I will be president in 2030 – Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he was confident of being the country’s President in 2030, hence, the vision for the country’s economy by that year was not a coincidence.


Addressing captains of industry at the Buy Zimbabwe conference in Gweru on Thursday, Mnangagwa said his administration was working on ways to resuscitate the economy, saying he had broader plans to turn Zimbabwe into a cashless economy.

“I chose 2030 and it’s not a magic year, but I believe I will still be there,” he said.

“I would want to commend the Buy Zimbabwe team which has continued to work closely with both private and public sectors to drive the buy local message and encourage the purchase of local products and services so that local businesses can thrive, thereby, stimulating economic growth and creating decent jobs for us to be a middle income country by 2030.”

Mnangagwa said he had a vision to turn the economy into a cashless economy and urged Zimbabweans to embrace plastic money since this was the global trend.

“I know people are struggling to get cash, but our vision is to turn the economy into a cashless economy. Developed countries no longer use cash and we should move towards achieving that,” he said.

Mnangagwa appealed to people to vote for him so that he could achieve his vision for the country.

He said the government was in the process of crafting a template outlining the target economic growth for each province and how it could contribute towards national economic development.

The Zanu PF leader said provincial ministers would be appointed on their contribution to the country gross domestic product.

“We are crafting a template for all the 10 provinces so that we have competition among these provinces in terms of economic growth and the size of [gross domestic product] GDP,” he said.

“There is not a single province in this country that has peculiar advantages endowed to them and we need the leaders of those provinces to ensure they utilise the resources found in their provinces by competing with other provinces. This is now for provincial ministers because their security shall depend on the growth of GDP in their provinces.”

He said he was aware people were worried about cash, but urged the electorate to vote for him.

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  1. is he proposing to amend the constitution because if he is lucky to get elected his two terms should end in 2028.

    1. He will be 87 just 7 years younger than Mugabe now, is that right? Another geriatric?

    2. The Headline by Stephen Chadenga is deliberately misleading. This is done on purpose to rile opposition. Extremely bad journalism.

    3. EJ is just a stooge of the army. When they get fed up with him they will just get rid of him.

  2. Comment…Itayi kuti RBZ ibvise mari yose yakazara mumigwagwa yose yenyika. Nekuti izvi zvikasaitwa, handione paine vedzimwe nyika vanoita havi yekuda kuzoita mabhizimusi muZimbabwe. Kana ndimiwo, mungada kuita bhizimusi munyika ine mari inowanikwa mumigwagwa mabhanga azere mhepo?

  3. Farai Johson Nhire

    To say the president implied he will be in office in 2030 is the writer’s misinterpretation. The relevance of that date is that his vision of Zimbabwe’s fully operating as a cashless economy is estimated by him to come to fruition by the year 2030 and he wishes to be still alive then to witness the complete success of the plan with the rest of the then surviving Zimbabweans. Remember Ed is very eager to succeed in reviving zimbabwe and hence the desire to personaly witness the positive results of what he initiated and hence also calling himself and his surbodinates servants of the people.

  4. you are aspiring to stay more than you are welcome if you mentioning of 2030 as president.
    Overstaying if we look at history turns leaders into inefficient opressive dictators

    1. Did he say he will be president or he meant he will be still in existence?

      1. Good question ! Dissappointing how we easily & conveniently twist statements out of context just to give ourselves the pretext to spew out political vernom at perceived political enemies.

  5. 2030 No its to far you are not welcome mr dambudzo you were part of Mugabes government since1980 wat will you change you guys have failed good zimbabweans there is nothing called new erra youguys are too old go and enjoy yo pensions wewant new blood in the system

  6. just an opinion.opinion opinion

  7. Comment…you can’t turn country into cashless economy it means you can’t solve cash problem .even developed country like south africa ,usa ,uk the cash is there and they is no cash crisis ,so its up to ppl if they want to use card they can if they want to use cash they do likewise you can’t choose for ppl ,no investors can come in a economy without its own currency .you and your ministers have cash but you want us to be cashless god help zimbabwe

  8. He would be 87 then. Is Zimbabwe to be governed by geriatrics in perpetuity?

  9. Another geriatric at 87 then?

  10. He will be 87 in 2030, another geriatric in charge?

  11. You oposition suporters please give us a break. You enjoy getting along with anything as long as it seems to be against your oponent no mater how unreasonable it is. If this person says this, slandering Ed, then i’ts correct. If that other person does the same, as long as i’ts done against Ed, then it qualifies to be correct. If Jonathan Moyo says he has unearthed this about Ed and Zec, With no evidence at all, then the Ed factor automaticaly qualifies it as correct. If one drunkered says the balot papers will be printed in Germany, it is judged correct because it slanders ZEC of wanting to rig the coming elections in favor of Zanu Pf. If somebody says no body likes Ed at all including people of his own tribe of origin, it is very correct because it preempts Zanu Pf win as a fraud. The list is endless. Is this how Nelson is going to run Zimbabwe with you as his advisors??? Food for thought for Ed And company: Would it be moraly correct to hand over authority to such people under whatever circumstances!!!???

    1. Sycophant!!!!!!!!!


  12. Every person that criticises the dream for a good Zimbabwe whether under Mnangagwa is of the devil thus alien to Zimbabwe. We love you President of the nation continue with your plans the constitution is from the people if we need you we put you power like we did. Ivo vachingoukura

    1. ivo vachingoukura vamwe vachingoenda nyore nyore muchanya gore rino chete

  13. #ED is the legend of Zimbabwe. And what i really want is this legend to be alive as long as it’s possible. He is the one I know and trust 100 percent. #EDhasMYVOTE

  14. Power of will in this man amazes me! He really loves our country and that’s what’s important. That’s why I will always vote for him!

  15. I think ED has vision, he onoy needs new blood in his government for energy. Get rid of all dead wood. He is far better than the dream kid chamisa. We need something with sense with entertainment

  16. Only mad people will vote for this nonsense.

  17. In my considered opinion, the President was quoted out of context. He humbly implied that he hopes he will be alive in 2030 to witness his vision come true. The writer however decided to put words in his mouth to suit the circumstances. Let us practise balanced reporting not to be seen as political saboteurs during this electioneering season.

  18. Are you serious we got to deal with another mugabe falling over come on this is getting ridiculous.

  19. Saw the video, he certainly meant he would still be alive to ….no wonder some people just shoot such rabid scribes in the head

  20. all munangagwa is saying he will not win election this time around ,he is planning comeback stratergy

  21. Those in Zanu should not lament Garwe being criticized here, yu guys have the Herald, The Sunday Mail,The Chronicle in Byo ,the Manica post in Mutare, 5 radio station and ZTV all shouting praises for ED and painful criticism of Chamisa every single day. Some of us never buy these papers knowing fully well that they won’t produce a single publication without denigratingChamisa one way or the other.

  22. Cashless?? Because they have failed to solve the cash crisis now they want to disguise their failure as a deliberate move. Zimbabweans won’t buy to that, come 30 July mumwe ari kuzviendera kumba zve cashless izvi.Gone are the days when people would be easily hoodwinked by these old politicians. How does he explain the charges that are going with the use of eco cash to pay for goods and services and the bank charges,ko kan ndichida kutengera mwana wangu sweet achema mustreet ndoita eco cash futi,what about the inconveniences from online banking when there’s no network .Yu can’t say kune munhu ‘handizi kugona kukupa mari yako nekuti network iri kuramba’ for 2 days,unorohwazve.Hatizvidi isu zve cashless izvozvo ,munhu ngaasarudze ega paanenge achida kuita zve cashless izvozvo.Ngavaite ivo zve cashless ndivo vane mari dzakawanda, isu netumari twedu tushoma tunoperera mumacharges chete.

    1. PissedOffnaED

      Iyi nyaya yandinakidza. ndaisaziva kuti vakuru ava ndivo vanovukura. Kupi kune casheless society without hard currency in circulation? Makaita research here kana kuti makungomhanya kuvukura nxaaa. Zvotoratidza kuti nekwatananga hamuzivi. Dai maikwanisazve kucontroller the madness that currently subsist in the Zimabawe patiri kubirwa day-in day-out using existing mobile platforms. Tibvirwe…

  23. Every transaction you do, they benefit through taxes and charges. Every price you see in the shops, they have 15% vat plus transfer costs. Also, they use this information to track your whereabouts at most times. They also use the card/Ecocash information to track your spending habits. And besides, they themselves just credit their online accounts and get cash or print it so they buy forex at East Gate. Thieves these people are, through and through. They just consume without adding any value, that is how they keep their family businesses going. No wonder those businesses cannot survive with the thieves out of gov’t.

  24. Makazvinonokera Shuuumba. Hanga inorohwa ichamhara

  25. Mnangagwa never said he would still be president by 2030. The constitution gives him the chance to be president up to 2028, and he can only have meant be believed he would still be alive by 2030. Today’s journalists are actually garbage themselves. Why didn’t this paper follow up with Mnangagwa to verify what he meant?

  26. Our constitution gives you a maximum of 10 year term n how can you say that u will be there while if u manage ro rig 2 terms the last one is 2023-2028? Clearly this Ediot do not respect our constitution #thewillofpeople

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