ED runs out of campaign regalia. . . cancels Bindura rally

ZANU PF was yesterday forced to cancel President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s (pictured) scheduled campaign rally at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura today amid reports that it had run out of campaign regalia.


Mnangagwa was due to address a rally at Chipadze Stadium this afternoon after visiting Eureka Gold Mine in Guruve and then officially laying a foundation stone for a multi-purpose sports centre to be built at Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE).

But Zanu PF politburo member Munyaradzi Machacha denied reports that Mnangagwa was expected in Bindura, saying the President had a packed schedule to address a rally.
“The President will come for a rally at a later date,” Machacha said.

“He will be in Guruve, at Eureka Mine at the invitation of the Ministry of Mines and then at Bindura University at the invitation of the Ministry of Higher Education. He will be in Mashonaland Central for government work. The commissariat is not involved in his programmes tomorrow (today).”

Machacha added: “The issue of the rally was never on the schedule. It was only the request by the party supporters in the province to have him address them since he will be in the province.”

Zanu PF insiders, however, told NewsDay the rally was cancelled at the 11th hour amid concerns over non-delivery of campaign material.

“The President was supposed to address a rally here tomorrow (today) but it has been realised that the party does not have party regalia to give to its supporters.
The President will come at a later date,” the insider who declined to be named disclosed.

The source said the issue was raised at the provincial co-ordinating committee meeting in Bindura at the weekend where some party officials raised concern over the failure by Zanu PF to provide party regalia to its supporters at the various gatherings, particularly at a rally to be addressed by Mnangagwa.

“It is also the same meeting where party officials raised concern over voter apathy at the party’s just-ended primary elections.

“The commissariat disclosed that Mashonaland province, which used to be ranked first in supporting Zanu PF during former President Robert Mugabe’s reign, was now ranked second. The province now commanding the pole post was not, however, mentioned.”

Zanu PF national commissar Engelbert Rugeje at the weekend, told party supporters at Bare Growth Point in Chiweshe that the donated regalia had not yet arrived.
“I want to assure you that all districts that have not received the party regalia will get it. The problem we have is that, our regalia is coming from China and the place is far. Most of it we were given free of charge and to bring them here, we use air transport and it takes time to deliver them here. But I want to assure you that our regalia is there, it should be worn by all from the cell because you are the ones who will vote,” he told party supporters.

At a rally addressed by Vice-President Kembo Mohadi on June 7, Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson Kazembe Kazembe lamented the party’s inability to give its supporters regalia while other “small parties” were doing so.

“Opposition supporters are now more visible than ours because we do not have regalia,” Kazembe told Mohadi.
In April, Rugeje disclosed that the party was expecting to import 15 million T-shirts, wrappers and 15 million ca
ps for its 2018 campaigns, claiming some of the material had already arrived from China.

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  1. There is no rush in Africa he has played out his ground work so he unlike other parties has room to cancel rallies

    1. It may not be a surprise that the shortage could be artificial. We know most people steal/hoard such things for personal gain as they are used to that selfish kind of life

  2. viruss vigoroso

    woooooooow as a zanupf im actually impressed mhuri ikukura

    1. It may not be a surprise that the shortage could be artificial. We know most people steal/hoard such things for personal gain as they are used to that selfish kind of life

  3. ruvarashe dube

    Kutsho ukuthi amasupporters semanengi phela.kuyabukeka lokhu.izandla emoyeni.

  4. ZANU Pf-supporters has increased rapidly, ZANU PF should know that all its supporters need any thing with ED’s face.

  5. i dont think that is the fact,the thing is ED has bargained many more supporters because he is having direction on what he is doing.#dombo

  6. isheanesu marima

    with the amount of money zanu pf has as a party, i doubt it is shortage of regalia that stopped that rally. i dont know hangu

  7. Mobilization should be done first. ZANU PF is not in a hurry.

  8. Good thing nangagwa isn’t going to be tempted to burden party expenses on the national purse. Vari VaMugabe regalia yacho yaibva yatotengwa nemari dzestate.

  9. Easy does it . thr is no rush in Africa he has layed out his ground work so he unlike other parties has room to cancel rallies

  10. but tym tym to think of it, i will hail the party for this shortage. it shows that there really is a new way of doing business, it is unlike in the mugabe era where they would have simply taped into the government pocket to fund the campaign. thumbs up ED

  11. Good thing ED isnt gonna be temmpted to burden the national purse with party expenses.Haa coz dai vari VaMugabe mari yestate yakatobaya kuregalia hahaha!

  12. So yes it happened but its highly doubtful that its bcz of money but bcz he is the President and his world has other issues to tackle like fixing Zimbabwe….

  13. It is illegal to get financing from foreign sources. Regalia donations from China are foreign finance for ZANU PF

  14. iwo akazara nevana ve primary kumusha kwedu uko. musade kutivhara. a sign of un thought of distribution.ndosaka nyika yakadonha. un thinkablke distribution/ allocation of resources ndovanogona ve zanu. ko ku addressa rally hanzi ku pfekedza vanhu regariya here or its to sell your promises for the electorate to build confidence and vote you.


  16. WOW. 15 million t shirts?. Enough for all Zimbos including those in the Diaspora!!! I am impressed.

  17. its pathetic Zimbabweans because of poverty go in their numbers to these rallies just to have a T shirt or cap.

    1. true @clevers, and politicians thrive on that poverty. They would rather have the people even poorer.

  18. Tsvina dzevanhu vezanu pf idzi.

  19. Vhotera waunoda

    Maturity is always exuded in the way one individual tolerates those individuals who have got divergent views from him or her. Toleration is the alpha and omega of democracy. A rational being, should thus not stoop so low that he or she will resort to calling other people derogatory names simply because they support a political party that the being dislikes. Just like every human being has got distinct fingerprints, tastes and preferences differ. If you support Chamisa, fine and square. Keep your Chamisa and let those who see appealing attributes in ED keep their ED. Attrition will commence when you will, either by your might wisdom or lack thereof,start to abuse freedom by ridiculing and chastising others. Do not drag others to your dirty Sandy!

  20. You can say that again Sandy.Our problems are of our own making.Sometimes I am made to believe it’s true Africa was once a dark continent.Light later came but the people cannot see and think properly because they were used stay in the dark.God help us.

  21. Zimbabwe will get development only when zanu pf is gone mark my words.

  22. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Ed and his team had obviously grosly underestimated the level of current support he has nationwide since he took charge. This is simply because of the negative sentiment in an urban area where he is resident. Please, Your Exellency, keep on practicing your mild aproach in dealing with all zimbabweans and you and the whole nation will be blessed. Keep on opening up because i believe you are specicaly devinely appointed for that mission. (kuchinja mutemo) Never be selective. When you address Matebeland rallies this time, do it mostly in isindebele if you can and you will be surprised. Put in place special development programmes for that region because they are our dear brothers.

  23. Obviously pple would be a bit disappointed as they were keenly awaiting their leader, if you can cover up and do as many rallies later becoz everyone wants you to visit them

  24. Farai johnson nhire,all wishful thinking of a visionless idiot.

  25. Taura zvako Sandy ,handizive kuti vamwe vakaita sei ,Znu pf messed up big time for the past 38 yrs and kufunga kuti this time zvave better coz pave naNgwena, is just a wishful thinking .Kumwe kujaira nhamo hakuzoda amana!!

  26. He should have saved that US $20 that he spent on chicken a few days ago. that would have bought some more regalia !!!

  27. Farai Johnson Nhire

    I am surprised by people like Sandy for going against any positive ideas with regard to our society. Anything that ecourages peace and love and harmony in our society is regarde as a very bad idea! Totodi kunanyadenga varegererei vakadai nekuti havana chavanoziva. And i wish to make it clear to Sandy and all who care that foul language and insults do not exist in my vocabulary. They do not exist at all in my dictionary so trying to aply those against me is pointless.

  28. Taura zvako Sandy ,kumwe kujaira nhamo hakuzoda ,Zanu pf failed us big time for the past 38years

  29. Farai J Nhire

    Ed was never the president for the past 38 years, please get your history right. He has only been the president on a transitional basis since november 24. We can only fairly judge his perfomance by what he will achieve after 30 July because that is only when he will hold a full mandate if he wins elections which is more likely than not.

  30. Of cause we are tired of Zanu PF BUT I LIKE THE MATURITY pana ED, Chamisa togara tichizvireva kuti too much kutaurisa hazvishandi izvozvo Matukiro aanoita ED anotoita as if atove mu state house hazvina kunaka zvinhu zvakadaro its really bad just kutora system ya Grace kutuka ndo kudii.Just humble yrself and he will lift you up

  31. but seemingly he was in the corridors of power.,2008. am just thinking loud

  32. Thus hogwash he having a hard time in Mashonaland central.The were no supporters to fill the stadium period ! Why lie.

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