In pictures: The massive MDC Alliance electoral reforms demo

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  1. Chisa pam … Chamisa


  3. zanu ichavovora urikuzvinyepera ufunge

    1. i think u are cheating yorself ZANU PF will win . those demostration are matters of frightenind to lose . gues what opposition will not take this country with pen .THIS is called REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE MY FRIEND ….THINK FASTER MAN

  4. Lets lay the cards on the table. We can’t accept to be treated to another hoax, a formality. Its a big NO to a fishy deal. Keep the fire burning!

  5. Even Mugabe and Grace are having a big laugh kuti ED acharuma pasi kikikiki
    Chisa mpama! chisa!

  6. kkkkkkk Movement for Demonstration Change. This party lacks ideology and sound policies kkkkk they shall remain an opposition party, will never win elections in Zimbabwe. This party is afraid of elections and to be honest your demonstrations are losing relevance on daily basis. Mucharamba muchidemonstrater because you will remain opposition. Hatidi mutungamiri anonyepa

    1. clearly u live in a zimbabwe of your own or u are blinded by propagandized ego. ED …where do i begin …ealier this year he bough chiefs expensive brands new isuzu tque 2.5 litre diesel double cabs yah ere is nothing wrong with that …parirenyatwa hosopital is operating mostly……the recent 100 million claimed to be a loan from uk to ease the current liquidity crunch my guy … your homework …..he him self acknowledge the need and the lack of governce but the mother fucker……boasts for disclosing the election date on his on terms …..i qoute zec called me and said shefu ….and independent board calling you shefu

    2. Speak for yourself @Jinda. If you want criminals that were surrounding Mugabe now surrounding ED then vote for the junta.

  7. Real Change Luver

    Madhuku (wemusoro wekurebesa) is pushing for NO reforms, i dont know kuti muzidzoro muya mune chinhu here

  8. Comment…pakaipa

  9. I was not at this demonstration, but from afar I bet the authorities expected chaos so they could pounce on them! Weldone amapolisa for stoping the counter demonstration by the ruling party otherwise there were going to be some skirmishes …. hazvisati zvabuda zwechizanu!

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