rights. Taneta nemi.

  26. he law is silent on which voters roll must have pictures. The provisional or the final. On election day that final roll must have the picture. Can I pause this question, how does the candidate know that this is your picture? They just afraid of defeat. Can they go door to door verifying every photo. Anorumwa nembwa yangu. So far happana zita ranzi haripo, kana kuti irinderemuchakabvu. Huh

  27. Pictures in the voters’ roll? That’s a bizarre demand. Where in the world do you find that?

  28. Chamisa can boycot but remind him that we have enough Mdcs in Zimbabwe other than his one.

  29. What genuiness abt MDC are you doubting ipapa….kunge ure considering to vote for MDC or not….ingawani waratidza kuty uri wekwa ED Zanu saka chauri kuty kudoubter genuiness chii…Hapana zvinozikanwa apa

  30. Chakatanga ndoo chakachenjedza. Mapikicha anodiwa.

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