Fissures in opposition could bolster Zanu PF victory

REPORTS of fissures in the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance are regrettable given that for many years, opposition parties in the country have been known to shoot themselves in the foot — and at very crucial moments, too.

Therefore, the fissures in the main opposition grouping are the latest such developments — happening just a month before the elections when the coalition should be focused on the job at hand.

The most disastrous thing is that this is attributable to personal egos and greed, especially in cases where there have been double nominations in some constituencies while some seats had no candidates.

Clearly, the divided opposition could bolster the long ruling Zanu PF party’s chances of victory by failing to forge a solid coalition for Zimbabwe’s first plebiscite without former President Robert Mugabe.

In fact, the opposition needs to appreciate that Zanu PF has re-awakened under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who has had several more “coups” after the one that elevated him to power in November last year.

Mnangagwa has become more interactive with Zimbabweans from all walks of life through the social media. He has also allowed the opposition to hold demonstrations freely across the country — not that he has the key to because the country’s governance charter guarantees that to every citizen.

No doubt the MDC Alliance and Zanu PF’s focus should be on the fence-sitters who are yet to fully decide where to cast their ballot.

And these people are keenly watching the developments in the main political players before making their decision. Quite frankly, the confusion that seems to have rocked the opposition from the beginning is not at all attractive.

It paints an ugly picture of a confused bunch of politicians that cannot be entrusted with the governance of this great nation.

We could not agree more with MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube who regretted that they were busy “grabbing seats from each other” and, in the process, forgetting that their real enemy, Zanu PF.

Zanu PF is leaving no stone unturned, even trying to do a lot of things right and pass — even by the skin of the teeth — the free and fair election test.

It’s another sticking point for the MDC Alliance to be still planning to meet “to sort out the problem” as Chamisa’s spokesperson said, at this particular stage of the election season.

All these issues should have been ironed out long before the sitting of the nomination court. Now they only serve to cast in doubt the MDC Alliance’s leadership capability to govern the nation, should they win the election.


  1. Vamwe vedu tichiri kuRhodesia apa muchinyanya kuita mafunnies.

  2. makutamba namaisva manje opposition why now fighting amana parlimentary haina basa please forcuse on the presidency thats the main goal

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