‘Hwange councillors defect to Khupe’

MDC-T breakaway faction leader, Thokozani Khupe, has claimed that MDC Alliance council candidates in Hwange area had dumped their presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa, and were now campaigning for her.


Khupe’s spokesperson Linda Masarira said the majority of candidates who filed to contest the elections under the MDC Alliance banner had turned their backs on Chamisa, accusing him of imposing his preferred candidates in certain areas.

“I have heard that some candidates from the alliance are campaigning for our candidates and our President in these coming elections. This has been caused by the irregularities in the alliance itself, the imposition of candidates and the dictatorial tendencies that are being exhibited in the alliance,” she said.

“This year’s election is different from other elections we held in the past years where people voted for a political party. Now people look at the quality of the candidate and I think that is the scenario happening in Hwange.”

But, Binga North MP, Prince Dubeko Sibanda a Chamisa ally, dismissed the claims as false saying there was no such discord in the alliance structures in Matabeleland North province.

“It is not true. We might have one or two isolated incidents but we are in control, Khupe has no traction,” he said.

MDC-T Matabeleland North interim chairman and Binga South MP Joel Gabhuza said he had not received reports of alliance candidates campaigning for Khupe.

“They have not yet advised me on that. The situation on the ground is generally fine, we, however, have our own challenges,” he said.


  1. mkadzi haasvodii here uyu Shame on her!!!

    1. Politicking

  2. Chamisa doesnt have power to fire anyone elected under MDC Alliance. So after having their nominations papers filed, they have ditched Chamisa so as to get local Ndebele support.

  3. linda get a life,silly woman nxa

  4. Everyone knows Khupe is better than Chamisa when it comes to political maturity.chamisa is just an entertainer. When it comes to serious business I give my vote to Khupe.

    1. You only vote once so I wonder what you mean ‘when it comes to serious business’

  5. This Khupe I understand was not for the alliance before Tsvangirai’s death. That is the same reason same reason why Tsvangirai and her crossed paths. Ndoopakatengesera birth right yake kunge Esau. Zvekuzoti Jacob andibira blessing kuda kunzwira tsitsi nevanhu. Vakatengesa birth right wega nekuda soup. Work out your own salvation usingabate zvevamwe. Dai mambo bvunzawo vamwe vakambobuda kuti vakazvionawo sei. I for one wese anepfungwa yekupliter mavotes handitenderani naye. Dai mambodzoka kunevamwe because divided you fall. You are just riding on the name and symbol left by Save. Tangai zvenyu kana vanhu vachikudai vanokuvoterai don’t cause confusion.

  6. Comment…this newsday was long captured by zanu its owner being one of EDs bootlickers

  7. Ivo vaka defector vanongotauraka vega nhai. Why does it have to come from Linda

  8. But how can a person with 5 senses defect to a party which he/she knows that it will not win a single sit in the coming elections. Let us be serious Madam Khupe and Company

  9. joseph chirenje

    Comment…Madam Khupe and Madam Mujuru ZANU PF products Khupe even to Mr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai you was not good go go.

  10. MDC madivisions, it shows that the party consists of individuals who are power hungry, hapana ane basa nevanhu apa kubva kunana Welshman Ncube, T Biti, Khupe, Chamisa wacho, Mutambarawo haaa confusion yoga yoga.

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