ED warns observers to be objective

ZANU PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) has ordered visiting foreign observe missions to familiarise themselves with the country’s electoral laws and political environment to avoid producing biased assessment reports.


Addressing mourners at the burial of national hero John Chimbandi at the national heroes’ shrine in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa also claimed that some unnamed syndicates were sabotaging government’s efforts to address cash shortages in the economy by exporting the cash soon after it was pumped into the economy.

“Allow me to encourage those who are coming to observe our elections to acquaint themselves with our electoral laws and institutional arrangements so that they honestly determine and weigh any demands and complaints from whatever quarter against reasonableness in terms of our law,” he said.

Mnangagwa, who is desperately seeking to legitimise his rule after using the military to oust former President Robert Mugabe from power last November, has opened the doors for several foreign observer missions including those from western countries to monitor elections scheduled for July 30.

His call for objectivity among observer missions came after two international pre-election observer missions last week released a damning report, in which they ruled out free and fair polls citing several outstanding electoral reforms demanded by the opposition.

Mnangagwa, however, said Zimbabwe was in a new era characterised by democracy and the holding of free and fair elections, although the opposition and some diplomats have accused him of making empty promises.

“As we head towards the harmonised general elections scheduled for the 30th of July 2018, we are determined to show the world that the time of democracy has come of age and is mature through peaceful, democratic, transparent free, fair and credible election process,” he said.

The MDC Alliance last week held a protest march in Harare as part of efforts to pressure government and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to implement a raft of reforms including transparency in the printing and storage of ballot material, demilitarisation of the electoral management body and equal access to public media.

Mnangagwa also pleaded with local banks to reduce their charges to encourage depositors to use the formal banking system.

“We urge all stake holders to ensure that the transacting public is not punished through excessive charges for the use of plastic money and electronic transactions. My government is prepared to deal with corruption in the financial sector,” he said.


  1. ED your government made the mistake of allowing people to cross borders with USD. Our banks must have become proactive and make cross borders with master cards or VISA cards.

  2. Janana Bikaldo

    Your government is prepared to deal with corruption?So why are you habouring known criminals like Obert Mpofu,Patrick Chinamasa,David Parirenyatwa,Kasukuwere?Vakuru Musangohumana zvekuda kuvhoterwa imi musingaite kuti mbavha dzisungwe.You are actually protecting the criminals who have brought the country’s economy to its knees.Only tried and tested fools will vote for you.

  3. ZEC must first be objective to the Zimbabwean voters first before ED can warn Observers

  4. Ed akahwinha kare kare. Musanyeperana Vagari Vemumadhorobha. Even a fool can see that Mdc no longer enjoy the monopoly late Honourable Tsvangirai used to enjoy among the urban voters.

  5. Does the Prez know the laws he is urging the observer missions to familiarise themselves with? Is it not in the same laws that all stakeholders in an election have to be availed the updated voters’ roll? Who has since been given that? Does the Prez’s ZANU PF party have such? Even the Constitution says all parties should be given equal opportunity to be seen and heard on public broadcaster(s), and ZBC seems oblivious of the existence of opposition parties except for all the negatives. Is the Prez proud of the existence of AIPPA and POSA on our statutes, and do those accord with democracy which he says is “come of age” in Zim? If he is proud then, he is no different from P. W. Botha of apartheid SA who used to say discriminatory laws in SA were on the country’s statutes, and practising apartheid was perfectly legal in SA. Please Mr Prez, you can do better than that!!!! Practise what you preach, please!!!!

  6. extended dambudziko kutaura kwausina kuswera

  7. The two demands made in the report are both doable. ZEC can allow MDC to be present during printing. Am not sure though why MDC feel the need to watch this process if not for MDC to rig the elections themselves after the get the blue print they can print out the paper. The second demand that’s up to the army and is not conditioned by Zanupf, the army has its own mind and MDC should rather be peaceable with the army rather than all this instigation. If ED loses, he will not be in charge of the army so not sure why all the threats directed at him.

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