Explosion an inside job: Zanu PF

ZANU PF youths and war veterans yesterday sensationally claimed that the fatal explosion that killed two State security agents and injured 47 party members during a campaign rally in Bulawayo on Saturday was an inside job, involving members of the vanquished G40 faction.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said they suspected that the attack could have been engineered by members of the G40 faction who remained in government and top party structures following former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster last November.

The faction, some of whose members have morphed into the opposition National Patriotic Front, was viciously opposed to then Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s (pictured) bid to take over from Mugabe.

“War veterans demand that the culprits be brought to book. The evil political machinations of G40 and enemies of the Zimbabwean revolution cannot be ruled out as suspects. We also don’t rule out the evil acts as an inside job, time will tell,” Mahiya said.

He said while the association condemned the attack, they wanted police to release information on the attacks.

“The ZNLWVA condemns in the strongest terms the barbaric, cowardly acts of terrorism in the Bulawayo bombing. War veterans will always remember this and continue to demand more information and that our national security will go to the bottom of the matter,” he said.

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Zanu PF youth league secretary Pupurai Togarepi told journalists in Harare that they also suspected “enemies surrounding Mnangagwa” as responsible for the Saturday attack.

“So as war veterans are saying and as any other Zimbabwean will think, maybe it could be those elements who used to enjoy things that they can’t enjoy now because we have a straight forward President. So they may be tempted to kill him to create instability. I can’t give you the list of my suspects, it’s so long, but I am hurt,” he said.

The youth league leader came short of naming names, but indicated that it could have been an inside job which could involve people around Mnangagwa, who used to enjoy huge benefits in Mugabe’s era.

Togarepi also called on his charges to provide a human shield to the party’s top leadership.

“The terrain features have changed so has our approach going forward. We are not going to tolerate behaviour that is suspicious, from today onwards. As the youth league, we stand to defend the revolution, to defend our leadership … from now onwards we offer ourselves as a human shield, to our President, to our leadership to the people of Zimbabwe. We know they are targeting our President, they want to maim, kill him, but that will mean disaster for our future as the youth. So from today onwards, all members of the youth league are called upon to defend the President, and we will defend him with our lives in all circumstances, wherever he is we shall be, and when he falls and if he is to be killed by anybody, that person should kill all of us,” he said.

During Mugabe’s days, members of the State security used to enjoy lofty benefits in the form of travel and subsistence allowances which were paid in hard currency, as they accompanied the 94-year-old former leader to various foreign trips. At times they would travel outside the country for more than four times a month.
Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu yesterday condemned the incident while addressing delegates at an event where several parties signed a peace pledge ahead of next month’s polls.

“We are all aware of the sad incident in Bulawayo, and such barbaric acts cannot be condoned and cannot be a precedent for elections. One of my sons was affected by that explosion, and yesterday I visited those injured including Vice-President Kembo Mohadi, and we cannot condone this evil deed,” he said.

“There is also a tendency to capitalise on the affected families when in fact you have not experienced violence yourself. I actually have experienced violence before independence and some violence after independence, and we feel that as leaders that should not be our pre-occupation.

“Even those proponents of past incidents that have occurred around the country have not been where some of us have been because we come from those areas. I am from there, but I never talk about things that would create emotions amongst our people.”

Speaking at the same event, Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission chairperson Elasto Mugwadi condemned the Bulawayo incident, describing it as a “senseless act’’.

“The senseless act that happened last Saturday ought to be unreservedly condemned by all peace-loving Zimbabweans. In protecting human rights, we all need to respect the sanctity of life. It is an appeal to all political parties that as we approach July 30, we should all try to control our emotions, and abhor hate speech and provocative sloganeering,” he said.

Meanwhile, the 43rd Plenary Assembly Session of the Sadc Parliamentary Forum (Sadc PF) got underway in Luanda with Angolan President Joao Lourenco denouncing suspected bomb attacks at White City Stadium.

Officially opening the Sadc PF Plenary Session on Monday, Lourenco said the attack was “cowardly, criminal and undemocratic”.

Lourenco said the attacks in Bulawayo and Addis Ababa Ethiopia — where Prime Minister Abiy was addressing supporters in Meskel Square when an explosion ripped through the crowd killing two people, and leaving 156 injured — were meant to undermine efforts that are ongoing toward holding democratic elections, particularly in Zimbabwe.

China also condemned the attack.

“The Chinese government strongly condemns the political violence perpetuated at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and wishes to express its sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased,” the Chinese government said in a statement.

“China sincerely hopes that the forthcoming harmonised elections in Zimbabwe will be held in a smooth and peaceful manner and Zimbabwe will continuously maintain stability and achieve continued development and prosperity on its way forward.”


  1. what about Grace who held a V Sign the other day soon after the bombing were does this leave her i wonder

    1. @eliasha, do you know when exactly that photo was taken? Also no one could have a V sign after that event? People should not be that easily distracted.

      1. this platform is for providing facts and mr photographer when was the damning photo shot as all pointers are towards a most recent image unless proven otherwise

  2. Your Name (required):

    What is this fool talking about encouraging youths to offer them selves as human shields Zanu pf should find other ways to improuve security such as investigations using lie detectors on all guards, better funding police with new and improved equipment for forensic investigations and labs on crime scenes we have seen crimes that needed such and have been complaining that police are ill equiped for the job now trouble is knocking at their door step

  3. What is this fool talking about encouraging youths to offer them selves as human shields Zanu pf should find other ways to improuve security such as investigations using lie detectors on all guards, better funding police with new and improved equipment for forensic investigations and labs on crime scenes we have seen crimes that needed such and have been complaining that police are ill equiped for the job now trouble is knocking at their door step

  4. Whats the use really for a man to run for President of a country when he can’t even be a safe President of his own party? Zanupf has become a serious waste of time honestly

  5. president of military and coward war veterans today u dont want to die mr president if l’m askey how man poeple did u kill in yr entire life just be honest

    1. Wezhira Wezhara

      @Thembetshuma mugodhoyi wako

  6. president of military and coward war veterans today u dont want to die mr president if l’m askey how man poeple did u kill in yr entire life just be honest

    1. Do you think He will literary read misspelt English words

  7. president of military and coward war veterans

  8. These dhanda heads should learn the first golden rule of coups all over the world that when you carry out a coup you must never leave the former President alive or at least he/she must be sent into exile otherwise they’ll always regroup & carry out a counter attack

    1. Spot On!

  9. Farai J Nhire

    The stance taken by the youths even without them eventualy geting involved in the task makes sense. It sends a very strong message of solidarity with the president to whoever is behind the act posibly the remnant g40s who may have been driven by ambition of wrestling power from the siting president by murdering him. They will know that even if they kill Ed and his surbodinates, they have thousands of youths to face and defeat. They will also have the whole of Sadcc to face. The stance also despell the myth that all those aged between 18 and 40 do not like Ed for president.

  10. president of military and cowards war veterans

  11. president of military and cowards war veterans

  12. The police and security sector in Zimbabwe were compromised by ZPF ages ago. There is now a backlash because previous security breaches and acts of violence were ok if they did not involve ZPF officials, e.g. bombing of Daily News printing press in 2002. Police were said to be investigating this but obviously they did not. This is a lesson to all that we need to be professional in all we do – play acting can prove to be deadly and counterproductive!

    1. Is this according to the current new dispensation, or you didn’t sleep home and just had this coming from your dreaming.

  13. whilst people are talking about the bombing as an inside job, i cant help but wander what if MDC had something to do with it. They are eventually the ones that eventually benefit in the event of death of the president after all they have the capacity and resources to carry out such an attack.

    1. Say No To Bombings

      How do they benefit from the killing of the current President ?

      1. taurahako mwanamai thats worsening the whole process thats why we register to vote

      2. the bombing itself was meant to prove to the Zimbabweans that ED Mnangwagwa leadership is the same as that of Mugabe in terms of peace in the country. we all know the that ever since ED took over power he has been trying by all means to abide by the so called Servant Leadership and that bothers MDC. Killing Mnagwagwa would level the plainfield for Chamisa and the next Zanu PF candidate.

    2. curtis you’re very stupid. Don’t involve MDC in any of this, unless if you mean the one led by MuKhupe

      1. Khupe is not MDC, shez juss a puppet meant to split votes for the real MDC that is led by Chamisa. When i say MDC i mean Chamisa!

      2. but mdc are not saints brr

    3. really?how does mdc benefit?by the tone of your argument then zanu pf benefited by the death of thousands of innocent Zimbabweans in the early 80s,long sleeve n short sleeves of 2008 ,the numerous well documented disappearances of the opposition members,to just mention a few.
      lets just condemn the evil act at white city stadium.no Zimbabwean is more Zimbabwean than the other.its prudent not to confuse Zimbabwe with zanu pf.we are one people,of different political parties…..a reality that some are ignorant of.

  14. I personally have risen suspicions that these writers are terrorists since their analysis is too shallow, They refer to bombing as a job, how did they happen to link blood and salary. If they are hired then there are two things involved, if the writers are on permanent contract then lets bow our heads and pray, its not them but the work of the devil.

  15. MDC is a peaceful party from day one in 1999.It is a stupid idea to tell us that you will protect your president as human shield. This level of bootlicking is dangerous. This used to happen during Robert Mugabe time. Sometimes I don’t feel pity for someone who instigated for elimination of opposition activists in 2008 and denied MDC their right to rule the country simply because Morgan was not war veteran. This is time for zanu pf to harvest.

  16. Munhu akadzingwa muparty haasisiri weParty kureva kuti kana muchiti ndewe G40, G40 is no longer ZANU PF. its different from MDC where you cannot tell which MDC is really MDC. MDC pink, MDC blue, MDC yellow, MDC maroon ah mahumbwe chaiwo.

  17. pasipasi nehugandanga killing innocent pple offer what is for the pple of zim and work hard for that those behind the bombings are just jealous of ED’s policies

  18. Cuits you are such a fool who cannot understand that zanu pf survives on blood. Blood shed is no crime when committed by zanu pf. lf this crime was committed by non zanu pf the culprit should have been arrested by now. Nguruve inozvikanga namafuta ayo!!

    1. How are you Mr Blind

  19. There is a possibility that there are still G40 elements within ZANU PF,extra vigilance is required.

    1. True! I also have this feeling that somehow a secret faction of the G40 are still in and around prez. Mnangagwa’s campaign. But until these culprits are brought to day light we gotto stop speculating.

  20. Anything tainted with zanu pf in zimbabwe is a sin. Sensless idiots still support zanu pf today i wonder why these people are so low in thinking.

  21. Attending to zanu pf’s fruitless and uselessness rallies,ifai ndezvekuda mavanga enyora,kufira pasina,makudo ava.

  22. Kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndiko kwadzino mhanyira. Zimbabweans don’t have the brains definitely to think positively. kUFIRA NGUVO DZAVANA TARUBVA.

  23. What benefit do you get when a President dies? Does it mean you will automatically fill his post?

  24. New Dispensation is now, people lets give them a try, why do we choose living lives in history not future. I only want a better Zimbabwe which is working, enough with your hatred issues. Pane ane party yakambomutengera magarine here, they don’t develop anyone’s house-its your own fish to fry.

  25. zvimwe ndezvimwe guzy let us give ED a chance cant u see pafew mths dzaapinda idzi we are travelling inthe right direction as far as democracy and development are concerned

  26. Luke Munya Mabika

    This idiot called Pupurai Togarepi is out his cotton picking mind.How can he encourage youths who still have a future ahead of them to use themselves as human shields for an old mafia gangster disguising as a president?Is that old and gukurahundist worth dying for?These zanu pf zealots do not learn at all.The fat boy called Chipanga used to sing the same hym that Togarepi is bellowing but barely a few weeks after pledging to die defending the first family, the Mugabes were chucked out by the military junta and the squinted eyed Chipanga was nowhere to be seen.Typical of opportunists.They can say anything just to get closer to the feeding trough.


  28. Your Name required and The Man are identical twin grandfathers, you are raising suspicions on authenticity of your ideas when you confuse people with same content word to word

    1. 1983 Gukurahundi – who cares they are cockroaches
      2002 Farm invasions – who cares they are white
      2008 Rerun long & short sleeves, rapes and murders – who cares they are MDC
      2016 – Itai Dzamara disapperance- who cares he was questioning our authority
      2017 – November bullet storms & bloody coup – who cares, its the voice of the people

      2018 Bombs/grenades ZANU PF rally – yowee yowee please sympathize with me!

      fokofo: anybody publicly comdemning 2018 bomb blasts should condemn all of the above.

      1. and you are saying its ED who did all of that,tozoona kana wenyu akabuda asina chipomerwa, even Obama akauraya Gadaffi,osama(though not proven)but if you ask him personally he never did that

      2. You seem a victim of all this, I am sorry Mr Anonymous – how many times did you die in all these incidences, did you personally disappear? What does these link to Zimbabwe is open for business.

  29. Regrettably, majority of Zimbabweans have subscribed to the perception of facing everything from a political standpoint. The matter at hand is disastrous and should be viewed through a national lens. ‘ We’ are Zimbabweans first before dispersing to support divergent political parties. Let’s momentarily sideline our political affiliation and jointly castigate this heinous and cowardly act that can recur anywhere and any time during this electioneering season.

  30. Even if this was an “inside job” it doesn’t change the fact that lives were lost and the Presidents life was endangered.
    Whoever is connected to this treacherous act, should be brought forth and punished, as simple as that.

  31. The only thing i care about in this case is the threat that was posed to the life of the president. Yes people died and maybe their souls rest in perfect peace, but let’s not forget that this was targeted at President Mnangagwa and until their culprits are taken dead or alive, Our president isn’t safe

  32. At 76 years old, Mnangagwa still want to rule zimbabwe,why are people power hungry? What will we get from this failed murderous?

  33. First of all Rest In peace to the dead and my condolence to their families.
    Secondly, we all should be alarmed due to such occurrences, since its not only about the dead, but equally about the living and the lives which are at stake here. Zimbabwe deserves this peace.

  34. Whatever our differences are in this zimbabwean cause, Chamisa and his party must be given big chance to govern zimbabwe because ED Mnangagwa and his zanu pf have failed dismally during their 38 years of non services deliveries but destruction is their main achievements.

    1. What 38 year old, ED did not rule even for one year previously. He never did – but Im glad that you personally know that you know the truth. Better Zimbabwe that has condensed economic capabilities is everyone’s motive

  35. Rip to the victims. God save the president of Ziimbabwe!
    Peaceful elections should be our priority now and if there are still other elements of the G40 in Zanu If, then i pray they are fished out and flushed out asap!

  36. Farai Johnson Nhire

    The truth is Ed never ruled this country in the past 38 years. Chiiko nhai imi? Chidofo here? Ed only became president temporarily very recently while preparing to secure his full mandate from the mases in late July, which he will do. We will only fairly judge him according to what he will achive or fail to achieve from then on. Mnangagwa is not Mugabe please unles one of you managed to miraculously graft the two together to become one individual in which it is no longer the Mnangagwa we know, we will have to talk about someone else probably to be renamed Mnangabe or Mugangagwa.

  37. G40 asi pave veG40 akadzingwa kana kusungwa here ? kkkk complete madness maiti targeting criminals around mugabe until now hapana kna 1 zvake , iye zvino makuti its G40 inside yabva kupi imi maiti tikuvabvisa , kutaura chokwadi president hamusi safe usazvinyepere zvako coup chinhu chisina kunaka it wil fire back

  38. This Farai Nhire guy,did Mugabe rule zimbabwe 38 years single handled? Was ED Mnangagwa not his aid or Minister in Mugabe’s cabinet? Decisions were not done by Mugabe alone but by both ED Mnangagwa,Mugabe and their entire zanu pf useless cabinet.We don’t want people like Farai Nhire to continue dragging us back into non services deliveries in zimbabwe by his patronage continuation of being a zanu pf spy. A CHANGE OF GOVERNING PARTY IS WHAT ALL ZIMBABWEANS DARE TO HAVE TODAY AND TOMORROW NOT ZANU PF ANYMORE IN OUR LIVES.

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