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Don’t worry, happiness is yours to achieve


A PERFECT start to everything is just an excellent beginning to something. Do you want to be happy? Happiness is neither for the privileged few nor for filthy rich. Happiness is just for you. It was meant for you to partake so that you measure up to a life of great jovial moods.


Thus to achieve it, why not try this great antidote? The antidote once worked. It is still working. It will keep working.

So let’s hear it by taking this psychological rejuvenation which has a winning flavour in it. Here is your too hot to handle awakening phoenix. Let’s go!

The happiness secret

“Happiness is further increased when we separate our minds from resentment, hate, fear, or worry. Well, then if we ourselves create such a large proportion of unhappiness, how can we produce happiness instead? The happiness habit is developed simply by practising happiness thinking. Make a list of pleasant thoughts and pass them through your mind several times each day,” once articulated Norman Vincent Peale (pictured).

You were born to be happy. Not to be intimidated by frightening shadows of fear.

Why not turn off the button of inferiority complex? And redirect, refire and re-engineer everything towards the appropriate direction.

All that you ever wanted and that which you will ever want is within your reachable happiness radius.

It is not that it can’t be done. It is still not the time again to say it can’t be done. No! No! No I reject that old primitive notion.

Peale’s story

Peale once narrated a story he encountered after speaking at a business convention. The story goes like: There was a man whom he had met who appeared to be worried. The man wanted a change in his life. A true transformation. A real life somersault that was to give him a competitive edge.

But the man had a great issue of concern to his heart. So Peale went with him at the back of the stage. They set together. Then the man narrated his issue.

“I am in town to handle the most important business deal in life. If I succeed, it means everything for me, if I fail, I’m done.”

Peale was listening. After hearing his narration, he suggested that the man be relaxed first, for he had seen where his problem was harboured. It was in his negative thinking. He had a highly incapacitated handicapped thinking pattern. This is the very thinking which whispered, “if I fail to clinch the deal l’m done and buried!” But was it so?

Relax a bit the ball is yours to score

Relaxing is sometimes the only thing you need. Relaxing tends to give you a better, dignified and complete picture of what you truly are. The process tends to drive you into proper focus.


Because you aren’t a half-baked product. You are better than that. You are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God.

In the story Peale continues, “Relax a little, nothing is yet final.”

Many a times you falter and give up when you get to certain doors which you think that they can’t be opened. But your mere presence to those doors will open many others which some people thought didn’t exist. Those doors exist.

The Apostle Paul

Remember the powerful words from the great Apostle Paul who said, nothing can separate us from the love of God. No matter how big the problem may seem. Not poverty, not sickness, not even death of a loved one.

All those things have their places in your life and that place is not permanent. They come your way just to pass through your lodgings.
They are a passing phase just like snow, only here for a short season.

The story then continues. By this time, the man was now relaxed and Peale proceeded to say, “remember if you succeed that’s fine and if you don’t, tomorrow is another day.”

The man responded saying, “But I have no confidence in myself,” he admitted.

“In fact, I feel like I am about to sink. Here I am, 40 years old! Why is it that all my life I have been tormented by inferiority feelings, lack of confidence and self-doubt.” The man questioned in surprise.

After listening to this story that seem to be a challenge for many, Peale told him that there were things he was supposed to do.

Peale went on to say: “First you have to find out why you feel you have no power. That requires an analysis.”

So Peale suggested that he repeats certain words he had proposed and these were the words from the Holy Bible.

These were the words: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He even encouraged him to repeat them quite often. The dejected mentoree did as was prescribed.

Peale said after sometime he observed this man’s faith rising to unimaginable heights. Such is the power of repeated affirmation from the spoken word. It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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