‘Govt lacks holistic infrastructural developmental capacity’

ZIMBABWE Institution of Engineers (ZIE) chief executive officer, Sanzan Diarra says the government on its own cannot tackle the country’s infrastructural development challenges.


Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, Diarra said there was need for the government to consult and partner professionals as this could help in the formulation of solutions and proposals that benefit infrastructure development in the country.

“As a nation, we want decision-makers and professionals to sit down and come up with solutions on how to tackle infrastructure problems in Zimbabwe, we all know that our infrastructure is greatly dilapidated our roads, water and power systems and so on, some residential suburbs haven’t seen council water in many years and that is not normal,” he said

“Government, on its own does, not have the financial muscle to tackle the infrastructure development in a holistic manner, hence, there is need for partnerships and foreign aid.”

Diarra slammed bilateral and multi-lateral loans as a liability to the country, which needed government to engage all stakeholders and partner organisations such as United Nations Development Programme.

ZIE and other partners are organising an Infrastructure Investment and Development conference in Victoria Falls from July 2 to 5 with the aim of engaging the government and other stakeholders.

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Diarra said he had invited President Emmerson Mnangagwa, stakeholders, partners, engineers, construction companies, banks, universities and government ministries to the conference.

The conference is also coming on the heels of local technocrats in the engineering sector complaining that they are being side lined by executives in the nation’s infrastructural development decision-making processes.

Diarra said professionals need to be given the chance to advise the government on how best to proceed in the national infrastructure development programme.

“The government needs to consult professionals so that they can leverage on the knowledge they obtain from the engineers through robust engagement, we need to sit down and come up with solutions, proposals on how best can we solve these problems and come up with priority areas on how we can address this mess,” he said.

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  1. Such commonsense approach to Zimbabwe problems is not in ZANU’s play book.The country has many well trained and talented people who could help improve the decaying infrastructure.Incompetence and ill prepared political hacks are running the show.SHAME when the country has an abundance of talent.

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