ED speeches not enough without apologising

In response to Let’s break from the past: Mnangagwa SSSS says: This is the speech that we Zimbabweans want to hear from the highest office. I salute you President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The biggest problem now is to change the mindset of the people in the rural areas. Some people are being forced to attend Zanu PF meetings through threats from your comrades.

Mnangagwa has shown that repentance and apologising shows a man is serious. At present he is not saying what the Zanu PF people were doing in the past 38 years.

The people who Zanu PF terrorised still don’t have answers. The moment of madness is not well-explained. I don’t like it because Mnangagwa wants us to sweep things under the carpet.

There was a man called Zacchaeus in the Bible who repented and said: “I will give half of what I stole to the poor and I will repay those I stole from three times”, but it’s not so with Mnangagwa.

All the same thank you for the wonderful words President, but that is not enough.


  1. How can this brood of vipers repent? 6 Months were enough for me to see his how his 5 years in power will be.

    1. 5 more years will be horror if we entrust this country in this man’s hands. he is all talk but on the ground he is a true crocodile just waiting to pounds on an innocent animal looking for a drink.

  2. So we are still very far from PEACEFUL, FREE, FAIR, CREDIBLE ELECTIONS. Free elections will only take place in 2040s

  3. its like these past years it was a different party in gvt

  4. The corrupt and power hungry crocodile knows no shame, decency or empathy.
    Only delusional SADC and AU can call this resent Zim elections sham as free and fair.

  5. Remember R Mugabe is now part of the MDC-Alliance, therefore The MDC should persuade its member (RG Mugabe) to explain the past. Mugabe is still alive so no one should explain any misdemeanors from the past other on Mugabe`s behalf.

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